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Post #106 – Wacht Am Rhein Vol.2. – MMP’s Pocket Combo. Fight for Seoul Restock. Iron Crosses 2022 recap. Free Shipping Update

Free Shipping Update

Yes, we are still offering Free Shipping in the United States but there are some changes. The post office has dramatically increased their fees over the last 2 years and we have been absorbing the difference but the small orders (one die, or a $12 scenario pack) are no longer sustainable (we are losing around $4 per order even before paying Hailey). As a solution, we are keeping the free shipping on orders over $29.95. For orders under that amount, we are charging a nominal fee of $4 shipping so we can break even. This $4 fee will not apply to most orders as ASL gear is seldom under $30 so make sure you click the FREE SHIPPING at checkout. Also note that I have added in other shipping options like Priority Mail in case you want the order expedited with insurance. I really appreciate your understanding as I try to find ways to bring you the stuff you love at the lowest possible cost. Derek.

LCP Wacht Am Rhein Volume 2

Lone Canuck Publishing has released volume 2 of their much acclaimed Wacht Am Rhein scenario pack. We should be shipping out within the week as our order is already in with George. Please consider picking up volume 1 at the same time and cash in on the discounted price.

Volume 1 and 2 at a discounted price.
ASL Pocket Bundle

MMP – Pocket combo released.

Pocket Combo: The Pocket Combo includes three items: The Updated Pocket Rulebook, The brand new Pocket Chapter H, and MMP’s first attempt at Pocket Charts. We are selling these three items together for $101, shipping included (a $9 savings).

ASL Pocket Rulebook v2

Pocket Rulebook v2: The PRB always contained Chapters A-G but the newest version of the pocket rulebook has three obvious improvements. First, it includes Chapter K, the ASL tutorial boot camp. Next it has Chapter W with all the Forgotten War, Korea rules. Finally it is printed on much thicker paper. Of course it also includes all errata and updates regarding the new Hollow Legions. The price is great compared to the more expensive binder which doesn’t come with Chapters E (Yanks), F (Hollow Legions), G (Rising Sun), K (Paratrooper), or W (FW,K). Full retail is $50.

ASL Pocket Chapter H

Chapte H: I first saw the prototype of the new Chapter H at ASLOK in 2021 and wondered where have you been my whole life. I will be honest and say that since the Pocket Rulebook was released, I haven’t touched my Rules binder a single time. Between the PRB and the LFT Rat Charts, there is no reason to. Now MMP has done the same for Chapter H. All vehicle and ordinance notes in one compact bound travel book. It has the updates for all nationalities including the new Italian stuff release in HL. Full retail is $40.

Pocket Charts: I was very anxious to see what MMP’s first attempt at pocket charts would be. I was surprised to see that some of the lessons learned from the Rat Charts were not used on this product. LFT made 4 separate version of charts (1, 2, 2+, 3), improving and innovating each time so it may take a minute for MMP’s charts to learn these lessons. I have made a comparison of LFT Rat Pocket Charts with the MMP Pocket Charts. Keep in mind that these are my opinions based on what is important to me. Full retail including shipping $23

MMP’s Pocket Charts to LFT’s Rat Pocket Charts v3.

The good: The chapter F and G charts have slightly more material than the Rat Charts. The Pocket Charts are also about half the price of the RPC. The ASOP is included, and the font is bigger for our old eyes.

The not so Good: The paper is very thin and I am worried that it will wear out quickly. There are no tabs so you are constantly flipping through all the pages trying to find the right chart (this compounds the thin paper problem). There is a redundancy of charts where the IFT/IIFT and the TH/TK charts are included twice. The front page is a title page with no charts. Seems like they could have put a full size IFT on the front cover especially considering that the front and back are the only pages made with cardstock. I am not fond of the large footprint of the charts but this may be the price to pay for the larger font.

Conclusion: The MMP pocket charts would be a great starting point in the ASL world but it seems to have missed the opportunity to avoid the teething problems that LFT already corrected. Other than the substantial difference in price and the inclusion of the ASOP, I don’t think the Pocket Charts will replace my Rat Charts until an improved 2nd edition appears on the scene. Still a good, useful, and inexpensive addition to pair with the PRB.

Links to both products:

MMP Pocket Charts

Rat Pocket Charts v.3

Fight For SeoulLFT

After being out of stock for the better part of a year, Le Franc Tireur’s highly acclaimed Fight For Seoul is finally back in stock, albeit in very limited quantities. This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to not only play my first game ever using the Communist Chinese but the privilege of playing against Andy Hershey, the prolific designer of both the Seoul module and one of the original designers of Forgotten War, Korea. It was an incredible experience as Andy walked me through the many nuances of the Chicoms. They stripe like the Japanese, use something similar to platoon movement for Infantry movement, possess true grenadiers (rifleless grenade throwers), along with a host of other unique features. Now I can’t wait to get Seoul on the table.

The Fight for Seoul - Le Franc Tireur

Where the Iron Crosses Grow Team Tournament 2022

After a two year pause (Covid 19) ,Tim Brieaddy and I are back with the resumption of the greatest team tournament in the history of Kernersville, NC. I starterd out by making a huge mistake and setting the date as March 31st-April 3rd without realizing that this falls on the same weekend as the High Point furniture market. This little error meant that hotel rooms, if you could find one, were hovering around $250/night. So Tim, Ray, and myself decided to put up everyone that needed a place to stay at our houses.

This year we had 21 on the roster but thanks to some faulty intel provided by me, Ken Smith (ASL Artist), Ken Knott (Fearless Italian Squad Leader on the box art of new Hollow Legions) and Danny Stanhagen were unable to attend. This left us with 18 players on 6 teams. As alway, I was only a spoiler for anyone who wasn’t matched up with an opponent.

