#67 Action Pack 13 – ASLOK XXXII

Action Pack XIII

ASL Action Pack #13: ASL Oktoberfest XXXII

The ASLOK XXXII pack builds on the success of the ASL Oktoberfest XXX pack, and highlights the design and playtesting talents of Ohio’s finest. Guided by veteran playtesters and tournament directors Bret Hildebran and Bill Hayward, the expert scenario designers Bill Sisler and Pete Shelling bring us eleven scenarios ranging from 1939 Poland to 1945 Hungary, with stops in Ukraine, Russia, New Guinea, Burma, Italy, France, and Belgium along the way. Place names like Vistula, Balta, Luga, Bougainville, Myitkyina, Elba, Caen, Falaise, and Bastogne will all ring a bell. These scenarios will stretch your tactical knowledge and skills, with many different situations (although no night actions—so sad). Some are infantry only, one is armor only (almost), but most feature combined arms. Assault engineers with all their toys are featured, and the King of Battle makes its appearance in the form of offboard artillery in several scenarios. Along with the “typical” Russian, German, and American battles, these scenarios also involve Poles (both 1939 and 1944 versions), British, Japanese, Chinese, the Free French, and the SS (of all different squad types).

The two new boards bring added flexibility to the system and are integral to most of the scenarios. Board 78 is a true wilderness board (no buildings) featuring a brush-covered ridge along its length. Board 79 provides a new river, three to five hexes wide, with a village strung out along both banks. Both highlight the steady skills of Charlie Kibler and are sure to see wide use in future scenario design. With great boards and great scenarios, Action Pack #13 is sure to be a big hit.

Action Pack #13: ASL Oktoberfest XXXII contains:
• two 8˝ × 22˝ geomorphic mapboards (78, 79)
• eleven ASL scenarios:
• AP121 Along the Vistula – 6½ turns, 15 September 1939, Warsaw, Poland
• AP122 Mechanized Sacrifice – 6½ turns, 24 June 1941, Lutsk, Ukraine
• AP123 Busting in Balta – 6 turns, 3 August 1941, Balta, Ukraine
• AP124 Lunch in Luga – 8 turns, 24 August 1941, Luga, Russia
• AP125 Ambush on South Knob – 6 turns, 10 March 1944, Bougainville, New Guinea
• AP126 Maryuma’s Stronghold – 7½ turns, 18 May 1944, Myitkyina, Burma
• AP127 The First Virtue – 6½ turns, 17 June 1944, Elba, Italy
• AP128 Flight of Fancy – 6½ turns, 8 July 1944, Herouville, France
• AP129 A Polish Battlefield – 7½ turns, 20 August 1944, Hill 262, France
• AP130 Mageret Morning – 7 turns, 8 January 1945, Mageret, Belgium
• AP131 Crickets in Spring – 7 turns, 7 March 1945, Aranyos-Puszta, Hungary

BattleSchool releases Fire For Effect OBA draw tokens:

I only have one of these sets in stock and Chris is sold out so no backorders will be taken.



Tank Hunter Hero Battledice In Stock

16mm T-H DC Hero ATMM Die Poster cropped

KWASL Box Art photo released by Chas:

Remember that we offer the same pre-order price as MMP and we throw in free shipping.  Click on the photo to pre-order.


My experience and photos from ASLOK XXXII

I always try to arrive a day or two before the actual tourney starts.  It allows me to get my usual table in the small room and get a few informal games in with the Europeans who make the most of their airfare by showing up early.

My first game was against Hennie from Holland.  We played ‘Ambush on South Knob’ from the new Action Pack.  I had the honor of trying to pry some GI’s out of a bunker on the top of a jungle hill.  As so many PTO scenarios end, one bad CC roll finished off my hopes for the V.  As fate would have it, I would get my chance for revenge in the Desert Mini.


My second game was as the Russian player against Chris Brackney.  We played AP131 Cricket in Spring.  My three Russian guns did enough damage to turn the tide against the German attackers.  Nice to finally meet and play Chris.


