#49 What’s in the Box: Yanks. VASL’ing with Stew. Friendly Fire on Sale!

Off to ASLOK XXXI – Myself, Tim Brieaddy, Elly May & Granny have loaded the Opel Blitz and are heading to Cleveland.  I will try to take lots of photos for you in the coming week.

The Beverly HIllbillies in their car








Shipping delay 1st week of October:                                                                The entire staff of Ritterkrieg (that’s me) will be attending ASLOK from the September30th – October 8th.  We will be unable to ship until we get back.  Please excuse this inconvenience.


Tactics 101:


Not sure which board edge your opponent will chose to enter on?  Why not set up facing one likely entry area while bore sighting a  hex in a separate covered arc?  The Panther is covering road hex on the southern tip of the hill but can swing the turret to cover the road on the north side of the hill and apply the Case M Bore sighting DRM for a -2 to the shot.  There is no restriction in the ASLRB (C6.4)  which states that the BS hex must be in the CA during set-up.  This weeks sleaze is brought to you by Tim Brieaddy of Red Headed T-shirts.  




Recently I discovered VASL’ing with Stew.  I am including the links to his great detailed videos of some classic scenarios.  I think they are a wonderful learning tool for new players looking to get a grasp on both game concepts and tactics.  I will have links to all of his videos on the site but will headline one video per post.  So here is episode 1 which recaps ‘Fighting Withdrawal’ from Beyond Valor.


Here is an interesting video clip showing what’s in the box for the new edition of Yanks.



I am a little embarrassed but apparently we have always accepted credit cards.  There is an option on the Paypal screen to pay by CC.

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