Post 101 – The Green Hell of Inor is shipping. What’s in the Box Videos for Inor and Starter kit Expansion pack 2. Contest #101.

Green Hell of Inor – What’s In The Box Video

ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2

What’s in the Box

Contest #101 – Drake’s Fury!

France July, 1944. US DFPh of the last player (German) turn of the Game. The PzIV has just moved to F7 during the MPh. The VC are: In order to win a player must have accumulated >4 more CVP than their opponent at Game End. Any other result is a Draw. The US player so far has 39 VP and the German has 38 CVP. Both players plan to fire at each other using AP ammo in the DFPh/AFPh (if still able to).

The DR log for the rest of the game are (note that I may have added in some extra DR’s. Use only what is necessary):

3,3. 6,4. 1,2. 6,6. 2,3. 1,4. 5,3.

Did Sgt. Drake carry the day or die in his Sherman? Or maybe both sides retired from the battlefield licking their wounds.

Please send your solution to

Solution to contest #100

Congratulations to Mark Drake as the winner of contest 100. So let’s unpack this one. The US player must control 2 buildings that are unreachable but both are too far to reach without the help of leaders, of which he only has one. So his only chance for victory is to create a new leader in the Rally Phase. In order to Voluntarily Break there needs to be a Known Enemy Unit in LOS so DO NOT blow up the StuG! In this rare case the StuG is your friend. The Bazookas were added into the equation to throw you off track.

GT6 – DFPh – Do Nothing

GT6 – RtPh – Voluntarily Break 2 HS and rout both without the Leader to P14 or R14

UST6 – RPh – Attempt to Self Rally both (HIF CG12) Broken HS hoping for a 2. If a 2 is rolled on either Self Rally attempt, a leader is created per A18.1. If a Leader is not created, it is no longer possible to win so now in a final attempt to salvage your shattered ego you can take a parting shot at his StuG with the 9-1, non-Broken HS and Bazooka.

UST6 – MPh – Using Bypass, CX & Move new Leader with the Rallied HS Adjacent to one of the VC buildings and CX and Move the 9-1 Leader and HS Adjacent to the other Victory Building.

UST6 – APh – Advance into both Building for the Win and go to Gamesquad to find a new opponent because the German player will never play against you again.

Hatten In Flames Rubble Printable Sheet:

One of the features of Hatten In Flames Campaign Game is the Rubble generation between scenarios. If you care to de-clutter the map, here are some overlays that should fit nicely.

Make sure you click ‘Actual Size’ and not ‘Adjust image to Paper’ when printing and the size of the Rubble should be exactly 1.1″ high.

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