Dog tags: I have gotten a few queries about the dog tags. When you lose a game you must forfeit a dog tag as a momento to your opponent as a keepsake.

After picking up Sam Tyson (BFP fame and fortune) at the airport and stopping for a Burger and a Beer at Hops, we headed to my house to settle in and play a warm up match. James lancaster and Ray Wolloszyn showed up a few minutes later and began their own carnage. Tim came by after work to check out the scene. By Thursday we included to the ranks Keith Spurlock, Mika Harviala, Tom Kearney, Bill Ryder, and Tim Deane. Friday and Saturday saw the arrival of Andy Hershey (Designer), Dave Johannsen, Jeff Jordan, Dave Stephens, Chas Smith (BFP), Jon Plot and Will Allred. Missing was Xavier Vitry (LFT) who’s flight got cancelled. My apologies for those who I did not get a photo of.

No description available.
Amy Jo’s cups and Tim’s Dog Tags

Each team had a compliment of 3 players sub divided into expert, intermediate, and novice. Each team member plays round robin against like ranked players from other teams, propelling their team into death or glory. Events included playtesting for the new BFP module, Pizza, Brugers, Sam’s famous breakfast tacos, Dave’ incredible Brunswick Stew, a full keg of beer and some tennessee Bourbon (thanks to Keith). In total 40 + game were played with the following results.

1st place overall – Mika Harviala (5-1)

1st Place Team – Texas – Sam, Tim B., Will (+5)

Most tank Kills – Tim Brieaddy

Sniper Ace – Mika Harviala

Captain Stransky Award – Ray Woloszyn

Sponsors and supporters:

No description available.
Mika brings home the gold

Key’s Games and Hobbies – a huge thank you to Alex Key for a ridiculous amount of loot including gift certificates, and US armed Forces patches with unit histories as giveaway. I am grateful to Alex for his generosity.

No description available.
110 Pints of golden Lager on tap.

Ritterkrieg and Le Franc Tireur – scenario packs and Battledice for the raffle – Plaques and dog tags

AmyJo – Where the Iron Crosses Grow personalized cups that she made with her with her Cricket

No description available.
Best damn tacos both sides of the Rio Grande

Sam Tyson – Breakfast Tacos

Ray Woloszyn – Lodging for overflow of guests

No description available.
Left to Right – Chas Smith, Robert Duvall, Ray Woloszyn, Sam Tyson, Will Allred, Tim Deane

No description available.
Two US Marines fight it out on the beaches of Tarawa.
I expected there would be a fist fight when it came to choosing sides.
No description available.
Ray Wolloszyn and Will Allred in a candy store deciding
where to deposit their raffle tickets.
No description available.
Dave Johannsen and Keith Spurlock getting ready to go for a swim
No description available.
Keith Spurlock in the relative tranquility of the upstairs den.
No description available.
Ray Woloszyn resorting to using the Force to change the bad luck of his dice
No description available.
Dave and Tim Deane

No description available.
Sam and Ray just before Ray ignites Sam’s truck bomb with snake eyes and blows himself to smithereens
No description available.
Final score board
No description available.
Left to right – Jon Plott, Tim Brieaddy, Derek Ritter, Chas Smith’s ADIDAS, Jeff Jordan. Playing Space Base as the weekend unwinds.
No description available.
One of my besties Jeff Jordan setting up for a win against my Italians
No description available.
Tim Brieaddy (left) ponders how to steal the title from 2019 champ Tom Kearney (right).
No description available.
Jon Plott and Bill Ryder, The Starter Kit Connection. Both took a dip in the full ASL pool this weekend.

No description available.
James Lancaster going down to Tim B’s Russians
No description available.
Mr. Nameless having of swig of Rickman’s best.
No description available.
Sam, Dave, Derek, and someone else 😉 playing U-Boot. I’m not going to point fingers but the Captain was a madman, haha.
No description available.
Sam and I playing Space Base at the local watering hole

Shipping Update 2-17-2022

I wanted to send out an update on the status of our inventory and your orders.

First I’d like to say thank you for your patience. Never before have I seen such a perfect storm of new product mixed with the Gods of the supply chain sabotaging our every effort ay efficiency and speed.

We had no fewer than 9 new ASL products (Prokhorovka, Operation Martlet, Operation Neptune, Hollow Legions, From the Cellar 11, MMP Pocket Charts, Pocket Rulebook, Pocket Chapter H, and Winter Offensive 13) hit the market within days of each other. To add to the confusion, Paypal just outsourced their shipping service to ShipStation which does not allow orders over 30 days to be printed so over 200 orders had to be entered manually. Uline is backordered on shipping boxes, the Prokhorovka replacement empty boxes (to replace the crushed units of the first shipment) were held at the UPS hub in Cologne for 27 days, Christina left (thank God Hailey came back), and we went 5 weeks at Ritterkrieg without full staff due to injury or sickness.

The great news is that the last 60 orders should be out the door by the weekend.

Here is a the status of our new items:

Prokhorovka! – Back in Stock as of yesterday

FTC11 – In Stock

Operation Martlet – In Stock

Operation Neptune – In Stock

Hollow Legions – In Stock

Winter Offensive 13 – In Stock

Pocket Rulebook – In Stock

Pocket Chapter H – arriving any moment

Pocket Charts – Arriving any moment

Post #105 – Pocket Rulebook, Pocket Chapter H, Pocket Charts. Winter Offensive 13. From the Cellar 11 WITB. Shipping updates.

So much news and products coming in at unprecedented levels.

MMP has just released the version 2 Pocket Rulebook. At the same time and in the same format, they have also released for the first time a Pocket Chapter H and their very own Pocket Charts. Also, fresh from the printers is Winter Offensive 13 (2022) scenario and Geo board pack. Hollow Legions is finally shipping to retailers so we should have those out to you starting this week. The Version 2 Electronic Rulebook is ready for download too.