My third game was against Chris Mazzei from Germany.  I played as the German attackers against his defending French in FrF87 Mormal Forest.  Everything went to hell in the first two turns as I gambled with a mad rush with loaded halftracks trying to get behind his lines early and force him into a counterattack.  His tanks and hidden AT GUN made quick work of my AFV’s and their riders.  Almost conceding after turn 2,  I decided to hang in for one more turn to see how my infantry push fared in CC.  Well, one lucky CC after another finally overwhelmed the French and their personal moral and I pulled off an unlikely win without any ht’s. On a side note, neither one of my guns got off a single shot as my initial placement was quite horrible and the ART too heavy to move.


Game 4 was against my good friend and fellow Canadian Jeff Wasserman.  Every year I try to make a point of playing Jeff, Andy, and Wei who travel in together from the Toronto area.  We played yet another one from the new Action Pack; Mechanized Sacrifice.  In this almost all armor battle, billions of radioless AFV’s swarm over a raised road into German armored cars and halftracks trying desperately to get off the board.  The Germans get some PzIII’s as reinforcements (have I mentioned that PzIII’s are my favorite thing in the whole world?).  Although in this one too, I thought I had lost early, I was able to, with the help of some great ROF, stop the Russians from getting sufficient numbers off.


Game 5 was against Gary Batlett from Florida.  Although I have been friends with Gary for some years now, this was our first time ever playing each other,  Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to the AAR or photos.  I can say that we had a great time and I look forward to seeing him again soon.


Intermission:  Tuesday night we partook in the second annual Game of Thrones the board game event.  I was able to win the game and lose a bunch of friends in the process as we backstabbed and lied to each other as is necessary to stand a chance at victory.  I look forward to betraying and being betrayed again next year.

The Mini’s

I didn’t sign up for any of the mini tournaments prior to attending so I was put in Desert Mini as Brett needed one more player to make it an even eight.  I had only played two or three desert games prior to this so I wasn’t expecting much of a showing on my part.  My first game was against Hennie in ‘First Clash In Tunisia’  for the chance at evening  the score.  He was gracious enough to allow me to play as the Germans which I dearly wanted as they had PzIII’s (once again, my favorite).  Soon we found that the German force of 8-3-8’s, flame throwers, and a 10-2 leader were the unstoppable force and the British were lacking the immovable object to balance this one out.  The ROAR has the British with the advantage but honestly I don’t see how.  Hennie played a great game and had a solid set-up but the withering fire from the Afrika Korps was too much for the Tommies to withstand. On to round 2.





Next up was against defending Desert champion Andy Beaton in ‘Two Pounds in Return’.  This scenario featured tiny British vehicles scooting past captured British trucks armed with 2 pounders.  The German ROF of 3 did just enough damage to carry me through to the finals.


The Finals were against the Desert Black Belt Doug Sheppard.  Doug was actually the first player who showed me the desert ropes at ASLOK a few years ago.  We played J186 ‘Castles on the Horizon’.  I once again got to play with Pz.III’s so I was as happy as can be.  Blessed by so crucial breakdowns of Doug’s mortar and machine guns, I was able to overwhelm the last Hillock summit in take for the upset.  A great game agains a fun and worthy opponent.  I know it will be a while before I repeat my good fortune against him.

Rumor Mill:

According to confidential sources inside the ASL White House, SK2 and SK3 are next on the list for reprint.


Please forgetting to add your free t-shirts to your orders over $150.  They are free!!! Free shirt, free shipping, free non-re-usable yellow padded envelope, free visit from the mail man, free explanation to the wife of where your new threads came from.  It’s free and you earned it!

#66 – New Battle Dice, Festung Budapest OOP, ASLSK Expansion Pack OOS, Free T-shirts

ASLOK is only 3 weeks away.  I can’t wait to see all my friends including Nadir who is coming in from California. Hopefully we will get a game in and maybe even take a break from ASL and try out Operation Mercury.  I will be bringing Game of Thrones Board Game again, mostly to ruin Andy Beaton’s Saturday night once more.   I will be bringing lots of goodies at discounted prices.  I hope to see all of you there!

Battle Dice:

New from Chris are the British God Save The King (16mm) and Belgium (16mm).  Don’t forget the recently released Hungarian and  Romanian dice sets as well.

