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Rat Pocket Charts v.3 – Shipping

The Rat Charts Have Arrived and are shipping now. Here is a What’s In The Box…

What’s in the Box

ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 – Shipping

What’s in the Box

Lone Canuck Publishing – Blitzkrieg in the West – The Central Campaign.

6 Scenarios linked to form a campaign.

RAACO handyboxes:

Our last shipment of handyboxes sold out before arriving stateside. We have another order on the way and should be here this week. Thanks for your patience and remember that you can mix and match your inserts in any way that you wish.

ASL Line of Sight Trick:

This trick has absolutely changed my game. My LOS guessing has improved at least five fold since using this method and I wanted to share it with you. Once you get the hang of it, you can do the calculation in less than ten seconds and make an almost always correct LOS call.

Contest #90 Solution:

In order to control building R6, all British units must be eliminated, not just broken so something must be done to prevent someone from routing upstairs. Note that in the video there is mention of the German’s needing to break or pin the British leader in order for him to not rout upstairs with a broken MMC and keep control of the building. I am not sure if this is incorrect as the leader may share the fate of the MMC and be eliminated for failure to rout even though he is not broken.




PzIII: Does nothing. It’s sole purpose is to prevent the British from routing to R4.

9-2, 338, DC in R8: R7, R6(Level 0), R6(Level 1), Set DC for Breech, R6(Level 0).

338, DC in Q7: R6, Set DC for Breech.

338, FT in P8: Q8, R7, R6.

127 in O9: CX, Bypass P8, Q8, R7, R6, R6(Level 1)




Demolition charges go off creating breeches on a 10 or less (NMC needed on the 30+3) also attacking the British with a 12+3.

Flamethrower attacks through the Level 0 breech with a 24 Flat.

2 HS and 9-2 attack with a 6+1.


If the breech was created upstairs, any Broken British are eliminated for failure to rout because of the vehicle crew.


9-2 and the 3 x 338 advance into CC against any unbroken British and hope for the best.