Le Franc Tireur’s From the Cellar 11 is shipping and Prokhorovka! is waiting on a few replacement boxes to complete those orders.

Pocket Rulebook V2

Printed on thicker paper, The Pocket Edition contains core Chapters A-G, J, K, & W and the full Index. All errata is now incorporated, including the new Chapter A pages and revised Chapter F from Hollow Legions. The Pocket Edition also sports a handy IFT chart on the back cover. 

Pocket Chapter H

 Pocket Chapter H that for the first time collects all the ASL vehicles and ordnance for all the nationalities in one place. Following in the footsteps of the innovative Pocket Edition Rulebook, Pocket Chapter H has all the Chapter H pages from all the modules: German, Russian, American, British, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Allied Minor, Axis Minor, Finnish, and all the participants in the Korean War, as well as the Design Your Own rules. 

Pocket Charts

Pocket Charts booklet that collects all the ASL charts in a reduced-size, spiral-bound format.

Winter Offensive 13 (2022)

ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #13 (2022) features four new scenario designs by Pete Shelling and three new Deluxe boards (m/n/o)

From the Cellar 11 –

What’s in the Box

Hollow Legions Shipping to Retailers:

After about a 3 month wait, Vicky at MMP has finally confirmed that they are shipping to the retailers. We are pre-packaging the boxes with shipping labels in anticipation of the order coming in so there will be no delays on our end. Thank you for your unending patience.

Prokhorovka! update

The last shipments of Prokhorovka should be ready to ship next week. There was a 2 week delay in Cologne with the last shipment. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

John Dober Memorial Fund

No photo description available.

As most of you know, our friend John Dober left us last month. Left behind is his lovely wife Christina who is still trying to navigate the turbulent financial waters that come with the unexpected loss of a spouse. Please consider a donation through the link below, set up by their loved ones (do not send me any money).

Post #104 – Prokhorovka – From the Cellar 11 – Hollow Legions –

So much great news to talk about but I have to start with some devastating news to the ASL community. After a stiff fight with medical issues for the past year, John Dober III passed quietly surrounded by friends and family on January 8th. More on John below.

Prokhorovka! has arrived and is all and so much more than I expected.

From the Cellar 11 should be here within a few weeks so we are taking orders now. Included for free will be one replacement countersheet for ‘The Green Hell of Inor’ .

Hollow Legions is still being shipped by MMP to pre-orders. We still don’t have an exact date when they will ship to us retailers but I can’t imagine it will be much longer.

Le Franc Tireur From the Cellar 11 is finishing up at the printer as I write this. Included are 10 scenarios and articles on how to defend in ASL. Also included at no charge is the replacement countersheet for The Green Hell of Inor. These are small meat and potatoes ETO scenarios that test your defensive prowess.

John Dober III

John and Christina Dober

John’s Obituary Link

On January 8th, John Dober III left this world surrounded by friends and family.

John and I met at ASLOK many years ago and became instant old friends. We would sometimes seclude ourselves in Cleveland playing as many as eight scenarios in 72 hours. I will miss you my friend.

John, you will be missed by all who knew you. If there is an afterlife, I don’t doubt that you are sitting at a table with Darryl Wright drinking, laughing, and cursing the 11’s you roll (I hear there are no Boxcars in heaven).

John and and his lovely wife Christina graciously opened their home every year for the Hallowed Ground ASL Tournament. With a lot of help from friends like Ed Akehurst, Christina plans to continue the tradition in John’s honor.

From The Cellar 11


Arrived safely and shipping

We received our order of Prokhorovka! and have finished shipping pre-orders. We have a few extra copies due to some duplicate orders so if you would like a copy, this is the time.

Prokhorovka! Review:

Let me start by saying that one week later I am still absorbing the magnitude of this product. The component quality has been completely upgraded since the release of Brevity Assault with thicker maps and pages and countersheet die cutting in line with MMP.

8 Mapsheets:

The 8 (Yes 8!!!) map sheets are standard full thickness of MMP/LFT/LCP. 5 of them link together for one giant map for the July 12th inferno when the 5th Guards Army was released.

4 Countersheets:

some counters. Note the female Sniper!

The countersheets are die cut to the standards of MMP with original full color artwork.

14 Scenarios:

The paper is semi-gloss and full weight. The scenarios are mostly very large (Up to 20 turns with as many as 189 AFV facing off against each other in one of the largest tank battles represented in ASL. Of note are 2 Starter Kit scenarios, 2 Night scenarios, and 1 CG.

32 Pages of Rules:

Well written on regular weight glossy paper.

Operation Neptune Shipping!

Shipping starts this week.

Hollow Legions Update:

Our order is in and the good folks at MMP still believe it will be a few weeks before the retailers will be getting our orders filled.

Let’s welcome the British and Italians to the Stack Guard family

just in time for your desert escapades with the new HL module

ASL in an Hour – First Cristot with Tim Brieaddy

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more action packed – edge of your seat – non-stop adrenaline filled videos.

Post #103 – Hollow LEGIONS – Operation martlet – Kampfgruppe Scheer –

ASL News:

Operation Martlet:

Lone Canuck Publishing has announced Operation Martlet will be shipping the first week of December. I am hoping to have a pre-shipment so we can ship at the same time. Operation martlet deals with the furious Normandy fighting covered in GMT’s fabulous game ‘Operation Dauntless’ that I have previously written about on this site. This is a campaign game similar in scope and size as LCP’s other manageable titles like Purple Heart Draw, Hell’s Highway, Bloody Buron, etc. Speaking of Hell’s Highway, George tells me that he is working on a 2nd edition of the module which explains why it is still sold out. Hopefully we will have that in hand by spring.