Festung Budapest:

Luanne just informed me that MMP has officially sold out of Festung Budapest.  The last printing was a partial print to make use of all the extras that were left over from the first run.  We do have a few copies left in stock in case you still haven’t gotten yours.  This is probably your last chance to ever get your hands on this gem before it hits Extortion-Bay at $400  again.


ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1:

The very popular expansion pack #1 is out of stock again both with us and at MMP.  Hopefully they will reprint it again soon.


Free T-Shirt

This is just a reminder that you get a free t-shirt with any order over $150 (pre-orders excluded).  The purpose of this giveaway is to encourage you to combine several smaller orders into one bigger order thus saving me shipping costs.  In return, you get a wonderful t-shirt that will drive the ladies mad with desire.  To get a free t-shirt, click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page and chose your size.

Ammo box Map Cases

I hope to have a couple of ammo boxes with me for sale at ASLOK for $140.







#65 Rat Charts – Battle for St. Lo.

Rat Charts  v.2+ (new charts and errata)by Le Franc Tireur

The OOP Rat Charts are on their way to us and will be sent to you with free shipping the day they arrive.  The price is at the ever low $32 Shipping included.


The Drive For St. Lo:

one Canuck Publishing just announced the release of Battle for the Hedgerows: The Drive for St. Lo. This is a complete campaign game map, CG rules, and 5 scenarios for a low  price of just $27.00 There are few ASL comp products that offer as much value as LCP’s CG’s.

New Posts from Hong Kong Wargamer:

BFP14 Opening Phase (Running AAR)

Angkorfest 2017 The Book of Five Kings



Tournament Info:

ASLOK October 1st-8th, 2017

Winter Offensive January 12th-15th, 2018

Where the Iron Crosses Grow (Late March, 2018)


Low Inventory Warning:

Kampfgruppe Scherer:

(1 copy left, as far as I know, these are OOP from LFT).  Box has some damage in shipment from Cambodia to us.

Movie Review:*

Dunkirk – 1 Star

First let me start by saying that I was expecting very little after seeing the trailer but then was expecting a lot after seeing the great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.  Boy was I disappointed.

Although the footage of the Spits were quite beautiful, after watching the air to air combat scenes which felt more like a training video for a flight simulator game app for my iphone, I realized even I could have been a fighter ace if the German pilots were this stupid and without skill. The films character development was non-existent. I knew as much about the characters in the first five minutes as I did when I was (happily) exiting the theatre.  One good thing was there was no love story.  For that, they would have needed some dialogue.  At one point, one of the soldiers threatened to shoot one of his one men for not talking enough (no joke).    The beach scenes went from crowds of  10,000 soldiers to 5 soldiers and then back again.  And then there was the ‘hero’ of Dunkirk. Singlehandedly,  this young boy got on a boat, hit his head, died, and ,,, well that’s it.  Next he is in his local paper as the hero of Dunkirk.  WTF?  am I missing something?  I must have gone to get a refill on my $11 bag of popcorn when he beat back a great white shark attack with his Swiss Army knife.  I saw a total of one colonial French soldier which may not seem like a lot until you realize that he alone could have defended against the two German soldiers that made a 4 second appearance at the very end of the movie.   The director made it clear that 400,000 allied soldiers were running from 2 German soldiers with Mausers, 2 Heinkel 111’s, 5 Stukas, 4 Me-109’s, and a torpedo.

*I am not a student of the arts, I am a mechanic, so please consider that I don’t really know what I am talking about.



#64 Blood and Jungle, Crucible of Steel, RAACO, Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1 – ALL IN STOCK!!!

Blood and Jungle




Bounding Fire Production’s Magnus Opus of the PTO featuring 47 scenarios, 4 countersheets, 3 maboards and so much more.




Crucible of Steel

Crucible of Steel v2The Greatest tank and aircraft battle in the history of mankind is represented in this giant pack.   32 scenarios depicting combined arms actions across the wheat fields and towns leading the path to hell that was Kursk.  This monster pack includes

-32 Scenarios,  9 mapboards,          2 countersheets,  Rules, players guide, and vehicle notes.


