Post #123 – Action Pack 19 – Precision Dice back in stock. RK Storage Inserts. LFT 16. Le Franc Tireur 16 Unboxing by Neal Ulen. Contest #123.

Action Pack #19 Pre-Order

ASL Action Pack #19 – Roads to Rangoon

ROADS TO RANGOON, the 19th “action pack” for Advanced Squad Leader, follows up ACTION PACK #9 TO THE BRIDGE! with more action in Burma between Japanese (and allied Burmese Independence Army troops) and British Commonwealth forces in March and April 1942. ROADS TO RANGOON presents several “tournament-sized” offerings featuring Japanese infantry forces, occasionally supplemented with light armor and guns, against Commonwealth infantry (including units of the Gurkha Rifles) supported by Stuart tanks of 7th Armoured Brigade the famed “Desert Rats,” fresh from the North African theater. The Chinese even make an appearance in one scenario, all of which were designed by Gary Fortenberry.
Three double-sided 11˝ × 16˝ maps, painted by Charlie Kibler, round out the package. Each board is completely geomorphic and compatible with previous ASL mapboards. 

Action Pack #19: ROADS TO RANGOON contains:

  • Three 11˝ × 16˝ double-sided geomorphic mapboards (20a/b, 21a/b, 22a/b)
  • 10 ASL scenarios featuring the new mapboards.

Precision Dice (Plain) in Stock

For the past three years there has been a drought on precision backgammon dice but I have finally found a supplier that has some in stock. I will try to carry these as long as his supplies last. They are available in 12.5mm, 14mm, and 16mm, all with rounded edges. They are significantly lower in price than found at backgammon retailers as I am passing some of my wholesale discount along to you. Colors available are white, black, blue, green, red, yellow, pink and orange. I am selling them 20% off as a promo. The pips are filled in with the exact same material as the dice for perfect weight and randomness.

Storage Solutions RK Inserts

I have always tried to improve on my systems for storing the several hundred thousand counters that I have been collecting since I was a child. Going from baggies to tackle boxes to Planos to RAACO handyboxes. With the advent of the 3D printer it has become possible to custom print ever improving designs to meet those needs. The simple dividers I designed were revolutionary and I still use them for many of my games. My latest try was about two years ago and many who saw my kit at ASLOK and Winter Offensive asked if I would be selling them. Unfortunately the answer was always ‘no’ as it was so time consuming to print just one of the 96 trays that went into one Handybox. But last month my second 3D printer kicked the bucket and Tim convinced me to try a new model that was twice as expensive but promised printing that was twice as good and twice as fast. So now I am able to offer the same kit I use as it will no longer take me two months to produce one set. With this system, I am able to fit my entire set of WW2 ASL core module counters in one Handybox. The trays are color coded by nationality with the informational counters using white. Each AFV and Gun type has it’s own slot so no more looking through 72 PzIV’s to find the ‘J’. Because one kit can take about two weeks to make, there may be some delay in getting out your order but I promise barring breakdowns in the machine or in my nerves, it will be running day and night. Each insert holds between 160 (5/8″) and 280 (1/2″) counters in 20 or 35 compartments 8 counters high. There are 24 inserts per tray and 4 tray per Handybox for a possible total storage of up to 26,880 counters although for your ASL kit it would be closer to 18,000 counters because of the mix of sizes and partially filled slots. I will make the kit available with or without the Handybox in case you already own one and just need the inserts. Please click on the photo for the link to the order page where the specs can be found.

ASL Scouting Report – By ASL Academy

The Bitter Ender 2024, Raleigh NC. April 18-21.

This year the venue was changed to a slightly nicer but much more cramped Hotel. The room started to overflow into the hallway butin the end everyone had enough space to have a great time. Gary Fortenberry prevailed against Al Saltzman in the final of the main. As my son and his friend were in attendance, I only got in four games as I was really focusing on helping them out with the rules. It was great to see old friends and the reunion of Ray and Chuck as TD’s again.

Fort (left) and Big Al (Right) in seperate photos taken the day day before the finals,

Aiden Smith tries to hold the line against Ulrich Ritter’s less than cautious advance. The boys, both students at ECU, chose to spend the weekend playing ASL over drinking with their girlfriends and buddies. a testament to the effect of exposing our youth to this wonderful hobby. Doug Sheppard (left) and Gary Bartlett (right) in the background.