What’s in the Box…

Yanks Pre-Order

MMP has announced that Yanks 2nd edition is on pre-order. This is the exact same edition and contents as the 2016 printing. Hopefully this core module will jump to the front of the long line of products that are in queue for the printer.

Hollow Legions – At the printer

Chas Argent has announced that Hollow Legions is at the printer. As usual MMP is tight lipped about release dates so we can only guestimate that we will have it in hand either Monday or by the end of the year. This is a huge package with an equally large price tag so don’t let the pre-order discount escape you. This will not only be the Italian OOB but also include all the desert goodies that were originally included in West of Alamein plus Soldiers of the Negus CG. What does this mean to you? It means that hopefully we will be delivering late 2021. This is the last chance to pre-order with 25% savings with free shipping and no obligation. As soon as MMP takes this off of pre-order status we will be sending out invoices which you can pay right away or wait until we are ready to ship but the pre-order pricing will be gone.

Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm & KG Scherer Player’s Guide back in stock in very limited quantities.

Xavier Vitry, Kaleun of Le Franc Tireur has discovered a tiny stash of Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield Of Cholm. I will be offering these as a package with the KGS Player’s Guide. They should be arriving some time this week or next from across the pond.

What’s in the Box…

Prokhorovka Pre Order

Advancing Fire Prokhorovka Update: Sebi has informed me that he is planning on getting the module shipped to me by December 10th. I will be taking it off of pre-order and sending out invoices in the last week of November. Once again, I am not ordering more than needed to fulfill the pre-orders so please order one now if you want it.

Two new players to Starter Kit. In casual conversation with a member of my beer league hockey team and talking to a neighbor at our annual block party, I have started both on the road to obsession, bankruptcy and divorce by gifting them each a copy of ASLSK1. Although not Earth shattering news in itself, it is an example of how easy it can be to find new players to introduce to the hobby with minimal effort. If you talk about ASL, they will come (Ray Kinsella, 1989). Please expect to see Garrett Holten and Bill Ryder on the ASL FB pages and at conventions in the near future.

Green Hell of Inor Countersheet Update

Le Franc Tireur is currently finishing up From the Cellar 11. This should be extremely popular with articles based around setting up a proper defense in ASL. Also included at no extra charge will be a reprint of the countersheets found in Green Hell of Inor.

Post #102 – Rising Sun & Action Pack 17 Shipping. HAZMO Pack 2. Quick Six 4. Last Call for Prokhorovka Pre-order. Inor and Rat Pocket Charts almost sold out.

Rising Sun – On Sale, In Stock and Shipping Now!

Hot off the presses, MMP’s Module covering the fighting between the Japanese, Chinese, USMC, and everything in between is back in stock. This newest edition also contains the Hell’s Corner Campaign Game.

What changes are in the 2021 version? The addition of ‘Hell’s Corner’ map and 5 scenarios.

Hell’s Corner is an ASL historical study released as an insert in Operations Special Magazine #3. It covers the battles that occured along the Matanikau River on Guadalcanal from August to October 1942.

Action Pack 17 – MMP – Shipping!

With an emphasis on Korean and Japanese scenarios, you can give your German and Russian counters a much deserved R & R.

This Action Pack is huge containing 2 Geomorphic Mapboards and 16 scenarios. All but three of the scenarios take during the Korean War so along with LFT’s From The Cellar 10, this theatre is finally getting some much needed love.

Hazardous Movement Pack 2

Hazardous Movement Scenario Pack 2: The Un-Civil Wars thematizes three very consequential civil conflicts that took place immediately before and after the Second World War: in Spain (1936-1939), Greece (1944-1949) and China (where civil war resumed in 1945 and ended in 1949). The pack consists of 10 exciting, innovative scenarios spanning these years. Civil wars, ironically, are very bitter affairs, a fact that is reflected in the combination of No Quarter, Hand-to-Hand Close Combat and Political Commissars (for the Communists) that makes for particularly violent scenarios, even by ASL standards . . .

Hazardous Movement Package Deal:

Quick 6 IV – New Release.

Also Package deal for all 4 Quick 6 packs.

George at Lone Canuck Publishing has released the fourth installment in the Q6 series. It should be in hand within the next couple of weeks so we are taking orders now. Each of the Quick 6 packs contains 6 short scenarios that can be played in 2-3 hours.

Quick 6 Package Deal

Last Call for Prokhorovka!

We are in the final moments before locking in our total one time(?) order

for Prokhorovka and Biazza Ridge campaign games. As with Brevity Assault, I expect this to be Out Of Print in a flash. Because of the extremely high cost of shipping from Europe, I am only ordering a few extra copies over the pre-ordered numbers. You can still pre-order here…

Green Hell Of Inor – Almost Gone…

Here are some updates on Green Hell of Inor:

There are less than 100 copies left for distribution and retail sales.

There is a planned reprint of the countersheets to correct some very minor imperfections in the die cut. Stay tuned for updates.

I had a chance to play three of the scenarios and every one went down to the last turn if not the last PTC. A lot of fun without too many SSR bogging you down.

Rat Pocket Charts 3.0 Almost Gone

We still have about a dozen of each of the unlaminated and the IFT laminated versions. The TH chart laminated version are already sold out.

Back In Stock:

Starter Kit 4

Contest #102

Coming Soon…

Solution to contest #101

Thanks to the excellent training and cat like reflexes of Sgt. Drake’s loader, he has earned the coveted White ROF Award.

Per C3.8, and vehicle with a white box ROF score multiple hits if doubles are rolled.

So the firefight was actually one sided and went as follows


Sherman shoots at PzIV. Base 10 TH. DRM = + 3 (+1 hinderance, +2 Case J, +1 Case I, -1 Sgt. Drake’s most excellent Leadership).

TH roll of 3,3 is multiple hits in the hull.