Crucible of Steel ‘What’s in the box’ video

RAACO Storage System:

We are happy to announce that our shipment from Denmark has finally arrived safe and sound.  The premiere choice is counter storage is now available through our website.

One Handybox = Storage Box and 4 Assorter Boxes




One Assorter Box = 16 Trays




Raaco A75 (115759) insertRaaco A78 (115766) insert


One Tray = from one to eight separate cooartments

This allows you to have up to 512 separate locations per Handybox to store your counters.

I have all of my official and TPP ASL counters easily stored in 4 Handyboxes.  but I have my counters micro-sorted.  It is possible to fit your counters in 2 Handyboxes with ease.  I used my Brother Label Maker to label all of the compartments so I can easily find the counter I am looking for.  Because the trays come out on the Assorter box, I can lay the ones I need beside the game board without a lot of clutter or constantly pulling out a big Plano box to get the commonly used counters.

   Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1

A small pack containing one board (P) and 4 scenarios.

New Podcast from the 2 Half Squads:

#63 Last Chance to pre-order Crucible of Steel and Blood and Jungle

Bounding Fire Productions

I just heard from Sam Tyson of Bounding Fire Productions and Crucible of Steel and Blood and Jungle should be shipping this week.  Unfortunately, they will come off of the special pre-order price as soon as they arrive here as my pre-order quantity will be locked in.  So this is your last chance to get big savings.

bfp3f          untitled


Lone Canuck Publishing

There was a mistake in communication and we have still not received the new scenario pack from our friends in Canada but George assures me that it is in transit and should be here any moment.  My sincerest apologies to those of you that have already purchased it from me and are patiently waiting for it to arrive.

CASLO Pack Advert 2


March Madness 2017


Often I have looked around the convention room and thought quietly to myself, these are possibly the most refined minds in the art of strategy and tactics on the planet.  I wonder what would happen if these masters of cardboard were put to the test in the real world of combat.  Barking orders and studying maps.  Well MM2017 pack has a what if scenario with it’s own map depicting an attack on an ASL convention center by elite SS squads.  The defenders of the hotel consist of Partisans and a whole lot of dummies.  I can’t wait to play this one. It would be neat to see a scenario with matching maps from all the  major tournaments.


#62 New Battle Dice – Heat of Battle Back in Stock – New LCP Pack – New March Madness Scenario Pack

New Battle Dice – We just received some great new dice from Chris and Helen in Canada including new Nationalities and a Tank Hunter Hero die.


Waffen SS Totenkopf –

Romania –

Hungary –

Tank Hunter Hero –


New From Lone Canuck Publishing – Valor at Casa Berardi


Heat of Battle Restock – Steve from HOB just sent me a large order to replenish my dwindling stock. Included are some near OOP packs that he was kind enough to send me his last copies.  The items marked in bold font are of the final few copies in existence.  Get yours before they are gone forever.

Berlin – Red Vengeance (B&W download counters from HOB)


SS I & SS II – NQNG & Fuhrers Firemen

SS III – Neither Fear Nor Hope (Das Reich)

Firefights #2

Recon By Fire #3

Recon By Fire #4 (Updated countersheets)

Special Forces I

Special Forces II

Kreta (With updated map of Crete)

The Long March

Tropic Thunder


March Madness 2017

We just received limited copies of the new March Madness Pack.  The cost is only $15 shipping included but wait…

March Madness 2017 $15

Very Best of March Madness $20




The Bitter Ender 2017 Results

For the second year in a row, Phil Palmer took first place at the Bitter Ender ASL Tournament beating Ken Mioduski in an all-Maryland final.  Ed Fritz Jr., Mika Harviala, and Tom Kearney all won mini titles and Ed Fritz Sr. deservedly took home the Tim Brieaddy Sportsmanship Award.

