Post #94 – HUGE Black Friday Sale – New: Quick 6 III – New Contest – Contest #93 Winners!

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NEW: Quick 6 III

Quick 6 III – New from Lone Canuck Publising, 6 new small scenarios that can be played in a couple of hours. This is the third installment in the Quick 6 series.

Q13 – One Last Attempt Dom Bütgenbach, Belgium, 22 December 1944: Game Length: 5½ Turns; Board q;  Americans: 5½ Squads, 2x Leaders, 2x Machineguns, 3x 60mm mortars, & Bazooka; vs. Germans: 6x SS-Squads, 3x Leaders, 2x Machineguns, & JdgPz IV/70; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 21 minutesQ14 – True to Form The Factory, Carroceto, Italy, 25 January 1944: Game Length: 5½ Turns; Board 71; Germans: 8x Squads, 4x Leaders, 2x Machineguns, FT, 2x DC, & 2x StuG 75/34(i); vs. British: 5x Squads, 2x Leaders, 3x Machineguns, & PIAT;  Estimated Playing Time 2 hours 38 minutesQ15 – Mantes Meet Up  Mantes-Gassicourt, France, 27 August 1944: Game Length: 6 Turns; Board 10z; Americans: 11x Squads, 4x Leaders, 6x Machineguns, 2x Bazooka, & 3x M5A1; vs. Germans: 11x Squads, 3x Leaders, 4x Machineguns, & 2x StuG IIIG; Estimated Playing Time: 3 hours 26 minutesQ16 – Defence of St. Oedenrode St. Oedenrode, Holland, 17 September 1944: Game Length: 6 Turns; Board 59; Americans: 5x Squads, 2x Leaders, 3x Machineguns, 60mm Mortar, & Bazooka; vs. Germans: 10x Squads, 3x Leaders, & 3x Machineguns; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 31 minutesQ17 – Absorbing the Thrust Furnes, France, 28 May 1940: Game Length: 5½ Turns; Board 10z; French: 8x Squads, 3x Leaders, Machinegun, & 3x H35; vs. Germans: 6x Squads, Gun Crew 2x Leaders, Machinegun, 50mm Mortar, ATR, & 2x 3.7cm Anti-Tank Gun; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 50 minutesQ18 – Seize the Crossroads  Briqueville, France, 29 June 1944: Game Length: 5½ Turns; Board 17; Germans: 5x Squads, Gun Crew, 2x Leaders, 2x Machineguns, 75mm Infantry Gun, & Fortifications;  vs. Americans: 12x Squads, HS, 3x Leaders, 2x Machineguns, 2x 60mm Mortars, 3x Bazookas, FT, & 3x DC; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 32 minutes.
Each scenario is played on half a map board with a handful of counters per each side; these scenarios are fast, with a limited amount of SSR, to ensure minimum set up time and maximum game time.

Contest #94

Sicily, 1943. Last player Turn of the game, it is the US MPh. In order to win, the American player must control 4 multi-hex stone buildings. N4 and L6 are both Italian controlled. What can the US player do to ensure his best chance of victory?

Contest #93 Solution:

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The solution to this one is actually quite simple. I deliberately tried to complicate the matter and deceive by displaying the sM, WP, and S numbers on the back of the counters as well as throwing in nonsense about the wind and the date. The answer is, start in platoon movement for 1 MP and even if one tank is destroyed by the ATG, the second tank can scoot out of sight on the second MP and proceed to exit the board without ever getting back into LOS of the Hun. We had 2 correct entries; Mika Harviala and Rick N. Since there are only two of you, I will award the prize to both of you instead of drawing one name. I seem to remember a third correct entry but cannot find it so if you answered this contest with the correct solution as well, please contact me for your prize.

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