1st TK roll 6,4 bounces

2nd TK roll 1,2 penetrates and destroys target.

German CS roll of 6,6 kills crew.

Americans add 6VP to the total for the win.

Post 101 – The Green Hell of Inor is shipping. What’s in the Box Videos for Inor and Starter kit Expansion pack 2. Contest #101.

Green Hell of Inor – What’s In The Box Video

ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2

What’s in the Box

Contest #101 – Drake’s Fury!

France July, 1944. US DFPh of the last player (German) turn of the Game. The PzIV has just moved to F7 during the MPh. The VC are: In order to win a player must have accumulated >4 more CVP than their opponent at Game End. Any other result is a Draw. The US player so far has 39 VP and the German has 38 CVP. Both players plan to fire at each other using AP ammo in the DFPh/AFPh (if still able to).

The DR log for the rest of the game are (note that I may have added in some extra DR’s. Use only what is necessary):

3,3. 6,4. 1,2. 6,6. 2,3. 1,4. 5,3.

Did Sgt. Drake carry the day or die in his Sherman? Or maybe both sides retired from the battlefield licking their wounds.

Please send your solution to

Solution to contest #100

Congratulations to Mark Drake as the winner of contest 100. So let’s unpack this one. The US player must control 2 buildings that are unreachable but both are too far to reach without the help of leaders, of which he only has one. So his only chance for victory is to create a new leader in the Rally Phase. In order to Voluntarily Break there needs to be a Known Enemy Unit in LOS so DO NOT blow up the StuG! In this rare case the StuG is your friend. The Bazookas were added into the equation to throw you off track.

GT6 – DFPh – Do Nothing

GT6 – RtPh – Voluntarily Break 2 HS and rout both without the Leader to P14 or R14

UST6 – RPh – Attempt to Self Rally both (HIF CG12) Broken HS hoping for a 2. If a 2 is rolled on either Self Rally attempt, a leader is created per A18.1. If a Leader is not created, it is no longer possible to win so now in a final attempt to salvage your shattered ego you can take a parting shot at his StuG with the 9-1, non-Broken HS and Bazooka.

UST6 – MPh – Using Bypass, CX & Move new Leader with the Rallied HS Adjacent to one of the VC buildings and CX and Move the 9-1 Leader and HS Adjacent to the other Victory Building.

UST6 – APh – Advance into both Building for the Win and go to Gamesquad to find a new opponent because the German player will never play against you again.

Hatten In Flames Rubble Printable Sheet:

One of the features of Hatten In Flames Campaign Game is the Rubble generation between scenarios. If you care to de-clutter the map, here are some overlays that should fit nicely.

Make sure you click ‘Actual Size’ and not ‘Adjust image to Paper’ when printing and the size of the Rubble should be exactly 1.1″ high.

Post #100 – LFT’s Green Hell Of Inor. Advancing Fire’s Prokhorovka. Stack Guard Second Edition.

This is our 100th post and I wanted to make it special.. Xavier at LFT has ensured this with the announcement of ‘The Green Hell of Inor’ at the printer as you read this. If that wasn’t enough, Advancing Fire has put up ‘Prokhorovka” on pre-order, their 3rd campaign game and scenario pack. We also have a second generation of Stack Guards now available. A new contest as well as the solution to contest 99. With great sadness I learned of the passing of two great friends of the hobby.

A Note About Pre-Ordering through Ritterkrieg:

We do not charge any money up front nor do you enter any payment information at the time your pre-order is taken. When we estimate that the product is a couple of weeks from being shipped to you we send out invoices. At that time if you still want the product you can pay the invoice -or- you can delay paying the invoice for up to three months thus locking in the great discounted price until you are ready to pay -or- you can ignore the invoice altogether and consider the pre-order cancelled. Most of our customers prefer this method as there are no commitments and no surprise credit card charges for items that you may have forgotten you ordered. In addition, the free shipping to the already low prices can save you even more. Unfortunately, with the huge cost of shipping LFT and Advancing Fire products from Europe, we are unable to offer the same discounts as we do with MMP products.

The Green Hell of Inor – Pre-Order:

This is the fourth campaign game pack from Xavier ‘et ses amis’ at Le Franc Tireur. Kampfgruppe Scheer: The Shield of Cholm took us to the frozen-then thawed steppes of Russia. Operation Chariot had us destroying the deep water port of St. Nazaire. Fight for Seoul gave us the chance to live and die in the Forgotten War. Now we are fighting for our live is the fields of France in 1940.

2 x A1 maps printed on matt paper, just like FFS or Toktong pass.

2 x countersheets

32 page Rulebook

72 page historical booklet

16 scenarios (14 on the historical map, 2 on geo maps)

3 Campaign Games

Player aids, CG Rosters, RGs and such.

Sneak peak at some of the contents of this huge package

When Advancing Fire released Brevity Assault and Biazza Ridge I was trying to find a way to carry their products on Ritterkrieg. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the numbers work at that time. The solution became to take pre-orders and order only this amount of product. So if any of the titles interest you please pre-order and I will get you a copy so you can save on the exorbitant shipping costs that you would normally incur on something coming in from Italy.

Advancing Fire’s Prokhorovka Pre-order:

  • one box
  • 13 action packed scenarios (2 compatible with SK rules), including 1 campaign games (CG) covering counterattack battle southwest of Prokhorovka
  • Four full counter sheets with 384 full color die cut 5/8″ ASL counters and 560 full color die cut 1/2″ ASL counters
  • Five 37.4” x 22.8” HASL map sheets which, combined in one 37.4” x 114,0” map sheet, represent the historical layout of the “Tank Fields” of Prokhorovka
  • One 36.8” x 22.0” HASL map sheet which represents the historical layout of the Andreevka and Vasilyevka villages
  • One 24.4” x 15.7” HASL map sheet which represents the historical layout of the Storozhevoje village
  • One 30.7” x 23.6” HASL map sheet which represents the historical layout of the area around the Stalinskii State Farm
  • Rules pages describing PRK Scenario Special Rules (SSR), map terrain and campaign game rules

Stack Guards Get a Facelift and a Small Correction

Complete ammo box with Stack Guards. In this example the 146th Tank Battalion with 76mm APCR that did sooooo much damage to my Panthers in Hatten 🙁

Complete ammo box with Stack Guards. This example is the 101st SS Heavy Tank Battalion with 8,8 cm ammo.