2017_Bitter Ender Brackets 1v17_Live



#61 Bocage 101 video and Sale – Iron Crosses tourney AAR

Image result for bocage ww2

Some of my all time favorite experiences in ASL have been among the hedgerows of Normandy.  After all you have the Big Red One,  5 separate SS Panzer divisions, Panzer Lehr, US and British Airborne, 29th Infantry, etc.   Although a little intimidated at first, I found that the bocage rules are actually quite simple and when used to their full potential, they hold many tricks and advantages to both the attacker and the defender.  In this video I will try to cover some of the rules and nuances of bocage in order of phase that will help you breakout of the Norman countryside or push the invaders back into the sea.


Bocage sale items:

MMP – Yanks

BFP – Beyond the Beachhead 2

BFP – Operation Cobra

LCP – Purple Heart Draw (campaign game)

LCP – Battle for the Hedgerows

Here is a documentary I found


AAR for ‘Where the Iron Crosses Grow Team Tournament 2017’

The Somme, Stalingrad, Okinawa, Kernersville.  These place names bring fear to the bravest of warriors.   This year we had another 16 of the finest and nicest ASL players converge in the heart of the Triad NC to face off in four days of bloodshed and burning steel.

New to the group were Jeremy Busby, Mike Rickman and John Dober.  John has been a long time friend from ASLOK but this was my first time meeting Jeremy and Mike.  I cannot stress with more sincerity that all three were a perfect fit for the fun friendly spirit that this tourney tries to convey.  I look forward to seeing them again next year or sooner.

The teams were drafted by captains who were awarded the honor for no other reason than being the first to arrive.   Hayes Wauford got first pick followed by Kevin Conley, followed by myself.  We tried to pick players to our teams that we have regular opportunity to play so that we could play new people on the opposing teams.  Scoring is calculated with a +1 for a win and a -1 for a loss.  The team with the highest + is the champion.  The two players with the highest individual  + play in a championship game.  Team ‘Ken’s Mom’ took an early lead and never looked back holding on for the win with a +9.  John finished with a 4-0 record and I finished with a 5-0 record so we faced each other on Sunday for the individual championship game.  Here are the team names, players and final +/- standings.

Conscripts: -3.  Hayes Wauford (-2), Mike Rickman (-1), Mika Harvalla (0). Sandy O’Neil (0).

Col. Klink: -6. Kevin Conley (-1), Dave Stephens (-1), Ken Knott (-3), Jeremy Busby (-1).

Ken’s Mom: +9. Derek Ritter (+6), John Dober (+3), Tim Brieddy (+2), Ray Woloszyn (0), Jeff Jordan (-2).

Jeremy Busby, instant old friend.
John Dober with the elusive Panzer Aces #2 prize.
With Flame and Shell for the title.
Sunday Morning Breakfast (No, that’s not coffee in Mika’s cup).
Tim, Jeff, and Ken
Mike and Jeremy

#60 – ASL Tabletop for sale – New T-shirt for Kernersville Tourney – Battle Dice Back in Stock












The wood shop is up and running again after almost a year of down time.  The first item out is a variant of the PzVG with improvements including a lighter weight and slightly smaller footprint. The wood is solid African Padauk with charcoal or black micro suede surface.  There is space for 12 x Raaco A75/A78 trays so you can have  informationals handy while you play.  I am making 6 pieces total in this run.   Shipping to the ConUs is included in the price.



‘Where the Iron Crosses Grow’ team tournament is only a week away.  This year we will be doing Gold on Black t-shirts.  They will be available at the special price of $10 at the tournament or $15 to shipped to you (2X $18). Order by clicking on size.

Medium          Large         X-Large         2XL

Registered Players

  1. Tony Hutton
  2. Tim Brieaddy
  3. Walter McWIlliams
  4. Ray Woloszyn
  5. Ken Knott
  6. Jeff Jordan
  7. Peter Ortega
  8. Jeremy Busby
  9. Mika Harviala
  10. Mike Rickman
  11. Tim Deane
  12. Dave Stephens
  13. Hayes Wauford
  14. John Dober
  15. Kevin Conley
  16. Mike Johnston


Battledice Back In Stock (click on image for details and ordering):

Suction Cup Tool Back in Stock



#59 ASLSK Facebook Group – Label Maker Video – Battle Dice Review and Many Dice Back in Stock


ASL Starter Kit Group on Facebook:

I have created the Group ‘Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit’ on Facebook for those of you that want your own arena to post and ask questions in a strictly SK forum.  It is an open group so you don’t have to join to read the posts, but we would be happy if you did. Please copy and paste the link below or click on the image below.



