3D ASL Dinant Map and much more

Dinant 1940:

Dinant 3D

Well after 30+ hours, the 3D Dinant map for the upcoming ASL Campaign Game covering Rommel’s famous crossing of the Meuse is complete.  I will be delivering it to Dan Dolan at Winter Offensive  on the 21st of January.  If you are attending the convention, be sure to check it out or check with Dan to see if he’ll let you take it for a test drive.

Speaking of 3D maps, I am making another Kakazu Ridge 3d map also for Dan and have been filming the complete process with my Go-Pro.  I will be posting the how-to video on Youtube and on this site for those that are interested.


Yanks 2:


I spoke with Luanne this morning and she told me that Yanks will NOT be ready for W.O.  Also remember that YANKS  can be ordered for the MMP pre-order price right here on our website with free shipping so you can save $10-$15.


Ammo Crate/Map Case:


My last Ammo Crate to hold ASL maps has been sold to Eric Ortega of the South-West Outpost.  He liked the idea of an Afrika Korps design so I am doing my best to reproduce the style in the above photo.  The interior is soft craft foam to protect the boards and it holds all of the Geo boards plus the Fort style boards, plus the Historical mapsheets with ease. The photo seen above is not of the map case but of the style I used.  Here is a photo of the finished product:



Poland In Flames with free Battle Dice:

Battledice Polish

Although all three copies of the Pre-Order special that comes with free Polish Battle Dice are sold, Chris is sending me more dice so I will extend the offer for up to another 2 copies of PIF if ordered before the end of this week.


The 2 Halfsquads:


Ritterkrieg is now the official sponsor of  The 2 Half Squads ASL podcast.  If you are not familiar with Jeff and Dave, please check them out.  They have almost 200 episodes that span hundreds of hours of ASL talk, comedy, rules, AAR’s, reviews, special guests from the world of ASL, etc.  They make the long drives to conventions fly by painlessly.


Almost Sold Out:

Here is a list of items that we are down to our last copy…

BFP: Crucible of Steel and Operation Cobra.

MMP: ASL Map Bundle (SK Style), Annual ’92, Annual ’93 , Action Pack 5,  and Action Pack 6.

Battle Dice: US Airborne Battledice US Airborne Precision Dice & Axis & Allies Axis and Allies

Lone Canuck Publishing: Bloody Buron & .






3 thoughts on “3D ASL Dinant Map and much more”

  1. Always liked 3D maps. Jeff DeYoung usually brings a bunch of them (for individual scenarios, as well as CGs) to ASLOk.

    Lone Canuck’s Crossing the Moro would look awesome in 3D. Keep up the great work!

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