Post 117 – Orsogna. Action Pack 18. Hazardous Movement 4.

Orsogna Preorder and Update:

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The monster Italian Campaign module from Advancing Fire is ready to go to the printers. Sebi informed me that we should have the final product in November which is now just a few short weeks away. We plan on having an exclusive interview with the designer in our next post that you surely won’t want to miss. The game will include 4 huge historical maps of the Italian battleground, 4 campaign games, 14 standalone scenarios and over 500 counters. The quality of the components are truly second to none as you already know if you were lucky enough to get a copy of Prokhorovka! before it went out of print. Extra thick maps, beautiful counter artwork in a seldom addressed theatre of war where the Green Devils and Panzer grenadiers face off against Canadians, Kiwis, and Indians.

Orsogna Dice Tower

As a special promo, we are receiving one dozen Orsogna themed dice towers specially made by Maria Aceto. These will be shipped at the same time as the game. Please click on the image to order.

Action Pack 18

The new Action Pack from MMP has arrived on the express overnight from Cleveland’s ASLOK tournament. Featuring 2 new mapboards and 14 new scenarios.

This Action Pack marks Multi-Man Publishing’s fifth collaboration with ASL Oktoberfest tournament director Bret Hildebran and his gang of Ohioans to produce a new map-and-scenario pack for release in conjunction with the game’s most revered tournament—ASLOK. 

The 14 scenarios of ASL Action Pack #18 were all designed by Ohioans Pete Shelling and the late Bill Sisler. Two new maps (91 & 92) round out the package. World War II actions range from an extreme winter Russian counterattack in front of Moscow in December 1941 to Partisan action in Slovakia to the “final battle” in 1945 Berlin. Pete has also designed four new Korean War scenarios (two on Deluxe boards) featuring actions fought by the American 1st Cavalry Division, its troopers having been “rudely interrupted” from their cushy garrison life in Japan by the outbreak of war in Korea with the Communist invasion of July 1950 and rushed unceremoniously into combat. Action Pack #18: ASL Oktoberfest XXXVII has the action covered!

Action Pack #18: ASL Oktoberfest XXXVII contains:

  • Two 8˝ × 22˝ geomorphic mapboards (91, 92)
  • 14 ASL scenarios:
    • AP191 East Wind – 6½ turns, 2 December 1941, Yushkovo-Buretsovo, Vologda Oblast, Russia (German vs Russian)
    • AP192 Brush Off – 4½ turns, 19 August 1942, Koli Point, Guadalcanal (Allied vs Japanese)
    • AP193 Hit It & Quit It – 4½ turns, 26 September 1944, Horné Hámre, Slovakia (German vs Partisan)
    • AP194 Not Fade Away – 6½ turns, 9 December 1944, Lemberg, France (German vs American)
    • AP195 Break In On Rollbahn A – 5½ turns, 17 December 1944, Hollerath, Germany (American vs German)
    • AP196 Silver & Bronze – 6 turns, 19 December 1944, Wiltz, Luxembourg (American vs German)
    • AP197 KIller Cats & Easy Eights – 6 turns, 30 December 1944, Flohimont, Belgium (German vs American)
    • AP198 Hassel At Hasselt – 7 turns, 12 February 1945, Hasselt, Germany (German vs British)
    • AP199 Nord’s End – 6½ turns, 2 April 1945, Waldenburg, Germany (German vs American)
    • AP200 Chuikov’s Revenge – 7½ turns, 29 April 1945, Berlin, Germany (German vs Russian)
    • AP201 Goodbye, Geishas – 6½ turns, 23 July 1950, Yongdong, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
    • AP202 Little Rat – 4½ turns, 29 July 1950, Kumchon, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
    • AP203 The Walled City – 5½ turns, 5 September 1950, Ka-San, South Korea (American vs North Korean)
    • AP204 Southside Seesaw – 5½ turns, 13 September 1950, Chilgok, South Korea (North Korean vs American)

Hazardous movement Pack #4

10 new tournament sized scenarios and 2 beautiful new geomorphic mapboards

Complete Hazmo Package Deal

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Also on sale for almost 20% off is the entire Hazardous Movement lineup. So if you have never tried HAZMO, now is the chance to get in at a huge discount.

On the subject of Hazmo, I recently found this interview with Chuck Hammond on Illuminating Rounds. It’s a fun and informative listen.

Almost Gone Forever:

We are down to our very last copies (less than 10) of Green Hell of Inor, LFT15, Rat Pocket Charts, Fight for Seoul, Heat of Battle stuff. If you want it now instead of later for 6 x the price on Extorsion-Bay, this is your last chance.

Contest #117

Normandy, 1944. All hedges are Bocage. It is the final Player Turn of the game (US MPh). The American player is 4 VP short for the win. VC states either Exit VP within 1 hex of the Y1 Road Board Edge -or- Casualty VP. The US player has already tried (and failed) use of their sM. What course of action would ensure the best chance for victory. Please send responses to email account Answer will be in post #118

Contest #116 Solution.

Several people figured this one out on the first try. The key to this puzzle is knowing and remembering the Multiple Hit rules. I recently found out that the first TK roll also serves as the hit location for the second roll. So it you remembered this, you were well on your way to figuring this one out. So… the first shot hit in the hull (4,4) with Multiple Hits, Although the TK DR was (5,6) for No Effect, it did place the second Hit in the turret. With an inferior turret armor of 4, the subsequent TK roll of (1,2) was enough for the kill (whereas if you forgot this rule, you would have been going down the wrong road believing the effect was a Possible Shock). The next roll was Crew Survival (5,4) which was a fail resulting in enough CVP for the French player to win. Thanks for playing.

Interesting and informative reading:

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