Making Labels for my counter storage containers:

Below is a short video on the process I use to label my counters.  The label maker in the video is a Brother PT-2730.  You can use other label makers but I suggest that you get one that can be edited on your pc so you can insert nifty images.



Battledice- Some of the common questions I frequently receive in regards to the Battle Dice (please note that the answers are based on observations of my own experience as a user of the BattleSchool dice):

Q – Are BattleSchool Dice  truly precision Dice?

A – Yes and No.  While no dice including backgammon dice are infinitely precise, the Battledice are much more precise than the stock dice that are supplied with the core ASL modules for two reasons. 1. The Battledice blanks are produced at he same factory and to the same specs as backgammon dice.  2. The pips in non precision dice are drilled out without being filled in with equally dense material. Because of this, the ‘one’ surface will be heavier than the ‘six’ surface as the six surface has 6 times more material removed from it.   If true precision is your desire, please check out the backgammon dice that we carry as well.

Q – Why are they so expensive?

A – This is a matter of perspective.  Although it seems like $10 a die is an exorbitant amount to pay for a little square piece of plastic, in comparison to backgammon dice, they are very reasonably priced.  True backgammon dice run from $20 to $35 a pair.  The Battleschool dice, which are backgammon dice to begin with,  then custom made in small batches with great WW2 themes, are around the $20 mark for a pair.

Q – Are they necessary to play the game?

A – No.  While none of the dice are truly needed to play, they do heighten the enjoyment for myself and others. If I had to pick one set that was the most useful I would say the Dust Devils, hands down.

Q – Why do people collect them?

A – I can only speak for myself but I will say this this;   When someone asks me if I need Polish dice to play a Polish scenario, I say ‘no, but then again I don’t need a new action pack filled with 8 more scenarios to add to the 5,400 scenarios that I have yet to play either, but no one gives you grief about that, do they?’.  The dice make me happy, so I buy them.  It’s really that simple for me.


Where the Iron Crosses Grow team tournament less than a month away now.  We although players always have a choice on scenario selection, this year we will also have some themed rounds that are completely voluntary.  Also, Saturday night, we will be having a viewing of the Estonian movie ‘1944’.  I already had a chance to see this movie and imho, it was fantastic.  I am really looking forward to getting everyone’s opinion on it.

  1. Derek Ritter
  2. Tim Brieaddy
  3. Dylan Ritter
  4. Ray Woloszyn
  5. Ken Knott
  6. Jeff Jordan
  7. Peter Ortega
  8. Jeremy Busby
  9. Mika Harviala
  10. Mike Rickman
  11. Tim Deane
  12. Dave Stephens
  13. Hayes Wauford
  14. John Dober
  15. Kevin Conley
  16. Mike Johnston




#58 Blood and Jungle on Pre-Order – Crucible of Steel on Pre-Order

BFP is reprinting their two greatest modules ever!  The Magnus Opus’ of the Pacific and Kursk.  Revamped in this second edition with grey core counters and all known errata, these two giant modules have a combined 79 scenarios and the equivalent of 16 mapboards.  We have them at the special pre-order price of $110 each.   As a special bonus, we will be giving away a free limited edition PTO and Kursk t-shirt with each pre-order.   And as always, shipping is free.



Back Cover

BFP 3: Blood and Jungle

Blood and Jungle sends players into the Pacific Theater of Operations, fighting through jungles, swamps, kunai and other treacherous terrain. For all of you who have been longing for some great, new PTO ASL action, Blood and Jungle was made for you! And if you’ve put off playing PTO, now is your chance to dive in headfirst and experience some of the best we’ve produced to date.

