#57 – Le Franc Tireur #12. – Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1

We just received 6 copies of Le Franc Tireur #12 focusing on the PTO.  Xavier tells me that these are all but sold out so this may your last chance to get a copy before they are gone forever.


Write up on LFT 12 from Desperation Morale


Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 is in Stock and ready to ship.  This long OOP item has finally made it back into circulation.

Write up on SK Expansion #1 from Desperation Morale



The wonderful people in our community of ASL’ers:

I would like to make a shout out to Craig Houliston.   I ran out of stock on Journal 12 and he has waited patiently for over a week for me to ship him his order.  I created a $10 coupon as an apology and this was his response:

No worries, Derek, really. I wasn’t upset. I was just wondering what was up. I figured you might have sold out or something. Thanks for being gracious with the coupon code, though it really isn’t necessary. In fact, would you please do this instead? How about we call it “good” with the shipping update and you pay the $10 forward down the road to someone else that needs a helping hand, or is maybe just a little short.

Your heart will let you know when the time is right.




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