Post #97 – Action Pack 16 – Winter Offensive 12 – Contest 97

Action Pack #16

15 new scenarios (AP160-AP174) by Andy Rogers (Hatten In Flames fame) and a new Fortenberry style geomorphic board 15A/B.

Winter Offensive #12 (2021)

ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #12 (2021) features three new scenarios and one new map (14a/b).

MMP has an ulterior motive, however, for the manufacture and sale of this particular product. Proceeds from the sales of each WO Bonus Pack #12 are donated to the WWII Foundation. You get a new map, three more ASL scenarios, and help a great project dedicated to memorializing the efforts of the men who fought in WWII get a very nice donation. This really seems like a win/win in our opinion.

ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #12 (2021) contains:
one new 11″ x 16″ double-sided ASL mapboard (14a/b)
three new ASL scenarios (WO36-WO38):

WO36 Dompaire Destruction – 4½ turns, boards 11b & 14a, 13 September 1944, Dompaire, France

WO37 The Vital Hours – 5½ turns, board 14a, 17 September 1944, Wolfheze, The Netherlands

WO38 Three Bars of Chocolate – 7½ turns, board 14a, 29 November 1944, Lindern, Germany

Designed for the aficionado, Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #12 is not a complete product and assumes the buyer owns the core Advanced Squad Leader game system.

Contest #97

Libya, 1941. DTO is in Effect. Rommel is on the attack. In order to win, the German must Control building hex M4 at Game End. It is the British DFPh of the final player turn (German). What should the British actions be for the rest of the turn to best deny the Germans a win. Assume all IFT and Morale Check rolls are 7’s . Any German Advances will be into M4.

Graphic Clarification: The two German 4-6-8 Squads are both IN Trenches and have both Prep Fired. British Squad C is in Building hex M4.

Solution to Contest #96

Paul Washington, no relation to George other than in stunning battlefield prowess, is the winner of contest #96. So let’s dissect this one. The biggest problem facing the Panther is that it has no way to avoid presenting a side/rear facing to at least some of his enemies. As things stand now, the chance of a hit from each unit are:

R7: Final TH of 8 (turret hit needed) 1/3 chance of a hit. Final TK of 10.

R10: Final TH of 7 (turret hit needed) 10/36 chance of a hit. Final TK of 2. (So only a CH can penetrate).

W11: Final TH of 5 (turret hit needed) 5/36. Final TK of 15 (Side shot with APCR).

Not great odds of survival.

But…If you recognized the clue I left for you in the wording of the puzzle, you pulled out your Hatten map and are aware that hex S9 also contains a stone building. So this is how I would play it:

Panther fires CMG at R10. Turns turret and fires MA at W11 (4 TH, all but dud kills). It still has not fired the BMG so turns hull and turret to face R8-R9 without firing. During the AFPh, the Panther chooses the Building +3 TEM instead of the HD Wall. So even if the Panther did not manage to do any damage with it’s Defensive Fire it has dramatically improved it’s odds of survival as all 3 American units need to roll Snake eyes for a chance to kill the Panther.

The 2 Bazookas can not do more than Shock the Panther without scoring a CH (16 TK vs. a 14 armor at worst from the front armor facing).

The Sherman only hits on a 2 (TH: Base 10,+1 size, -4 Moved, -2 Orchards, -3 Stone Building).

So at best the Americans would have about a 7% chance of taking out the Panther and winning the game.

Inventory Update:

RAACO counter storage system have sold out but more should be arriving this week from Europe.

Handybox with four removeable trays with a total of 64 inserts featuring a maximum of 512 separate compartments.

Nor’Easter Pack II is en route to us and should be here momentarily.

The Steelworks should be arriving today or tomorrow. Demand was so high that we had to make a second order which should be arriving next week.

Sword and Fire: Manila has reached it’s pre-order number so it looks like this one is destined for the printer.