It has been over a year since my son Lazarus designed and printed the first set of Stack Guards, there were two improvements that he wanted to address.

The first was quite a simple problem and easy fix. The 3 deep 5/8″ guard is included for use with 1 x crew, 1 x 5/8″ Gun, and 1 x 5/8″ concealment counter. The original hole on the bottom was slightly too big and the crew would fall out if the guard was lifted. This has been fixed.

The second improvement was to make them transportable. For this we needed an enclosed case. Soon he fashioned an ammo crate to store them but the problem of production cost and time made it hard to justify. The fact is that the case with the stack guards uses three times more plastic (making the cost of each unit over $10) and three times the production time (about 18 hours).

So we arrived at a hopeful solution. We will be offering the complete ammo box with cover and we will also be offering just the base of the ammo box with the stack guards for the original price. You can always add the cover later if you like them and want to make them transportable.

Markings on the Box: You can chose between different colors and nationalities for no extra charge.

Customizable? Yes, for a small fee you can customize your ammo box to just about anything you like from your favorite unit to your name to a photo of your pet.

As a last note, I want to thank all of you for encouraging him in his first venture into design, production and sales. He learned a lot that hopefully he will apply for the rest of his life.

Base and the Stack Guards without the cover.

Contest #100

Hatten in Flames CG1: After 5 bloody days in Hatten, everyone is dead, broken or so far out of LOS and range that these are the only units left that can have an impact on the outcome. It is the end of the German turn 6 MPh and the StuG just failed an ESB attempt causing it’s immobilization in a particularly precarious location. Good news for the Jerry’s is that they still hold on to 7 victory areas (6 are needed for the CG win). In order for the American player to win, he must take back control of both the synagogue (hex T7) and Eglise St-Michel (hex N7). What should the American player do starting with the German Turn 6 DFPh and every phase after to have the best chance at carrying the day and ultimate victory?

As always, email answers to

Solution to Contest #99

The solution to this one is pretty simple if you remembered one key rule that I often forget. The thick white box on the KV signifies that it is Restricted Slow Traverse. Because the AFV is CE, is is neither capable of firing it’s MA nor it’s CMG. Further, because it is behind a wall, it’s BMG is useless as well. So the tank can be completely ignored and the Sniper used on the Squad, ensuring the Italian victory.

Copyright MMP/Hasbro

So long, until we meet again…

This summer has brought the tragic news that Bill Sisler and Sam Belcher have left this world.

Dave Ginnard, a longtime friend of Bill eloquently wrote:

To all of my friends in the ASL and gaming community: scenario designer, ASLOK T shirt artist, and my great friend since before both SL and ASL, William (Bill) Sisler left us from cancer on May 31st of this year. Bill was the consummate ASL player and will be terribly missed by our community. RIP my friend.

If anyone has a photo that I could post of Bill, please email it to


Sam Belcher

David Wolfe wrote these beautiful words of Sam:

On June 5th, 2021 the ASL world lost one of it’s greatest ambassadors. Sam was a generous, humorous (generally self-effacing) and dedicated person, who looked for EVERY opportunity to introduce and teach the game to new players, be it at a wargame convention, or a local meet up for the Puget Sound Advanced Squad Leaders (PSASL). Sam’s engaging spirit was infectious as was his good humored “trash talk”. Sam was a major figure in the Northwest ASL scene dating back to the 1990’s (those heady days when we were crammed into Metro Seattle Gamers in Seattle’s Ballard Neighborhood, or tucked in the back of Gary’s Games in the Greenwood Neighborhood). His leadership took many forms over the years; as Tournament Director at Enfilade for 20 years, and reinvigorating the somewhat dormant PSASL group in the 2000’s. Sam centered the group in a community common space in North Seattle where hundreds of non-wargamers were exposed to (and many became interested in) ASL. Sam would frequently pause his game and enthusiastically describe ASL to the interested person, no matter their level of knowledge about the WWII context of the game or board gaming. Many of you met Sam when he embarked on a tournament “spree” for a year after his retirement. Many kinds words and stories have been shared by those he met and played during that time. Sam would always joke about his poor winning record as a player, but we all know Sam loved the game almost as much as loved teaching it. When players would move into the area, Sam was one of the first to make contact and get them involved in our club. Sam also enjoyed woodworking and turned that passion into first class, unique dice towers. Many of you still have those one-of-a-kind towers! A few of us locals have wooden sniper # cubes and other small gaming aids he created, and one lucky player has an NWASL trophy with a wooden AFV counter base made by Sam! Sam was recognized in 2012 for his generosity and contributions by becoming the first recipient of the memorial “Hank Award” given at the Game ON! boardgame convention held yearly near Seattle. Sam remained active in the ASL scene right up until his passing, only recently beginning to hand the torch over for others to follow in his large, impactful footsteps. Sam Belcher’s priceless contribution to this hobby is evidenced by the dozens of active players that Sam took the time and patience to nurture over the last 2 decades. Sam recognized the “graying” of our beloved game and worked diligently to ensure its vibrancy for years to come. He will be sorely missed by many. RIP, Sam. You have done very well.