Puzzle #123

It is the final player turn (German) and in order to win, the German must have more unbroken Infantry in building X5 than the Russians. What should the German player do starting with the PFPh to have the best chance at a win.

Solution to Puzzle #122

The poor panther is outnumbered, outgunned and out-armored. What ever is she to do. Well let’s remember that this is Night and although NVR is 5 hexes, a vehicle blaze will create an illuminated circle with a 2 hex radius. Solution… Although the HS with the PSK has a very tempting side-shot on a IS-2m, it has just over a 50% chance of creating a Burning Wreck (26-11=15 Final TK, 7 to Burn). It can however fire on the wrecked ht in it’s own hex (with a better TH# (11-1(Size)-1(Night LV)=9) than against the Tank (9-1(Night LV)=8), and barring a Dud will create a Burning Wreck, Illuminating all three Russian tanks. This will blind them to non-illuminated hexes making it impossible to shoot at the Panther.

Post #122 – Very Sad News of the Passing of Dean Essig. Doomed Battalions Preorder. LFT 16 Arriving. Starter Kit Sale. Rat Pocket Charts Restock.

It is with a very heavy heart that I am telling of the passing of Dean Essig. His contributions to the hobby of wargaming are unparalleled. He was a gentleman and a giver to the hobby in the most altruistic manner. The impact is evident by the flourishing of his systems by other designers and I know that this will continue even now. Perhaps the only game that could draw me away from ASL (for a while anyway) is his DAK OCS monster, one in an ocean of unforgettable titles that bear his mark. Thank you for everything Dean. You will be missed tremendously but never forgotten.

Doomed Battalions -Preorder

MMP has announced the pre-order of the fourth edition of Doomed Battalions. No word yet on when it will be released but the good news is that you can pre-order it and lock in a $44.00 discount with free shipping without any payment or commitment now. When MMP is close to shipping to us, we will send you an invoice to complete check-out if you are still wanting the product.

DOOMED BATTALIONS is the Allied Minors Extension to the ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER Game System. This new Fourth Edition (DB4) expands on the Third (which itself included THE LAST HURRAH and eight other scenarios when it was released in 2009) with the addition of eight more out-of-print Allied Minor scenarios previously published elsewhere by Avalon Hill and MMP. Existing errata for all 32 scenarios have been incorporated, and some of the scenarios have been updated to correct issues of balance. This edition also showcases a complete revamp of the artwork for all Allied Minor units, vehicles, and weapons on four countersheets, including the addition of new MMC types for the Poles. DB4 also comes with the new rules for late-war SS, Polish MMC, Rail Cars, and Debris (originally issued in TWILIGHT OF THE REICH), an updated National Capabilities Chart (complete with all those MMC types), and an updated Chapter B Terrain Chart, including new entries for the new terrain. Five geomorphic mapboards (9, 11, 33, 44, & 45) and three sheets of terrain overlays carry over from Third Edition.

Doomed Battalions 4th Edition contents:

  • one box and lid
  • five 8” x 22” geomorphic mapboards (9, 11, 33, 44, & 45)
  • three sheets of overlays
  • four countersheets
  • updated Allied Minor Chapter H notes
  • 20 replacement rules pages for Chapter A & B
  • updated National Capabilities Chart
  • updated Chapter B Terrain Chart
  • 32 ASL scenarios:
• 43 Into the Fray• 137 Italian Brothers
• 44 The Gauntlet• 138 Rattle of Sabers
• 45 Revenge at Kastelli• 139 The Weigh In
• 46 Birds of Prey• 140 Round Two
• 47 Rude Awakening• 141 Action at Balberkamp
• 48 Toujours L’Audace• 142 On the Road to Andalsnes
• 49 Piercing the Peel• 143 Grebbe End
• 50 Age-old Foes• 144 The Professionals
• 83 An Uncommon Occurrence• 307 Maczek Fire Brigade
• 84 Round One• 308 Riding the Coattails
• 85 No Way Out• 309 Will to Fight…Eradicated
• 86 Fighting Back• 310 A Polish Requiem
• 87 Good Night, Sweet Prince• 311 Vogt’s Ritterkreuz
• 88 Art Nouveau• 312 Sting ‘em at Zingem
• 89 Rescue Attempt• 313 Airborne Samurai
• 90 Pride and Joy• 314 Defeat in Java 

Le Franc Tireur 16 – Update and last call on pre-order pricing

We are one day away from LFT 16 hitting the beaches and shipping out to you. DHL has delivery scheduled for this Thursday the 28th of March. Thanks to everyone for their patience. This is going to be a fantastic addition to your PTO kit.