The size of this product is unprecedented by any other module, magazine, or scenario pack. This has been under development for over 8 years, and the scenarios – yes, all 47 of them – have been thoroughly playtested. There is a wide variety of actions from all over the PTO including the wood-covered hills and plains of China, the jungles and villages of Burma, Borneo and the Philippines, the bloody beaches of Tarawa.and many other locations throughout southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Blood and Jungle includes the following:

  • 47 Action-Packed Scenarios.
  • 4 full sheets of counters, depicting more units, weapons, vehicles, and planes that are depicted in the scenarios.
  • The first ever double-wide 16″x22″ geomorphic mapboard. This map represents a large urban area, made up of buildings and huts. (BFP DW-1) This is actually printed in two 8″x22″ sections on heavy card stock.
  • One 8″x22″ geomorphic mapboard, printed on heavy card stock, depicting a port village on a river. (BFP G)
  • Huge magazine with articles on tactics, histories, units, countries, tank hunters, etc.
  • Rules pages describing new terrain counters, vehicle listings/notes, and special units.
  • A divider card with new unit capabilities and terrain counter notes.

Ownership of the following Advanced Squad Leader©components are required to play all 47 of the included scenarios: Nationalities – Americans, Japanese, British, French, Russians, Chinese, Allied Minors, and Axis Minors; Boards – 2, 7, 10-12, 14-18, 22, 25, 32-40, 42-43, 47-51, b, d, u, v, and BRT.

Ownership of the Bounding Fire Production© board BFP B is also required for scenario BFP-26.

Scenario Details

Location Date Participants (BFP Boards)
Harbin, Manchuria 4 Feb 32 Japanese att. Chinese (BFP B)
Shanghai, China 5 Feb 32 Japanese att. Chinese (DW-1)
Wanping, China 9 Jul 37 Chinese att. Japanese
Shanghai, China 22 Aug 3 Chinese att. Japanese (DW-1 and BFP G)
Near Liuhe, China 25 Aug 37 Japanese att. Chinese
Shanghai, China 29 Oct 37 Japanese att. Chinese (BFP G)
Near Nanyaun, China 28 Jul 38 Japanese att. Chinese
Near Chiu Tiang, China 18 Dec 39 Chinese att. Japanese
Shanxi Province, China 3 Sep 40 CCP att. Japanese
Mai Phu, French Indochina 24 Sep 40 Japanese att. French
Near Maolin, China 7 Jan 41 Chinese att. CCP
Yeang Dang, Indochina 16 Jan 41 French att. Thais (DW-1)
Near Maladang, P.I. 1 Jan 42 Japanese att. P.A.
Manado, NEI 11 Jan 42 Japanese att. KNIL
Kakas, NEI 11 Jan 42 Japanese att. KNIL
Morong, P.I. 16 Jan 42 U.S./Japanese
Bukit Timah, Singapore 10 Feb 42 Japanese att. Australians
Near Palembang, NEI 14 Feb 42 Japanese att. KNIL/British
Near Babau, NEI 20 Feb 42 Japanese att. Australian/KNIL
Near Schwedaung, Burma 29 Mar 42 Indian att. BIA
Kengtung, Burma 26 May 42 Thais att. Chinese (DW-1a)
Tetemara, New Georgia 1 Jul 43 USMC att. Japanese
Lambetti, New Georgia 26 Jul 43 U.S. att. Japanese
Tarawa 22 Nov 43 USMC/Japanese (BRT Map)
Kwajalien, Marshalls 1 Feb 44 U.S. att. Japanese
Kwajalein, Marshalls 2 Feb 44 U.S. att. Japanese
Tingkrung Hka Trail, Burma 15 Mar 44 U.S./Kachins att. Japanese
Tamu, India 22 Mar 44 British att. Japanese
Near Tengnoupal, Burma 8 Apr 44 Japanese/INA att. Indian
Mokmer, Biak 15 Jun 44 Japanese att. U.S.
Tinian, Marianas 24 Jul 44 USMC att. Japanese
San Pablo, P.I. 6 Dec 44 Japanese att. U.S.
San Manuel, P.I. 24 Jan 45 U.S. att. Japanese
Near Lupoa, P.I. 3 Feb 45 U.S. att. Japanese
Manila, P.I. 28 Feb 45 U.S. att. Japanese (DW-1)
Near Mt. Popa, Burma 3 Apr 45 Indian att. INA
Tarakan Hill, Tarakan 4 May 45 Australians att. Japanese
Near Shuri, Okinawa 11 May 45 USMC att. Japanese
Woodpecker Ridge, P.I. 21 May 45 U.S. att. Japanese
Labuan 21 Jun 45 Australians att. Japanese
Klandasan, Balikpapan 1 Jul 45 Australians att. Japanese
Coke Hill, Balikpapan 9 Jul 45 Australians att. Japanese
Fuchin, Manchuria 11 Aug 45 Russians att. Japanese
Fuchin, Manchuria 13 Aug 45 Russians att. Japanese (DW-1)
Near Mutanchian, Manch. 14 Aug 45 Russians att. Japanese
Surabaya, Indonesia 10 Nov 45 Indian att. IRA (DW-1)
Java 21 Jul 47 KNIL att. IRA (BFP G)

