#78 – For King and Country Pre-Order – Friendly Fire 12 – Sneak Peak at Italian Counter Artwork From LFT14 – Corregidor

It has been a very busy week in the world of ASL.

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire 12 – FF12 is here and shipping.  Eight brand new scenarios.

Friendly Fire #12


Armies of Oblivion is finally back on the shelves and shipping.  If you pre-ordered from me but did not get an invoice, just re-purchase it and ignore your pre-order.  I have left the price the same until the pre-orders are completed.  I also have 4 copies that were ordered for pre-order that never completed, so this is your chance to get a copy at pre-order price even if you didn’t pre-order it.


For King and Country has been put on Pre-Order.  Hopefully this will not take as long as AOO or Forgotten War.


Deluxe ASL is coming back with a bang.  New artwork for the 8 mapboards found in Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell, 38-40 classic update DASL scenarios, and overlays.  Pre-order here.  Don’t forget to get your LFT Deluxe Pack and W.O.#9 to go with it.

Product Image

Beyond Valor is days away from being back in stock.  You can order yours now but be aware that it may take a couple of weeks to fill orders.

Le Franc Tireur

LFT 14

Xavier has released samples of the Italian counter artwork for the new LFT14.  In my opinion, these are some of the coolest counter artwork I have seen.  We will be taking pre-orders for LFT14 as soon as Xavier finalizes a price.  The magazine will be 100+ pages and include the entire Italian order of battle as well as 30+ scenarios.


Rat Pocket Charts

Rat Chart Version 2+ (Green) are now back in stock in very limited quantities.  Order them while they last.



Bounding Fire

BFP has announced the upcoming release of Corregidor:The Rock.  We have it on sale for $77 including free shipping.  We expect to ship in January.

Front Cover

Back Cover


Le Valet d'CoeurLe Valet D’ Coeur in Montreal, Canada has now added the complete ‘Le Franc Tireur’ line up to their already extensive ASL catalog.  Please check them out for all your gaming needs if you are a local or just visiting this great city.