In honor of the 7 year Anniversary of the Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Facebook Page and breaking the 3,500 member barrier, I will be running a sale on all Starter Kit merchandise. The discount will be 10% and is in addition to the already discounted prices. Use Coupon Code ‘FB 7 Years’ for your instant savings. I would be grateful if you would invite your wargaming buddies to join this FB group in an effort to hit 5,000 members. This helps demonstrate that there is a vibrant and growing Starter Kit community worthy of investing R&D to create new products for this incredible stand-alone game system.

N.B. The coupon code will last for 30 days unless we hit 5,000 FB members in which case it will last 60 days from the publishing date of Ritterkrieg Post #122 and will apply to all in-print ASLSK products that we either currently have in stock or can be re-ordered from MMP. Pre-orders Not Applicable.

Rat Pocket Charts – Back in Stock this month!

We have received in very limited quantity what is probably the last restock ever for Rat Charts. This is the Version 3 with the laminated cover.

Puzzle #122.1

It is the final Player Turn (German) of the game. The Germans have managed to secure the final VC by capturing Building O6 but are within 3 CVP of the cap and defeat so must not lose a Panther to the three IS-2M’s in the DFPh. What should the German player do to have the best chance at Victory?

EC are Normal with no Wind. Night Rules are in effect with a base NVR of 5 (no clouds).

Solution to Puzzle #121

So to recap, the Russian must get 5 CVP in his final turn for the win…and does with DR streak of 12, 12, 11. This is how he did it:

RPh: Self rally R7 (DR 12) causing CR and failure to rally).

PFPh: No shots. At the end of the phase AT Gun pivots CCW one hexspine to face the Panther without taking a shot (C3.22).

AFPh: AT Gun fired (no longer paying the Case A +6 DRM C3.22), broke the Gun but not before the shell managed to secure a rear Hull hit (C2.28 & A9.7) with the exact number needed (Base 10 — DRM are -1 Case L (Point Blank), -2 Case N (Acquired Target), -1 Case P (Target Size Modifier), +2 Case B (Fire in AFPh) = Net -2. TK is 27 (100L), -6 (Rear Armor), +1 Rear Penetration) yield a Base TK # of 22. The 11 on the TK Roll is enough to destroy the Panther (creating a burning wreck in the process) and win the Game.

Lesson Learned: In the rare case where you are not vulnerable to Defensive Fire, it may be advantageous to wait until the AFPh to shoot. In this case it increased the Russian odds for a win to over a 97.2% chance (a hit was guaranteed and so long as it wasn’t a dud, the Panther was going down).

Post #121 – BFP’s Bitterest Day. LFT 16 Arriving Momentarily. Major Restock. MMP Production forecast 2024. Contest #121.

Video version of Post #121

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BFP has announced that their new module Bitterest day is about 4-6 weeks out. We are taking orders now at a very special pre-order price of $71.

Bitterest Day sends players into the Okinawa, fighting through the mountainous terrain.

Bitterest Day includes the following:

  • 9 Action-Packed Scenarios.
  • 1 full sheet of counters, depicting more units, weapons, vehicles, and planes that are depicted in the scenarios.
  • One HASL map sheet which represents the historical situation in Okinawa.

Ownership of the following Advanced Squad Leader© components are required to play all 9 of the included scenarios: Nationalities – Americans & Japanese.

We are expecting LFT 16 in limited quantities with their 80 page magazine and 15 new scenarios within the next cople of weeks. The price has been reduced to $60 shipping included. Note that the maps and the overlays are only available through Le Franc Tireur.

Huge Ritterkrieg Restock

We are pleased to announce that have had restock on almost all of our OOS items that have been a wee bit hard to aquire lately including tall stack tweezers, Lone Canuck Publishing, March Madness (new one available this summer), China Burma India pack, LFT 15, Stack Guards, and RAACO. Unfortunately there is no news on Dice but we will keep trying.

MMP has announced their ASL production forecast for 2024 and it is jam-packed with goodies.