Post #99 – Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2. Huge BattleDice Restock – Hazardous Movement Review. Beyond Valor Back in stock.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone celebrating. I know that for so many of us, our fascination with WW2 and ASL has it’s roots deep in the stories told by fathers and grandfathers of their experience while in service to their nation. Thanks Dad! Without you I never would have had a $10,000.00 collection of cardboard 😉 Beyond Valor 3rd Edtion: Toys & Games

First, Beyond Valor is back in stock but for how long? As with all information coming out of ASL HQ, lips are tight but I have a feeling this was not a complete production run so MMP may be out of stock again soon.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ASLSKXPack2-1-791x1024.jpg

Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 is on pre-order and the good news is that SK stuff usually gets knocked out pretty quickly so I am hoping to have my hands on it this year.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 16mm-ASL30-Soviet-Pair-600px.png

After over a year of production and shipping delays, we finally have a restock of all (or just about all) of our Battledice courtesy of Helen and Chris. They should be here and shipping the third week of June including all of the backorders and I.O.U’s that you have been so patient with.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FTC10.jpg

From the Cellar 10 is en-route across the pond and should be arriving at any moment.

ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2 Pre-Order

Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2 is a new scenario and map pack for Starter Kit players. This Bonus Pack features two new 8″ x 22″ boards (i and j) and eight new scenarios that encompass a wide range of actions from China in 1938 to The Philippines in 1945 that feature seven different nationalities (Germany, Japan, Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain, China, and Norway).

Unlike most Starter Kit products, Bonus Pack #2 is NOT a standalone game; ownership of ASL Starter Kits #1-#4, and Expansion Packs #1 (either edition) and #2 are required to play all the scenarios herein. 

ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2 contents:

  • two 8″ x 22″ geomorphic maps (i and j)
  • eight scenarios (S82-S89)
  • front and back cover sheets
  • charts & tables

Hazardous Movement Scenario Pack 1 Review:

This first endeavor from Chuck Hammond and Chad Cummins has a lot to unpack. The first thing I notice when I open up the plastic is the quality of the product. Encased in a beautiful folder, the full color scenario cards are very well printed on satin 110 lb. card stock that has a great feel and makes everything easy to read. The intro and Aftermath, always my favorite nighttime reading are well written and give a good feel for the battles. The ten scenarios offer nine separate nationalities spanning 1937 to 1944 with an emphasis of fortifications that offer both players some superb puzzles to create and to crack. Every scenario has the defense setting up with Mines, Wire, Trenches, AT Ditches, Fortified Buildings, and/or Pillboxes. Although I haven’t played any of them yet, Chuck insists that balance was the priority number 1 and it was playtested to death by some of the heavy hitters in the hobby. The scenarios are old school meaty and long (7 to 11 turns, averaging 8.35 turns) and with very large OB’s, with the smallest action pitting 24 squad equivalents and the largest with 58 (average is 37). So if you like big, reminiscent of the first generation of scenario design, this one is a must have. The only areas I see an opportunity for improvement are relatively small considering this is a first effort for HM. First it would be nice to add graphics to the scenario cards. I know that some people don’t mind the lack of silhouettes but I am very visual and have a hard time grasping the OB without my little soldier drawings on the counters. Also, the layout for scenarios requiring more than one page (6 of the 10 scenarios in this pack are two pagers) is usually to put the additional information on the back of a separate scenario as this allows you to read the entire set-up and SSR without the need the flip over the card. My last small criticism is that although the folder is a testament to the quality and pride going into this product , I keep my scenarios in a binder and I will have to cut the folder to fit it in a sleeve. Having the same cover photo on cardstock could have saved a couple of bucks at production time but not a big issue either way. These are minor complaints in an otherwise superb looking product and I do recommend picking this up before it is gone. I look forward to more from these great designers.

Contest #99

It is the MPh of the last player turn (Italian) of the game. The Italians need to take building X12 to bring glory to what’s left of the Roman Legions. He realizes that there is plethora lead facing his every move. After first NAM to W15 for 1.5 MF’s, a Russian squad in U13 fire at him with a 4 flat and roll a 3,3. This cowers to NE on the IFT and activates an Italian Sniper. A subsequent roll of 1 and then 5,1 for direction/distance.

What would you do to ensure your best possible chance of winning as the Italian player?

Note: I used deluxe sized hexes for the diagram but this is a standard (non-Deluxe) scenario.

Solution to Contest #98

Much to the dismay of the elite tank crew, Washington finds an unorthodox use for them. Taking advantage of the chivalrous conduct regarding quarter in the desert, he orders the five men to distract the British by… surrendering?!? While the Tommy’s are welcoming their new guests, he and the ten remaining men hop the wall and enter the building, firing at point blank range in a wild melee that just barely carries the day.

The conventional approach would be to fire with the 548 and then advance into CC with all three units. Unfortunately, there is not enough firepower coming from the leader directed crew for even a PTC let alone a NMC for encircling fire. Since the crew adds an insignificant CC strength to affect either the attack or the defense odds (7:4 = 3:2 column & 6:4 = 3:2 column, likewise 4:7 = 1:2 column & 4:6 = 1:2 column), it would best serve the cause to surrender and halve the CC strength of the British (as this is DTO, surrender cannot be refused). This simple move changes the odds of the Germans capturing the victory as follows:

No Ambush: 25.5% to 27.2%.

German Ambush: 40.5% to 41.7%

British Ambush: 13.9% to 15.3%

So the final odds including the chance of ambush assuming that the German failed to break or pin the British squad during the AFPh would be: 26.06% without surrendering to 27.63% if the crew does surrender. Although this is a very modest increase it is absolutely free and without negative effect. Although gamey, there is no ‘*’ next to a ‘W’.

Note that Sgt. Washington could have volunteered to be the surrendering party instead of the crew and the effect would have been the same.

Post #98 – Hollow Legions pre-order. LFT’s From the cellar 10. Hazardous Movement Pack 1.

