Post #98 – Hollow Legions pre-order. LFT’s From the cellar 10. Hazardous Movement Pack 1.

Hollow Legions Pre-Order:

This updated version of HOLLOW LEGIONS includes the complete contents of the original (the entire Italian order of battle and Italian Chapter H—now updated, two desert boards, and eight scenarios), plus all the scenarios, boards, rules, and Desert parts from the now-superseded WEST OF ALAMEIN, plus Soldiers of the Negus, and 29 out-of-print scenarios.

Additionally, HOLLOW LEGIONS now includes the rules and scenarios from Soldiers of the Negus, originally published by our friends at ELR that expands the Italian theater to East Africa and the Second Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935-36. This was Mussolini’s war of aggression to conquer Ethiopia (Abyssinia) from Emperor Haile Selassie’s largely tribal armies and is widely seen as a precursor to WWII. A full complement of counters for both Ethiopian and Eritrean (allied with Italy) forces is included.

In total, HOLLOW LEGIONS includes a whopping 53 scenarios:

The original 16 scenarios from WEST OF ALAMEIN and the original HOLLOW LEGIONS;

21 scenarios from various out-of-print publications (such as the ASL JOURNAL, ASL ANNUAL, and The GENERAL) that feature either Italians or Desert actions (and sometimes both), including the mini-campaign Line In The Sand;

All eight scenarios from Action Pack 3, which featured the Italians; and

Eight scenarios from Soldiers of the Negus.


one box & lid

ASL Rules Chapter F, revised

Italian Chapter H, revised

Chapter A rules pages (updated for Soldiers of the Negus)

one chapter divider

five countersheets

eight 8″ x 22″ geomorphic maps (25-31, 25e [formerly overlay E1])

desert overlays (D1-D6; H1-H6; S1-S8; SD1-SD8; W1-W4; X1-X5)

53 ASL scenarios:

LFT From The Cellar 10 – shipping June 2021

Welcome to “Sand & Snow” a themed HASL issue of From the Cellar, which examines two critical battles that the United States Marine Corps fought in WW2 and in Korea. The two battles (Tarawa and Toktong Pass) that this pack looks at could not be more different in geography, weather and enemy capabilities. As an ASL player you will have to adapt to the changing conditions just as the Marines who participated in these battles had to do.

Note that we still have a few copies of FTC 8 and 9 in stock if you missed them.

Hazardous Movement

A new company from the minds of vetran ASL’ers Chuck Hammond and Charles Cummins. Their first scenario pack titles ‘A World at War’ includes ten full sized scenarios.

Scenario Pack 1: A World at War
Hazmo’s debut scenario pack, “A World at War,” consists of 10 scenarios compatible with the Advanced Squad Leader (TM) game system. A description of each scenario is detailed on the image of the back cover above. A wide variety of combatants (including – but not limited to – Russians, Germans, SS, Free French, British, Italians, Japanese and Chinese) and terrain types (including city, bocage, countryside, hill and village) will challenge even seasoned players’ skills, while the high fun and replay potential of each scenario will provide you with unmatched value for your purchase. Finally, reliable player support on this website will supply you with answers to any questions you may have. In this way, Hazmo aims to optimize your gaming experience!

Contest #98:

I am switching the prize from fortune to fame. The winner(s) of each contest with have their names included in the next contest so they will live for eternity on these pages of glory.

Lost in the desert desperately trying to find fuel, water, or honor, this small group of Germans stumble on a village just as their panzer III sounds the all too familiar cough as it slurps it’s last drop of petrol. After clearing the first three buildings without incident or reward, they discover a squad of Desert Rats holed up in a small stone domicile encased with a wall of field rocks. With an instinct for decisive action, honed during his NCO training at Clevelandshoffen just that previous October, Sgt. Paul Washington conceives an unorthodox plan to carry the day. If he can pull this off, the Iron Cross no doubt awaits him… possibly pinned on him by none other than the Desert Fox himself!

Lybia 1941. DTO is in effect. It is the AFPh of the final player turn (German) and in order to win they must control building Y2 (there is a stone building beneath the British Squad). What is the best course of action for the German player to have the most chances of gaining control of building Y2 and winning the game?

Solution to contest 97

Paul Washington came up with the correct solution so he wins the daily double, a $10 gift certificate to the 2nd greatest store on earth -AND- his name included in contest #98.

Assessment:  I assume there is no Sand in play on the map section shown (that would reduce the Trench TEM to +1).  Since the Germans have to control the buildings in hex M4, and since both squads have Prep fired (with apparently no result) the only way they will win is to advance in to M4 to CC and eliminate British squad C.  The issue then becomes how to provide squad C the best chance of surviving the upcoming CC.  The predesignated DRs mean that the German squads will not break (or Pin in their current state).  The Germans will have to eliminate the British squad, not casualty reduce it or hold it in Melee since that will not give them control of the hex.
British actions:- British squad A defensive fires on German squad D at 8+2.  Results would be a PTC, which would have no effect with the predesignated MC DR of 7.
– British squad B fires on German squad D at 4+2.  No effect on the IFT, but squad D would become Encircled. 
– British squad C fires on German squad D at 8+2.  Since the squad is Encircled, its morale is reduced by 1, but it would still pass its TC on a predesignated MC DR of 7.
With squad D suffering Encirclement penalties, it will have to pay double MP (total of 5 MP: 1 to exit the Trench and 4 to enter M4)) to advance in to M4 during AdvPh, which would CX it.  The German player would have to decide it he was going to advance both squads in to M4 and suffer the +1/-1 CX penalties for the resulting 2:1 CC, or only advance in the non-Encircled squad to avoid the CX penalties, but which would make the CC 1:1.  The Germans would need a 5 or less to win for a 2:1 CC (using both squads D and E with the CX penalty), or a 4 or less to win for a 1:1 CC (only using squad E), assuming no ambush modifiers.

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