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Action Pack #19 Pre-Order

ASL Action Pack #19 – Roads to Rangoon

ROADS TO RANGOON, the 19th “action pack” for Advanced Squad Leader, follows up ACTION PACK #9 TO THE BRIDGE! with more action in Burma between Japanese (and allied Burmese Independence Army troops) and British Commonwealth forces in March and April 1942. ROADS TO RANGOON presents several “tournament-sized” offerings featuring Japanese infantry forces, occasionally supplemented with light armor and guns, against Commonwealth infantry (including units of the Gurkha Rifles) supported by Stuart tanks of 7th Armoured Brigade the famed “Desert Rats,” fresh from the North African theater. The Chinese even make an appearance in one scenario, all of which were designed by Gary Fortenberry.
Three double-sided 11˝ × 16˝ maps, painted by Charlie Kibler, round out the package. Each board is completely geomorphic and compatible with previous ASL mapboards. 

Action Pack #19: ROADS TO RANGOON contains:

  • Three 11˝ × 16˝ double-sided geomorphic mapboards (20a/b, 21a/b, 22a/b)
  • 10 ASL scenarios featuring the new mapboards.

Precision Dice (Plain) in Stock

For the past three years there has been a drought on precision backgammon dice but I have finally found a supplier that has some in stock. I will try to carry these as long as his supplies last. They are available in 12.5mm, 14mm, and 16mm, all with rounded edges. They are significantly lower in price than found at backgammon retailers as I am passing some of my wholesale discount along to you. Colors available are white, black, blue, green, red, yellow, pink and orange. I am selling them 20% off as a promo. The pips are filled in with the exact same material as the dice for perfect weight and randomness.

Storage Solutions RK Inserts

I have always tried to improve on my systems for storing the several hundred thousand counters that I have been collecting since I was a child. Going from baggies to tackle boxes to Planos to RAACO handyboxes. With the advent of the 3D printer it has become possible to custom print ever improving designs to meet those needs. The simple dividers I designed were revolutionary and I still use them for many of my games. My latest try was about two years ago and many who saw my kit at ASLOK and Winter Offensive asked if I would be selling them. Unfortunately the answer was always ‘no’ as it was so time consuming to print just one of the 96 trays that went into one Handybox. But last month my second 3D printer kicked the bucket and Tim convinced me to try a new model that was twice as expensive but promised printing that was twice as good and twice as fast. So now I am able to offer the same kit I use as it will no longer take me two months to produce one set. With this system, I am able to fit my entire set of WW2 ASL core module counters in one Handybox. The trays are color coded by nationality with the informational counters using white. Each AFV and Gun type has it’s own slot so no more looking through 72 PzIV’s to find the ‘J’. Because one kit can take about two weeks to make, there may be some delay in getting out your order but I promise barring breakdowns in the machine or in my nerves, it will be running day and night. Each insert holds between 160 (5/8″) and 280 (1/2″) counters in 20 or 35 compartments 8 counters high. There are 24 inserts per tray and 4 tray per Handybox for a possible total storage of up to 26,880 counters although for your ASL kit it would be closer to 18,000 counters because of the mix of sizes and partially filled slots. I will make the kit available with or without the Handybox in case you already own one and just need the inserts. Please click on the photo for the link to the order page where the specs can be found.

ASL Scouting Report – By ASL Academy

The Bitter Ender 2024, Raleigh NC. April 18-21.

This year the venue was changed to a slightly nicer but much more cramped Hotel. The room started to overflow into the hallway butin the end everyone had enough space to have a great time. Gary Fortenberry prevailed against Al Saltzman in the final of the main. As my son and his friend were in attendance, I only got in four games as I was really focusing on helping them out with the rules. It was great to see old friends and the reunion of Ray and Chuck as TD’s again.

Fort (left) and Big Al (Right) in seperate photos taken the day day before the finals,

Aiden Smith tries to hold the line against Ulrich Ritter’s less than cautious advance. The boys, both students at ECU, chose to spend the weekend playing ASL over drinking with their girlfriends and buddies. a testament to the effect of exposing our youth to this wonderful hobby. Doug Sheppard (left) and Gary Bartlett (right) in the background.

Puzzle #123

It is the final player turn (German) and in order to win, the German must have more unbroken Infantry in building X5 than the Russians. What should the German player do starting with the PFPh to have the best chance at a win.

Solution to Puzzle #122

The poor panther is outnumbered, outgunned and out-armored. What ever is she to do. Well let’s remember that this is Night and although NVR is 5 hexes, a vehicle blaze will create an illuminated circle with a 2 hex radius. Solution… Although the HS with the PSK has a very tempting side-shot on a IS-2m, it has just over a 50% chance of creating a Burning Wreck (26-11=15 Final TK, 7 to Burn). It can however fire on the wrecked ht in it’s own hex (with a better TH# (11-1(Size)-1(Night LV)=9) than against the Tank (9-1(Night LV)=8), and barring a Dud will create a Burning Wreck, Illuminating all three Russian tanks. This will blind them to non-illuminated hexes making it impossible to shoot at the Panther.