Marco Polo Bridge HASL

Slaughter at Ponyri HASL

Doomed Battalions Core Module Reprint

Spanish Civil War (Scenario Pack ?)

Burma Action Pack

Drop Zone: Chef du Pont HASL

Solitaire ASL Core module Reprint

Contest #121

In a super exciting ‘Action Packed’ scenario, the final German Turn found a roller coaster of emotion as the 100L AT Gun missed both it’s First Fire shot and an Intensive Fire shot against the Panther as it drove past at Point Blank Range. Incredibly, the ATR scored a CH causing the Panther to Shock, before the manning Infantry was itself broken by the German MMG.

Now it is the Russian Final turn and he needs 5 VP for the win. The Russian player rolls three times (after the WC DR) during his turn with a streak only Tim Brieaddy could be capable of, with a 12, 12 and a 11 in that order. The Russian wins. How? Hex U6 is OG and hex U8 is Woods.

Solution to Contest #120

This is the simplest of all contests if you know rule C5.11 (Last sentence). If the uppermost Sherman moves into U5, the 75L ATG will have to pivot to take the shot and lock it’s CA in direction S6-T6 for the remainder of the MPh allowing the other Sherman to waltz off the map for the ‘W’. Remember this counter?

It is similar to and on the reverse side of the MMG/HMG CA restriction counter. I was at the Atlanta tournament one year and every single player we asked was unaware of this rule except Brian Abela who set us straight.

Very short video on my method of attacking in ASL…Always (I really am a one trick pony).

Update: Le Franc Tireur 16

Hi everyone, I am sad to say Le Franc Tireur 16 will not be available through our site with maps or overlays. LFT 16 will still include 15 scenarios and 80 pages of articles on the PTO and we will be offering it at a 50% discount.

I am grateful for your support and understanding in this matter and hope you still purchase this wonderful and unique product so…

If you have yet to order LFT 16, you can order it here or by clicking on the Image above

If you have already ordered LFT16, I will be contacting you this week and can proceed in 4 ways to rectify this developement:

-We can issue you a $50 refund and I will ship you the 80 page magazine and 15 scenarios.

-We can issue you a $55 store credit and I will ship you the 80 page magazine and 15 scenarios.

-We can issue you a $80 store credit to be used on LFT 14, From the Cellar 8, From the Cellar 9, From the Cellar 10, From the Cellar 11, and/or From the Cellar 12, and I will send you the 80 page magazine and 15 scenarios.

-I can issue you a full refund.

Once again, I am so sorry for the disappointment and confusion in this matter.

Delivery has not been delayed and is expected in late February – early March

Please visit Le Franc Tireur for further information on their products and policies.

Post #120 – LFT16 (no maps or overlays). Death To Fascism. Contest #120.

Le Franc Tireur 16

N.B. We will not be carrying the maps or the overlays in this product hence the 50% discount. Please note that all 15 scenarios are playable with your Avalon Hill/MMP boards and overlays.

If you have already pre-ordered this product at $110, we will be (at your choice):

-Offering you LFT 16 without the maps or overlays and a $50 refund .

-Offering you LFT 16 without the maps or overlays and a $55 Ritterkrieg store credit.

-Offering you LFT 16 without the maps or overlays and a $80 credit toward LFT 14 and/or FTC 8 – 12.

-Offering you a full refund.

No sooner have we arrived in the arid desert of LFT 15 than we are cast into the jungles of LFT 16.

15 brand new jungle scenarios to try the lessons learned from the great articles in the magazine.

80 pages of articles and commentary to help make you a better PTO player or to help the new player take the dive into the Jungle.

Death to Fascism

I have been trying to get my hands on these since they first came out and finally through a trade with Xavier, I have both editions in limited quantities of 12 pieces each. I know they are very hard to find Stateside so get ’em before they disappear.

Contest #120

This is a redo of Contest #118 that I messed up pretty bad. Thanks for not calling me out on it.

Alright, here we go again… This is a simple one and just for fun let’s assume the German rolls a 1 on the colored die of his first two TH shots, and all German TK shots will result in a Burning Wreck. What is the best move for the British player to ensure a win?

Final player turn (British) of the game. The British player must exit at least one AFV off the South (bottom) edge for the win.

Special Rules: None

Solution to Contest #119.1

Before reading further, please revisit this contest before reading the solution as it has been updated and a lot of fun when you figure it out.

