Post #103 – Hollow LEGIONS – Operation martlet – Kampfgruppe Scheer –

ASL News:

Operation Martlet:

Lone Canuck Publishing has announced Operation Martlet will be shipping the first week of December. I am hoping to have a pre-shipment so we can ship at the same time. Operation martlet deals with the furious Normandy fighting covered in GMT’s fabulous game ‘Operation Dauntless’ that I have previously written about on this site. This is a campaign game similar in scope and size as LCP’s other manageable titles like Purple Heart Draw, Hell’s Highway, Bloody Buron, etc. Speaking of Hell’s Highway, George tells me that he is working on a 2nd edition of the module which explains why it is still sold out. Hopefully we will have that in hand by spring.

What’s in the Box…

Yanks Pre-Order

MMP has announced that Yanks 2nd edition is on pre-order. This is the exact same edition and contents as the 2016 printing. Hopefully this core module will jump to the front of the long line of products that are in queue for the printer.

Hollow Legions – At the printer

Chas Argent has announced that Hollow Legions is at the printer. As usual MMP is tight lipped about release dates so we can only guestimate that we will have it in hand either Monday or by the end of the year. This is a huge package with an equally large price tag so don’t let the pre-order discount escape you. This will not only be the Italian OOB but also include all the desert goodies that were originally included in West of Alamein plus Soldiers of the Negus CG. What does this mean to you? It means that hopefully we will be delivering late 2021. This is the last chance to pre-order with 25% savings with free shipping and no obligation. As soon as MMP takes this off of pre-order status we will be sending out invoices which you can pay right away or wait until we are ready to ship but the pre-order pricing will be gone.

Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm & KG Scherer Player’s Guide back in stock in very limited quantities.

Xavier Vitry, Kaleun of Le Franc Tireur has discovered a tiny stash of Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield Of Cholm. I will be offering these as a package with the KGS Player’s Guide. They should be arriving some time this week or next from across the pond.

What’s in the Box…

Prokhorovka Pre Order

Advancing Fire Prokhorovka Update: Sebi has informed me that he is planning on getting the module shipped to me by December 10th. I will be taking it off of pre-order and sending out invoices in the last week of November. Once again, I am not ordering more than needed to fulfill the pre-orders so please order one now if you want it.

Two new players to Starter Kit. In casual conversation with a member of my beer league hockey team and talking to a neighbor at our annual block party, I have started both on the road to obsession, bankruptcy and divorce by gifting them each a copy of ASLSK1. Although not Earth shattering news in itself, it is an example of how easy it can be to find new players to introduce to the hobby with minimal effort. If you talk about ASL, they will come (Ray Kinsella, 1989). Please expect to see Garrett Holten and Bill Ryder on the ASL FB pages and at conventions in the near future.

Green Hell of Inor Countersheet Update

Le Franc Tireur is currently finishing up From the Cellar 11. This should be extremely popular with articles based around setting up a proper defense in ASL. Also included at no extra charge will be a reprint of the countersheets found in Green Hell of Inor.

Post #102 – Rising Sun & Action Pack 17 Shipping. HAZMO Pack 2. Quick Six 4. Last Call for Prokhorovka Pre-order. Inor and Rat Pocket Charts almost sold out.

Rising Sun – On Sale, In Stock and Shipping Now!

Hot off the presses, MMP’s Module covering the fighting between the Japanese, Chinese, USMC, and everything in between is back in stock. This newest edition also contains the Hell’s Corner Campaign Game.

What changes are in the 2021 version? The addition of ‘Hell’s Corner’ map and 5 scenarios.

Hell’s Corner is an ASL historical study released as an insert in Operations Special Magazine #3. It covers the battles that occured along the Matanikau River on Guadalcanal from August to October 1942.

Action Pack 17 – MMP – Shipping!

With an emphasis on Korean and Japanese scenarios, you can give your German and Russian counters a much deserved R & R.

This Action Pack is huge containing 2 Geomorphic Mapboards and 16 scenarios. All but three of the scenarios take during the Korean War so along with LFT’s From The Cellar 10, this theatre is finally getting some much needed love.

Hazardous Movement Pack 2

Hazardous Movement Scenario Pack 2: The Un-Civil Wars thematizes three very consequential civil conflicts that took place immediately before and after the Second World War: in Spain (1936-1939), Greece (1944-1949) and China (where civil war resumed in 1945 and ended in 1949). The pack consists of 10 exciting, innovative scenarios spanning these years. Civil wars, ironically, are very bitter affairs, a fact that is reflected in the combination of No Quarter, Hand-to-Hand Close Combat and Political Commissars (for the Communists) that makes for particularly violent scenarios, even by ASL standards . . .

Hazardous Movement Package Deal:

Quick 6 IV – New Release.

Also Package deal for all 4 Quick 6 packs.

George at Lone Canuck Publishing has released the fourth installment in the Q6 series. It should be in hand within the next couple of weeks so we are taking orders now. Each of the Quick 6 packs contains 6 short scenarios that can be played in 2-3 hours.

Quick 6 Package Deal

Last Call for Prokhorovka!

We are in the final moments before locking in our total one time(?) order

for Prokhorovka and Biazza Ridge campaign games. As with Brevity Assault, I expect this to be Out Of Print in a flash. Because of the extremely high cost of shipping from Europe, I am only ordering a few extra copies over the pre-ordered numbers. You can still pre-order here…

Green Hell Of Inor – Almost Gone…

Here are some updates on Green Hell of Inor:

There are less than 100 copies left for distribution and retail sales.

There is a planned reprint of the countersheets to correct some very minor imperfections in the die cut. Stay tuned for updates.

I had a chance to play three of the scenarios and every one went down to the last turn if not the last PTC. A lot of fun without too many SSR bogging you down.

Rat Pocket Charts 3.0 Almost Gone

We still have about a dozen of each of the unlaminated and the IFT laminated versions. The TH chart laminated version are already sold out.

Back In Stock:

Starter Kit 4

Contest #102

Coming Soon…

Solution to contest #101

Thanks to the excellent training and cat like reflexes of Sgt. Drake’s loader, he has earned the coveted White ROF Award.

Per C3.8, and vehicle with a white box ROF score multiple hits if doubles are rolled.

So the firefight was actually one sided and went as follows


Sherman shoots at PzIV. Base 10 TH. DRM = + 3 (+1 hinderance, +2 Case J, +1 Case I, -1 Sgt. Drake’s most excellent Leadership).

TH roll of 3,3 is multiple hits in the hull.

1st TK roll 6,4 bounces

2nd TK roll 1,2 penetrates and destroys target.

German CS roll of 6,6 kills crew.

Americans add 6VP to the total for the win.