Update: Le Franc Tireur 16

Hi everyone, I am sad to say Le Franc Tireur 16 will not be available through our site with maps or overlays. LFT 16 will still include 15 scenarios and 80 pages of articles on the PTO and we will be offering it at a 50% discount.

I am grateful for your support and understanding in this matter and hope you still purchase this wonderful and unique product so…

If you have yet to order LFT 16, you can order it here or by clicking on the Image above

If you have already ordered LFT16, I will be contacting you this week and can proceed in 4 ways to rectify this developement:

-We can issue you a $50 refund and I will ship you the 80 page magazine and 15 scenarios.

-We can issue you a $55 store credit and I will ship you the 80 page magazine and 15 scenarios.

-We can issue you a $80 store credit to be used on LFT 14, From the Cellar 8, From the Cellar 9, From the Cellar 10, From the Cellar 11, and/or From the Cellar 12, and I will send you the 80 page magazine and 15 scenarios.

-I can issue you a full refund.

Once again, I am so sorry for the disappointment and confusion in this matter.

Delivery has not been delayed and is expected in late February – early March

Please visit Le Franc Tireur for further information on their products and policies.

Post #120 – LFT16 (no maps or overlays). Death To Fascism. Contest #120.

Le Franc Tireur 16

N.B. We will not be carrying the maps or the overlays in this product hence the 50% discount. Please note that all 15 scenarios are playable with your Avalon Hill/MMP boards and overlays.

If you have already pre-ordered this product at $110, we will be (at your choice):

-Offering you LFT 16 without the maps or overlays and a $50 refund .

-Offering you LFT 16 without the maps or overlays and a $55 Ritterkrieg store credit.

-Offering you LFT 16 without the maps or overlays and a $80 credit toward LFT 14 and/or FTC 8 – 12.

-Offering you a full refund.

No sooner have we arrived in the arid desert of LFT 15 than we are cast into the jungles of LFT 16.

15 brand new jungle scenarios to try the lessons learned from the great articles in the magazine.

80 pages of articles and commentary to help make you a better PTO player or to help the new player take the dive into the Jungle.

Death to Fascism

I have been trying to get my hands on these since they first came out and finally through a trade with Xavier, I have both editions in limited quantities of 12 pieces each. I know they are very hard to find Stateside so get ’em before they disappear.

Contest #120

This is a redo of Contest #118 that I messed up pretty bad. Thanks for not calling me out on it.

Alright, here we go again… This is a simple one and just for fun let’s assume the German rolls a 1 on the colored die of his first two TH shots, and all German TK shots will result in a Burning Wreck. What is the best move for the British player to ensure a win?

Final player turn (British) of the game. The British player must exit at least one AFV off the South (bottom) edge for the win.

Special Rules: None

Solution to Contest #119.1

Before reading further, please revisit this contest before reading the solution as it has been updated and a lot of fun when you figure it out.

I really like this contest as it probably caused a rules dive even for those versed in the night rules and remember it is not ‘what can the Russian do to win the game’, it is a ‘how did this game play out’ if the Russian won the game?

The Russian cannot prep fire as there is nothing with FP that has a LOS and they cannot get adjacent to the Victory hex with anything but an 8-1 SMC (which cannot gain building control by himself) so this seems quite impossible. Except if it plays out just right…

Remember that the SSR stated that there were scattered clouds with a half moon which means that a WC DR may result in a NVR change dr divided by 3 (FRU) (E1.12). In addition, E1.13 states that when a unit’s NVR is 0, it is not bounced out of a enemy concealed unit’s location but is marked with a CC instead. Therefore, the Russian’s player turn must have gone something like this…

WC DR: 6,5 or 6. Subsequent dr: 5 or 6, reducing NVR to 0

RPh, PFPh… None.

MPh: All units drop support weapons and move into Q2. German unit Fires with no effect.

DFPh…German in Q2 fires with No Effect

AFPh: Russian attacks with a 24-1 (9+10+6), at least breaking the German in Q2.

APh: Russian Advances into R1 for the win.

Bonus Points: The German could have denied the Russian win by simply dropping concealment on the crew, denying the opportunity for the Russians to enter it’s hex.

Post 119 – Twilight Of the Reich. Winter Offensive Pack 15. Conversation With Chuck Hammond. Contest #119.

Twilight of the Reich

Shipping February

Winter Offensive #15 (2024)

Shipping February

Conversation with Chuck Hammond of Hazardous Movement

Purchase Hazmo here…


Chatting about Orsogna and my new hat

This was filmed between Christmas and the new year.

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Contest #119.1 (Modified 2/3/2024)

It is going into the final (Russian) Player Turn of the Tournament Championship. In a cunning move, the German player just used his Advance Phase to block all paths to the victory hex from all directions. In his moment of genius inspired triumph, he expects the Russian player to concede from an obviously impossible situation. Just before their hands meet at center table, the Russian player recoils his arm as he realizes he still has a chance, albeit a small one. Sure enough, the Russian player goes on to win the game, the title, and the respect from his awe stuck opponent. What has transpired to give the Russian the win?

Bonus question: Assuming you figured out how the Russian won, what simple move could the German have done during the Russian turn to deny the win?

Victory Conditions: The Russians win if they control of building 5R1 at Game End (which begins the turn German controlled).


1. Kindling in NA.

2. Russians have PF capability as if 1944 Germans.

3. Night Rules are in Effect with scattered clouds and a half moon.

4. Both players must ask Perry to include a German 8-1 Leader counter with the name Ritter in the next product.

Solution to Contest #118

I kind of botched this contest and dropped the ball on what I was trying to convey so I am currently remaking this contest. Stay tuned.