I really like this contest as it probably caused a rules dive even for those versed in the night rules and remember it is not ‘what can the Russian do to win the game’, it is a ‘how did this game play out’ if the Russian won the game?

The Russian cannot prep fire as there is nothing with FP that has a LOS and they cannot get adjacent to the Victory hex with anything but an 8-1 SMC (which cannot gain building control by himself) so this seems quite impossible. Except if it plays out just right…

Remember that the SSR stated that there were scattered clouds with a half moon which means that a WC DR may result in a NVR change dr divided by 3 (FRU) (E1.12). In addition, E1.13 states that when a unit’s NVR is 0, it is not bounced out of a enemy concealed unit’s location but is marked with a CC instead. Therefore, the Russian’s player turn must have gone something like this…

WC DR: 6,5 or 6. Subsequent dr: 5 or 6, reducing NVR to 0

RPh, PFPh… None.

MPh: All units drop support weapons and move into Q2. German unit Fires with no effect.

DFPh…German in Q2 fires with No Effect

AFPh: Russian attacks with a 24-1 (9+10+6), at least breaking the German in Q2.

APh: Russian Advances into R1 for the win.

Bonus Points: The German could have denied the Russian win by simply dropping concealment on the crew, denying the opportunity for the Russians to enter it’s hex.

Post 119 – Twilight Of the Reich. Winter Offensive Pack 15. Conversation With Chuck Hammond. Contest #119.

Twilight of the Reich

Shipping February

Winter Offensive #15 (2024)

Shipping February

Conversation with Chuck Hammond of Hazardous Movement

Purchase Hazmo here…

Chatting about Orsogna and my new hat

This was filmed between Christmas and the new year.

Purchase Orsogna here

Contest #119.1 (Modified 2/3/2024)

It is going into the final (Russian) Player Turn of the Tournament Championship. In a cunning move, the German player just used his Advance Phase to block all paths to the victory hex from all directions. In his moment of genius inspired triumph, he expects the Russian player to concede from an obviously impossible situation. Just before their hands meet at center table, the Russian player recoils his arm as he realizes he still has a chance, albeit a small one. Sure enough, the Russian player goes on to win the game, the title, and the respect from his awe stuck opponent. What has transpired to give the Russian the win?

Bonus question: Assuming you figured out how the Russian won, what simple move could the German have done during the Russian turn to deny the win?

Victory Conditions: The Russians win if they control of building 5R1 at Game End (which begins the turn German controlled).


1. Kindling in NA.

2. Russians have PF capability as if 1944 Germans.

3. Night Rules are in Effect with scattered clouds and a half moon.

4. Both players must ask Perry to include a German 8-1 Leader counter with the name Ritter in the next product.

Solution to Contest #118

I kind of botched this contest and dropped the ball on what I was trying to convey so I am currently remaking this contest. Stay tuned.

Post #118 – Quick 6 VI. Wacht Am Rhein Vol. 3. Interview with Sebi from Advancing Fire. Contest # 118.

Lone Canuck Publishing has two new releases for November. Both are sequels so I am offering package deals for the series.

Quick 6 VI

Six brand new short scenarios for when there isn’t quite enough time to play ‘The Last Bid’.

Quick 6 Package Deal

includes all 36 small scenarios in the series

Wacht Am Rhein Vol. 3

Eight new Battle of the Bulge scenarios

Wacht Am Rhein – Vol 1 – 3 Package Deal

24 Battle of the Bulge Scenarios

Interview With Sebi Caltabiano of Advancing Fire

In this interview I am privileged to spend 80 minutes with Sebi discussing Advancing Fire, Orsogna, the Italian Campaign and past and future products.

Orsogna Update:

Now only weeks away. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support in your pre-orders. We expect to sell out the North American supply earlier than expected as orders are much higher than we anticipated. Please order now to lock in a copy. Remember that you are under no obligation to complete the order when it becomes available at the end of November but at least you have the option to get it before it’s gone.

Extra Dice Towers ordered

Because we sold out of the Orsogna themed Dice Towers so quickly, we have ordered an additional six units.

Hazardous Movement 4

We are still expecting the Newest Hazmo product to arrive at the end of November. Thanks for your patience.

Contest #118

It is the Final British MPh and in order to win he must exit at least one AFV off the East (Right) Edge. What should he do to have the most chance of success? Note that the BB1/Bb2 hexside is not wide enough to Bypass.

