#89 – Rat Charts v3. SK Expansion Pack 2. ASL Contest. Paradrop Video. The 2 Half Squads Interview

Rat Pocket Charts v3

The 4th rendition (v1, v2, v2+, v3) of Le Franc Tireur’s Rat Pocket Charts are must have ASL accessory and is at the printer and days away from landing at our doorstep. The new charts have tons of additional information, updated charts, and 16 new pages. They are available in three different formats with no laminated pages, IFT/IIFT laminated, and IFT/IIFT/To Hit/To Kill laminated. This version has incorporated Forgotten War and LFT14 Italian info into the contents. We should be shipping to you in June.

Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2

In a break from tradition, this is the first ASLSK product to be released that has dependencies on previous SK releases. It comes with 2 boards, a full counter sheet and 8 scenarios. Expected release date has not been announced yet.

Contest #89

Okay, so maybe it’s not our 89th contest. Let me count… One. This is our first contest. I am naming it #89 so we know which post it first appeared in. To enter, send an email to dritter519@gmail.com with the title Contest #89 and the correct (or most correct) answer based on rules and probabilities. One correct entry will be chosen randomly for a most excellent prize. This was taken from a game I recently played and lost as the German player.

Situation: The Germans must have 4VP worth of infantry in buildings (M7, K7, K10) at Game End. It is the German Turn 6 PFPh. How should the German player proceed to ensure the greatest chance of success? The units in M7 are in melee (the cat must have knocked the counter off).

Paradrops – Video

Here is a little video to continue the series. Like always, if I screwed up a rule or two, sent me a note.

The 2 Half-Squads interview with…me

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Dave and Jeff for their wonderfully entertaining ASL podcast. We talked about everything and anything hobby related for about an hour. I had such a great time and hope to do it again sometime in the future.


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