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ROADS TO RANGOON, the 19th “action pack” for Advanced Squad Leader, follows up ACTION PACK #9 TO THE BRIDGE! with more action in Burma between Japanese (and allied Burmese Independence Army troops) and British Commonwealth forces in March and April 1942. ROADS TO RANGOON presents several “tournament-sized” offerings featuring Japanese infantry forces, occasionally supplemented with light armor and guns, against Commonwealth infantry (including units of the Gurkha Rifles) supported by Stuart tanks of 7th Armoured Brigade the famed “Desert Rats,” fresh from the North African theater. The Chinese even make an appearance in one scenario, all of which were designed by Gary Fortenberry.
Three double-sided 11˝ × 16˝ maps, painted by Charlie Kibler, round out the package. Each board is completely geomorphic and compatible with previous ASL mapboards.

Action Pack #19: ROADS TO RANGOON contains:

  • Three 11˝ × 16˝ double-sided geomorphic mapboards (20a/b, 21a/b, 22a/b)
  • 10 ASL scenarios featuring the new mapboards.

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