Solution to Contest #117

Definitely one of the easier contests. I was hoping to stump the listeners on the Wall Advantage Bocage Rules but not a lot of luck as everyone got the right answer.

So because this is Bocage, the Tiger cannot see non- adjacent targets because it is not marked with a Wall Advantage counter as there is other positive TEM in it’s hex (Mandatory WA N/A).

So the best chance for victory for the US player is Start (1MP), change CA to X2-Y2 (2MP), Move to Y2 (3MP), this will be the Tiger’s only opportunity to stop the Sherman and win the game. It will need a 5 with a Turret Hit (11%) and then anything but a 12 for the win. If the Tiger misses, then the Sherman declares bypass of X1/Y1 (5), pivot (6), Bypass X0/Y1 (8), Exit off board for the win (9MP).

Post 117 – Orsogna. Action Pack 18. Hazardous Movement 4.

Orsogna Preorder and Update:

Please click on the photo to pre-order with no up-front cost or risk…

*See the bottom of this post to read our really great Pre-order policy

The monster Italian Campaign module from Advancing Fire is ready to go to the printers. Sebi informed me that we should have the final product in November which is now just a few short weeks away. We plan on having an exclusive interview with the designer in our next post that you surely won’t want to miss. The game will include 4 huge historical maps of the Italian battleground, 4 campaign games, 14 standalone scenarios and over 500 counters. The quality of the components are truly second to none as you already know if you were lucky enough to get a copy of Prokhorovka! before it went out of print. Extra thick maps, beautiful counter artwork in a seldom addressed theatre of war where the Green Devils and Panzer grenadiers face off against Canadians, Kiwis, and Indians.

Orsogna Dice Tower

As a special promo, we are receiving one dozen Orsogna themed dice towers specially made by Maria Aceto. These will be shipped at the same time as the game. Please click on the image to order.

Action Pack 18

The new Action Pack from MMP has arrived on the express overnight from Cleveland’s ASLOK tournament. Featuring 2 new mapboards and 14 new scenarios.

This Action Pack marks Multi-Man Publishing’s fifth collaboration with ASL Oktoberfest tournament director Bret Hildebran and his gang of Ohioans to produce a new map-and-scenario pack for release in conjunction with the game’s most revered tournament—ASLOK. 

The 14 scenarios of ASL Action Pack #18 were all designed by Ohioans Pete Shelling and the late Bill Sisler. Two new maps (91 & 92) round out the package. World War II actions range from an extreme winter Russian counterattack in front of Moscow in December 1941 to Partisan action in Slovakia to the “final battle” in 1945 Berlin. Pete has also designed four new Korean War scenarios (two on Deluxe boards) featuring actions fought by the American 1st Cavalry Division, its troopers having been “rudely interrupted” from their cushy garrison life in Japan by the outbreak of war in Korea with the Communist invasion of July 1950 and rushed unceremoniously into combat. Action Pack #18: ASL Oktoberfest XXXVII has the action covered!

Action Pack #18: ASL Oktoberfest XXXVII contains:

  • Two 8˝ × 22˝ geomorphic mapboards (91, 92)
  • 14 ASL scenarios:
    • AP191 East Wind – 6½ turns, 2 December 1941, Yushkovo-Buretsovo, Vologda Oblast, Russia (German vs Russian)
    • AP192 Brush Off – 4½ turns, 19 August 1942, Koli Point, Guadalcanal (Allied vs Japanese)
    • AP193 Hit It & Quit It – 4½ turns, 26 September 1944, Horné Hámre, Slovakia (German vs Partisan)
    • AP194 Not Fade Away – 6½ turns, 9 December 1944, Lemberg, France (German vs American)
    • AP195 Break In On Rollbahn A – 5½ turns, 17 December 1944, Hollerath, Germany (American vs German)
    • AP196 Silver & Bronze – 6 turns, 19 December 1944, Wiltz, Luxembourg (American vs German)
    • AP197 KIller Cats & Easy Eights – 6 turns, 30 December 1944, Flohimont, Belgium (German vs American)
    • AP198 Hassel At Hasselt – 7 turns, 12 February 1945, Hasselt, Germany (German vs British)
    • AP199 Nord’s End – 6½ turns, 2 April 1945, Waldenburg, Germany (German vs American)
    • AP200 Chuikov’s Revenge – 7½ turns, 29 April 1945, Berlin, Germany (German vs Russian)
    • AP201 Goodbye, Geishas – 6½ turns, 23 July 1950, Yongdong, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
    • AP202 Little Rat – 4½ turns, 29 July 1950, Kumchon, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
    • AP203 The Walled City – 5½ turns, 5 September 1950, Ka-San, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
    • AP204 Southside Seesaw – 5½ turns, 13 September 1950, Chilgok, South Korea (North Korean vs American)

