Post #118 – Quick 6 VI. Wacht Am Rhein Vol. 3. Interview with Sebi from Advancing Fire. Contest # 118.

Lone Canuck Publishing has two new releases for November. Both are sequels so I am offering package deals for the series.

Quick 6 VI

Six brand new short scenarios for when there isn’t quite enough time to play ‘The Last Bid’.

Quick 6 Package Deal

includes all 36 small scenarios in the series

Wacht Am Rhein Vol. 3

Eight new Battle of the Bulge scenarios

Wacht Am Rhein – Vol 1 – 3 Package Deal

24 Battle of the Bulge Scenarios

Interview With Sebi Caltabiano of Advancing Fire

In this interview I am privileged to spend 80 minutes with Sebi discussing Advancing Fire, Orsogna, the Italian Campaign and past and future products.

Orsogna Update:

Now only weeks away. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support in your pre-orders. We expect to sell out the North American supply earlier than expected as orders are much higher than we anticipated. Please order now to lock in a copy. Remember that you are under no obligation to complete the order when it becomes available at the end of November but at least you have the option to get it before it’s gone.

Extra Dice Towers ordered

Because we sold out of the Orsogna themed Dice Towers so quickly, we have ordered an additional six units.

Hazardous Movement 4

We are still expecting the Newest Hazmo product to arrive at the end of November. Thanks for your patience.

Contest #118

It is the Final British MPh and in order to win he must exit at least one AFV off the East (Right) Edge. What should he do to have the most chance of success? Note that the BB1/Bb2 hexside is not wide enough to Bypass.

Solution to Contest #117

Definitely one of the easier contests. I was hoping to stump the listeners on the Wall Advantage Bocage Rules but not a lot of luck as everyone got the right answer.

So because this is Bocage, the Tiger cannot see non- adjacent targets because it is not marked with a Wall Advantage counter as there is other positive TEM in it’s hex (Mandatory WA N/A).

So the best chance for victory for the US player is Start (1MP), change CA to X2-Y2 (2MP), Move to Y2 (3MP), this will be the Tiger’s only opportunity to stop the Sherman and win the game. It will need a 5 with a Turret Hit (11%) and then anything but a 12 for the win. If the Tiger misses, then the Sherman declares bypass of X1/Y1 (5), pivot (6), Bypass X0/Y1 (8), Exit off board for the win (9MP).