7 thoughts on “Ritter Krieg”

  1. Hi, I recently ordered Turrets – US/British and Turrets – German/Soviet. They arrived today. I like them very much. I got sheets 1, 2 and 3 for the Germans. HOWEVER, I received three copies of sheet 4 for the US/British. I assume there should have been a sheet 5 and 6. How can we fix this?

    PS, I can send you a pic of the three sheet 4’s if needed.

    1. Hi Don,
      I noticed this when I received my turrets years ago. I do not believe there is a sheet 5 and 6 but I will look into it.

  2. “Joe”,
    Found the site, and it looks great! Nice to meet you at WO 2016. And thanks for that tutorial on IJA dirty tricks.

    Steve Kyle (aka “Bob”)

  3. Hi Derek:

    Sent a email about ordering wooden ammo case/map box.
    just wondering what the costs would be (item + shipping).
    What’s the best way to contact you regarding ordering?

    Website is looking great!

    cheers, Matt (email probably went in spam folder)

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