ASL Journal 2

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ASL Journal #2 contains a lot of ASL material in a magazine format. ASL Journal #2 contains 24 ASL scenarios, a full-sized (22″x32″) historical map of Kakazu Ridge, Okinawa, two countersheets, and some necessary rulebook pages.

NOTE: This is not a “straight” reprint in that we have updated some advertising, removed the outdated convention calendar, updated the Internet Resources article, and removed the Chapter K pages (which has long been available in the 2nd Edition ASL Rulebook). The scenarios, Kakazu Ridge Historical map, and other inserts are of course included.  All known errata has also been included.

Journal #2 Scenarios:

  • ASL Scenario J13 The Gorge
  • ASL Scenario J14 On the Hoss’ Side
  • ASL Scenario J15 Turning Off the Spigot
  • ASL Scenario J16 Kakazu’s Tombs
  • ASL Scenario J17 Clearing Kakazu
  • ASL Scenario J18 The Pinnacle
  • ASL Scenario J19 Merzenhausen Zoo
  • ASL Scenario J20 The Guns of Naro
  • ASL Scenario J21 Scobie Preserves
  • ASL Scenario J22 Oh Joy!
  • ASL Scenario J23 Kampfgruppe at Karachev
  • ASL Scenario J24 Smashing the 3rd
  • ASL Scenario J25 The Weigh In
  • ASL Scenario J26 Round Two
  • ASL Scenario J27 High Tide at Heiligenbeil
  • ASL Scenario J28 Inhumaine
  • ASL Scenario PB6a It’s About Time
  • ASL Scenario J29 The Capture of Balta
  • ASL Scenario J30 Nocturnal Attrition
  • ASL Scenario J31 Lovat First Sight
  • ASL Scenario J32 Panzer Graveyard
  • ASL Scenario J33 The Slaughterhouse
  • ASL Scenario J34 Men of the Mountains
  • ASL Scenario J35 Siam Sambal

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