Hazardous movement Pack #4

10 new tournament sized scenarios and 2 beautiful new geomorphic mapboards

Complete Hazmo Package Deal

Click on photo to order

Also on sale for almost 20% off is the entire Hazardous Movement lineup. So if you have never tried HAZMO, now is the chance to get in at a huge discount.

On the subject of Hazmo, I recently found this interview with Chuck Hammond on Illuminating Rounds. It’s a fun and informative listen.

Almost Gone Forever:

We are down to our very last copies (less than 10) of Green Hell of Inor, LFT15, Rat Pocket Charts, Fight for Seoul, Heat of Battle stuff. If you want it now instead of later for 6 x the price on Extorsion-Bay, this is your last chance.

Contest #117

Normandy, 1944. All hedges are Bocage. It is the final Player Turn of the game (US MPh). The American player is 4 VP short for the win. VC states either Exit VP within 1 hex of the Y1 Road Board Edge -or- Casualty VP. The US player has already tried (and failed) use of their sM. What course of action would ensure the best chance for victory. Please send responses to email account Answer will be in post #118

Contest #116 Solution.

Several people figured this one out on the first try. The key to this puzzle is knowing and remembering the Multiple Hit rules. I recently found out that the first TK roll also serves as the hit location for the second roll. So it you remembered this, you were well on your way to figuring this one out. So… the first shot hit in the hull (4,4) with Multiple Hits, Although the TK DR was (5,6) for No Effect, it did place the second Hit in the turret. With an inferior turret armor of 4, the subsequent TK roll of (1,2) was enough for the kill (whereas if you forgot this rule, you would have been going down the wrong road believing the effect was a Possible Shock). The next roll was Crew Survival (5,4) which was a fail resulting in enough CVP for the French player to win. Thanks for playing.

Interesting and informative reading:

A new post from Jim Bishop on ‘Control’.

Grumble Jones Link

Hong Kong Wargamer Link

*Pre-Orders Explained

There are three ways I know of that companies take pre-orders.

  1. You pay for it now and wait months/years for the product to be manufactured and shipped. This ties up your money and is a little risky if the store goes out of business (not mentioning anyone by name).
  2. You order and provide your CC information. Then long after you have forgotten all about it, your wife opens the nasty little surprise on you CC statement that of course is sandwiched between the roof repair and the transmission on your Ford Focus.
  3. Our pre-order method: You pre-order the product now and when we are within a few weeks of shipping it to you, we send you an invoice. At that time you decide:

a. Pay for it now and as soon as it arrives at our store it will be on it’s way to you with Free-Shipping*.

b. Pay for it later (your pre-order is reserved and guaranteed at the pre-order price for a full year after release**) and at that time it will be on it’s way to you with Free-Shipping*

c. Don’t pay for it at all and simply ignore the invoice. In this case, no further action is required. Your CC has never been billed and you don’t owe any money or explanation.

Although the third method can tend to leave us with some overstock at times, I really feel that it is the most flexible and secure for the customer so it is the system we use.

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**As long as the product is still available to retailers.

Post #116 Starter Kit Expansion Pack #3. Special Ops 11. Orsogna…Coming Soon. ‘ASL in About an Hour’ Replay of J244. Contest #126

Starter Kit Expansion Pack #3

MMP presents the third Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Expansion Pack. ASLSK Expansion Pack #3 includes two new 8″ x 22″ geomorphic mapboards (h and g) and eight new scenarios set in locales such as Poland, Sicily, Italy, Russia, the Gilbert Islands, and the Marianas.

ASLSK Expansion Pack #3 continues the introduction of Concealment, first employed by the Japanese in Starter Kit #4 and now extended to several other nationalities. Expansion Pack #3 also includes Ordnance and Vehicle Notes for the weapons used in the scenarios.

As with Expansion Packs #1 and #2, Expansion Pack #3 does not come with everything you need to play!!!

