Ammo Box / Map Case

In an effort to find a way to transport my maps, I came up with the idea of making an ammo crate with the same look as some I have seen online like this one.



I made the crates out of pine to give it that authentic look (few nations are so well funded that they can afford mahogany ammo boxes).  Slats were cut into the planks to give it the look of nailed together smaller planks without losing any of the strength.

All of the screws are hidden and large headed roofing nails give it the right look.  I have used different stencils on the boxes and have painted some while leaving others natural.

I had to increase the height because I wanted the maps to stand on end so I could thumb through them instead of having to lift them out to get to the bottom maps.


This box was incomplete at the time the photo was taken as the top reinforcing slats have not been installed yet.


The inside of the box is lined with craft foam (the same material used inside of quality dice towers) to protect the maps.  The long compartment is used to store the geomorphic boards without having to fold them.  The two smaller compartments are used to store the historical mapsheets and the Fortenberry series geomorphic boards (1a, 1b, 2a,2c. etc.)





Note the slightly smaller prototype sitting under the final version.

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