Hollow Legions Pre-Order:

This updated version of HOLLOW LEGIONS includes the complete contents of the original (the entire Italian order of battle and Italian Chapter H—now updated, two desert boards, and eight scenarios), plus all the scenarios, boards, rules, and Desert parts from the now-superseded WEST OF ALAMEIN, plus Soldiers of the Negus, and 29 out-of-print scenarios.

Additionally, HOLLOW LEGIONS now includes the rules and scenarios from Soldiers of the Negus, originally published by our friends at ELR that expands the Italian theater to East Africa and the Second Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935-36. This was Mussolini’s war of aggression to conquer Ethiopia (Abyssinia) from Emperor Haile Selassie’s largely tribal armies and is widely seen as a precursor to WWII. A full complement of counters for both Ethiopian and Eritrean (allied with Italy) forces is included.

In total, HOLLOW LEGIONS includes a whopping 53 scenarios:

The original 16 scenarios from WEST OF ALAMEIN and the original HOLLOW LEGIONS;

21 scenarios from various out-of-print publications (such as the ASL JOURNAL, ASL ANNUAL, and The GENERAL) that feature either Italians or Desert actions (and sometimes both), including the mini-campaign Line In The Sand;

All eight scenarios from Action Pack 3, which featured the Italians; and

Eight scenarios from Soldiers of the Negus.


one box & lid

ASL Rules Chapter F, revised

Italian Chapter H, revised

Chapter A rules pages (updated for Soldiers of the Negus)

one chapter divider

five countersheets

eight 8″ x 22″ geomorphic maps (25-31, 25e [formerly overlay E1])

desert overlays (D1-D6; H1-H6; S1-S8; SD1-SD8; W1-W4; X1-X5)

53 ASL scenarios:

LFT From The Cellar 10 – shipping June 2021

Welcome to “Sand & Snow” a themed HASL issue of From the Cellar, which examines two critical battles that the United States Marine Corps fought in WW2 and in Korea. The two battles (Tarawa and Toktong Pass) that this pack looks at could not be more different in geography, weather and enemy capabilities. As an ASL player you will have to adapt to the changing conditions just as the Marines who participated in these battles had to do.

Note that we still have a few copies of FTC 8 and 9 in stock if you missed them.

Hazardous Movement

A new company from the minds of vetran ASL’ers Chuck Hammond and Charles Cummins. Their first scenario pack titles ‘A World at War’ includes ten full sized scenarios.

Scenario Pack 1: A World at War
Hazmo’s debut scenario pack, “A World at War,” consists of 10 scenarios compatible with the Advanced Squad Leader (TM) game system. A description of each scenario is detailed on the image of the back cover above. A wide variety of combatants (including – but not limited to – Russians, Germans, SS, Free French, British, Italians, Japanese and Chinese) and terrain types (including city, bocage, countryside, hill and village) will challenge even seasoned players’ skills, while the high fun and replay potential of each scenario will provide you with unmatched value for your purchase. Finally, reliable player support on this website will supply you with answers to any questions you may have. In this way, Hazmo aims to optimize your gaming experience!

Contest #98:

I am switching the prize from fortune to fame. The winner(s) of each contest with have their names included in the next contest so they will live for eternity on these pages of glory.

Lost in the desert desperately trying to find fuel, water, or honor, this small group of Germans stumble on a village just as their panzer III sounds the all too familiar cough as it slurps it’s last drop of petrol. After clearing the first three buildings without incident or reward, they discover a squad of Desert Rats holed up in a small stone domicile encased with a wall of field rocks. With an instinct for decisive action, honed during his NCO training at Clevelandshoffen just that previous October, Sgt. Paul Washington conceives an unorthodox plan to carry the day. If he can pull this off, the Iron Cross no doubt awaits him… possibly pinned on him by none other than the Desert Fox himself!

Lybia 1941. DTO is in effect. It is the AFPh of the final player turn (German) and in order to win they must control building Y2 (there is a stone building beneath the British Squad). What is the best course of action for the German player to have the most chances of gaining control of building Y2 and winning the game?

Solution to contest 97

Paul Washington came up with the correct solution so he wins the daily double, a $10 gift certificate to the 2nd greatest store on earth -AND- his name included in contest #98.

Assessment:  I assume there is no Sand in play on the map section shown (that would reduce the Trench TEM to +1).  Since the Germans have to control the buildings in hex M4, and since both squads have Prep fired (with apparently no result) the only way they will win is to advance in to M4 to CC and eliminate British squad C.  The issue then becomes how to provide squad C the best chance of surviving the upcoming CC.  The predesignated DRs mean that the German squads will not break (or Pin in their current state).  The Germans will have to eliminate the British squad, not casualty reduce it or hold it in Melee since that will not give them control of the hex.
British actions:- British squad A defensive fires on German squad D at 8+2.  Results would be a PTC, which would have no effect with the predesignated MC DR of 7.
– British squad B fires on German squad D at 4+2.  No effect on the IFT, but squad D would become Encircled. 
– British squad C fires on German squad D at 8+2.  Since the squad is Encircled, its morale is reduced by 1, but it would still pass its TC on a predesignated MC DR of 7.
With squad D suffering Encirclement penalties, it will have to pay double MP (total of 5 MP: 1 to exit the Trench and 4 to enter M4)) to advance in to M4 during AdvPh, which would CX it.  The German player would have to decide it he was going to advance both squads in to M4 and suffer the +1/-1 CX penalties for the resulting 2:1 CC, or only advance in the non-Encircled squad to avoid the CX penalties, but which would make the CC 1:1.  The Germans would need a 5 or less to win for a 2:1 CC (using both squads D and E with the CX penalty), or a 4 or less to win for a 1:1 CC (only using squad E), assuming no ambush modifiers.