Expansion Pack #3 assumes ownership of the core ASLSK modules Starter Kit #1 through #4. While Expansion Pack #3 includes counters for German SS, U.S. Marine Raiders, Italians, and Allied Minor units as well as Concealment, it relies upon these core Starter Kit modules to provide additional unit and information counters, in addition to mapboards, providing players with a low-cost method for expanding the scope of Starter Kit scenarios.

ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #3 contains:

  • two 8″ x 22″ geomorphic mapboards (map h, map g)
  • one countersheet (252 counters)
  • one four-page Quick Reference Data Card
  • one four-page ASLSK Chapter H Vehicles & Ordnance notes
  • eight new scenarios

Scenario List:

S92 Armageddon Begins, Mokra, Poland, 1 September 1939
S93 Stalin’s Socks, Melechi, Russia, 20 September 1941
S94 March of Destiny, Kiev, Russia, 30 September 1941
S95 Makin Mayhem, Makin Atoll, Gilbert Islands, 17 August 1942
S96 Good, Lucky, or Both, Syracuse, Sicily, 10 July 1943
S97 All I’ve Got Is Prayer, Persano, Italy, 13  September 1943
S98 The Hatefulness of War, Baron-sur-Odon, France, 28 June 1944
S99 Destination, Tinian, The Marianas, 25 July 1944

NOTE: ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #3 is not a boxed game; it comes bagged in the same manner as ASL Starter Kit Expansion Packs #1 and #2.

Special Ops #11

Special Ops #11 has six articles, two ASL scenarios and two ASLSK scenarios,  The magazine also features the game Gettysburg.

Featured in-depth articles cover The Third Winter and Strike – Counter Strike. There are also an article  on the upcoming Valley of Tears, a new scenario for The Third Winter, Curt Schilling’s advice for being a better ASL player, and more

Gettysburg is a quick playing game based on the Napoleonic 20 series of games. It includes a 22″ x34″ map, 40 1″ counters, and 72 5/8″ counters.

Special Ops 10 & 11 Combo:

In the off chance you missed out on Special Ops 10, here is your chance to acquire both at a 20% discount.

Advancing Fire: Orsogna

We are expecting a shipping time of October/November for this monster. This will be the same incredible quality as Prokhorovhka! bringing the fight to the Italian mountains and countryside in December of ’43.

260 Counters (Including Fallschirmjagers)

4 Giant Map Sheets

12 Scenarios

3 Campaign Games


Prokhorovka! Reprint Pre-Order:

This is a pilot to gauge the interest in a reprint of this fantastic module. Assume a straight up reprint. There is no release date yet and reprint is solely dependant on Sebi at Advancing Fire reaching a minimum demand. Remember, there is no up-front or surprise charge to you now or ever with our pre-order system (you don’t even enter your CC info). Simply pre-order it now and when and if it gets reprinted, we will send you an invoice at that time which you can complete if you still want the product. Absolutely risk free pre-ordering.

Contest #126

It is the final half turn (French) of the Game. The French player needs 5 CVP to secure the win. In it’s Prep Fire Phase, the French player surprises the German with a hidden AT Gun in hex I11. The following are the DR’s in order including some extras. Use as many as you need to narrate the events starting with the first shot being the (4,4).

(4,4). (5,6). (1,2). (5,4). (1,1). (5,3). (4,1). (2,2).

Describe the procession, outcome and victor.

Email your answer to with the title Contest #126

Post #115 – Journal 14 in stock. March Madness 2023. WTICG 2023. Fight for Seoul back in stock.

This post is video driven. Please subscribe to my channel for the latest videos.

ASL Journal 14 – In Stock

ASL Journal 14 is in our hands. If you missed this one on pre-order, no worries as we still have it on sale with free shipping.

Here is a What’s in the box video of this gem:

March Madness 2023

8 new scenarios including very large and weeeee little scenarios linking a Campaign Game representing the 10th Mountain Division for a low, low price of $16.

Where The Iron Crosses Grow Team Tournament 2023:

This year we had 21 attendees on 6 teams of three brackets. After 2 aborted attempts, Xavier Vitry finally made it to the show arriving for a 9 day holiday. Some photos of the event in the video below.

Fight For Seoul is back in Stock

and yes… we are still offering the $40 discount on the Korean Combo pack.

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