#73 – Farewell to Darrell Wright – Giant News – LFT invades America! – Hatten In Flames – What’s in the box: Forgotten War ASL Korea.

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Our good friend and fellow ASL player Darrell Wright has passed away.  One of the people that was in our lives for all the right reasons.  In his memory, I pledge to appreciate the time we have left with each other by looking up from the map a little more often than before, exchanging a few more stories, and accepting a few more invitations to dine with you or have a drink with you instead of rushing to get in one just one more scenario.  The tournaments will not be the same without you.

This post (cropped) is from Darrell’s father, Bob Wright:

This is to let all of Darrell’s many friends know that he died on Friday, May 18th, while on a trip for work in Baltimore, Maryland. He was 55. He was, without a doubt, the gentlest and sweetest individual one could know, and he will be sorely missed by his family and by everyone who had the good fortune to know him.



Le Franc Tireur and Ritterkrieg

In an effort to bring LFT to your door and table in a more timely and inexpensive method than ever before, Le Franc Tireur and Ritterkrieg have collaborated to distribute throughout North America from right here in North Carolina.  Not only will this reduce shipping costs from Europe, allowing lower prices to you and your favorite ASL store, but this will also reduce shipping time and inventory woes.   More products, lower prices, quicker turn around.

What is Le Franc Tireur?

Le Franc Tireur, often shortened to LFT because of the difficulty in pronouncing that last word, is a French company, headed by Xavier Vitry which is responsible for some of the absolute best ASL Modules, scenario packs, periodicals, and accessories. Their scarcity and outrageous pricing on ebay once OOP will attest to the quality and collectability.


Named Le Franc Tireur #1-13, each periodical contains scenarios and articles, usually based on a specific campaign.  There have been 13 of these printed but only LFT 13, dealing with the battles for the Crimea, is still in print.  There is also Kampgruppe Scheer Player’s Guide which is days away from being relaeased.


Scenario Packs:

The Scenario packs from LFT are called ‘From The Cellar 1-8’.  The new FTC 8 is still readily available but FTC 5, FTC 6, and FTC 7 are all but gone with only a handful left in inventory worldwide.

Deluxe Pack #1:

JPEG - 616.7 ko

With all new artwork that makes the terrain pop, this pack includes new deluxe maps and scenarios.


(Thanks to Chris at Battleschool for the photo) LFT has produced 2 Historical modules, St.Nazaire: Operation Chariot and Kampfgruppe Sheer: The Shield of Cholm with maps, counters, historical notes, and designer’s notes.  I find it difficult to convey just how beautiful, well researched, and fun to play these modules are.  Both sold out quickly but we are expecting a tiny reprint of Kampfgruppe Scheer: The shield of Cholm.  Along with the player’s guide, this is our last chance to get our hands on this incredible module.


The ever popular and handy Rat Charts, now in their third version ( v. 2+).  There are less than 100 of these left in print.


New to Pre-Order from MMP

Hatten In Flames

we are taking orders now at pre-order price but please not that we will not be shipping before August, 2018

we are taking orders now but please note that we will not be shipping before August, 2018.

ASL Korea, The Forgotten War – What’s in the Box

Once again, I did the video sideways.  Sorry guys.



Product                                                         Manufacturer                        Expected

Dice Towers                                              Ritter Krieg                         <30 days

KG Scheer  Player’s Guide                LFT                                           <30 days

KG Scherer                                                LFT                                           <60 days

Hatten In Flames                                   MMP                                        <60 days

Red Factories                                          MMP                                         This Year

Starter Kits                                               MMP                                          This Year

Beyond Valor                                          MMP                                          Unknown

Armies of Oblivion                              MMP                                          Unknown

Rising Sun                                                 MMP                                          Unknown




ASL Woodworking:

A little project I have completed.  This is a variation of my ammo crate to store ASL maps.  This one contains a secret drawer for the Deluxe maps.

KG Sheer player’s Guide                    LFT                                           <30 days