Blood and Jungle Review from Desperation Morale



Back Cover

BFP 4: Crucible of Steel v2

BFP 4: Crucible of Steel is a another huge package that will thrust players into the battles of Kursk. This is meat and potatoes ASL, so there is plenty of action in Crucible of Steel for everybody!

The size of this product is on the same scale as Blood and Jungle. This was under development for years, and all 32 of the scenarios were very thoroughly playtested.

Crucible of Steel includes the following:

  • 32 Action-Packed Scenarios
  • 2 full sheets of counters, depicting more units, weapons, vehicles, and planes that are depicted in the scenarios
  • 3 double-wide 16″x22″ geomorphic mapboards. These maps represent the “tank-country” and villages of Kursk, and are printed in two 8″x22″ sections on heavy card stock (BFP DW-2, DW-3, DW-4)
  • 3 8″x22″ geomorphic mapboards, also printed on heavy card stock (BFP L, M, N)
  • Huge magazine with articles on the project, slopes, fortifications, and dug-in tanks
  • Rules pages describing new terrain counters, vehicle listings/notes, and special units
Other boards required to play all 32 scenarios:
16, 17 Yanks
33 Last Hurrah or Doomed Battalions 3rd Edition
38 Gung Ho
43 Action Pack 1 or Action Pack 3
44 Doomed Battalions
56, 57 Action Pack 5
62 Action Pack 7
BFP B Into the Rubble
BFP H, BFP I High Ground 2
BFP DW-1 Blood & Jungle
Scenarios that need the other boards listed:
BFP B, 43 1 scenario
BFP H, BFP I 1 scenario
BFP DW-1, 57 1 scenario
17 3 scenarios
33 1 scenario
38 2 scenarios
43 1 scenario
44 1 scenario
56 2 scenarios
62 1 scenario
56,57 1 scenario
57,43 1 scenario
16,44 1 scenario

Scenario List

  • BFP 73: Preliminary Move
  • BFP 74: Coiled to Strike
  • BFP 75: Schreiber’s Success
  • BFP 76: Trial of the Infantry
  • BFP 77: Burning Down the House
  • BFP 78: Operation Wheatfield
  • BFP 79: A Hard Push
  • BFP 80: Ratushniak’s Sacrifice
  • BFP 81: Iron Coffins
  • BFP 82: Steamroller
  • BFP 83: The Second Belt
  • BFP 84: Kreida Station
  • BFP 85: Churchills at Kursk
  • BFP 86: Panzer Regiment Rothenburg
  • BFP 87: Fork in the Road
  • BFP 88: The Bunkered Village
  • BFP 89: Relentless Pressure
  • BFP 90: Early Morning Action
  • BFP 91: Death Roamed Freely
  • BFP 92: Trenches in Flames
  • BFP 93: Klein Stalingrad
  • BFP 94: To the Last Shell
  • BFP 95: Obian Highway
  • BFP 96: Hotly Contested Town
  • BFP 97: Renewed Pressure
  • BFP 98: Place of Honor
  • BFP 99: Ivanovskii
  • BFP 100: Tiger Vanguard
  • BFP 101: Panzer Spirit
  • BFP 102: Tolstoy Woods
  • BFP 103: Knife in the Flank
  • BFP 104: Flying Turrets
  • (color indicates attacking side)

Crucible of Steel Review from Desperation Morale

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