ASL OBA Access Cards


ASL OBA Access Cards

Basic layout of the cards:


The front of each card includes the following information (where applicable):

  • Caliber (eg. 150mm+)
  • Type (OBA, Rocket, Mortar, Naval)
  • Rubble chart (ie. subsequent dr is needed after Original DR made)
  • Hex pattern (includes where applicable: Concentration, Harassing Fire, Naval, Barrage, Rocket)
  • Critical Hit strength with DRM
  • Radio Maintenance DRM
  • Special rules and limitations
  • Fortification destruction/reduction numbers


The Red cards are a rubber stamp ‘Access Denied’  on top of the Black (Access Granted) side



The back of each card has original artwork that represents an example of that caliber


The amount of cards given for each module type is dictated by the largest deck type possible based on nationality. So first we check if a given module type is available to the U.S. player because they have the largest possible draw pile.  If it is, then there are 15 cards for that module included in the kit.  If not, then we check if it is available for the German player (next largest).  If it is available to the German then there are 14 cards for that module included in the kit. This continues with the British next, etc..  The numbers include extras in the case of pre-registered fire, plentiful ammunition and scarce ammunition (eg. 200mm Rocket OBA has 14 cards.  Largest nationality is German (this module is not available to the U.S) with 8B/3R, +1B for possibility of pre-registered fire, +1B for possibility of plentiful ammunition, +1R for possibility of scarce ammunition = 10B/4R).  Note that Naval OBA modules always have a fixed draw pile of 5B/2R.

The decks are broken down into 4 basic groups.

  1. Mortar                                          # of cards
    1. 60mm Company                   15 (11/4)
    2. 70mm Battalion                    13 (10/3)
    3. 80mm Battalion                    15 (11/4)
  2. Regular OBA
    1. 60+mm                                       12   (8/4)
    2. 70+mm                                       15 (11/4)
    3. 80+mm                                       13 (10/3)
    4. 100+mm                                    15 (11/4)
    5. 120+mm                                    14 (10/4)
    6. 150+mm                                    15 (11/4)
    7. 200+mm                                    15 (11/4)
  3. Rocket OBA
    1. 80mm Soviet                           10     (7/3)
    2. 100mm U.S.                              15 (11/4)
    3. 120mm Soviet                         10   (7/3)
    4. 150mm U.S.                               15 (11/4)
    5. 200mm German                     14 (10/4)
  4. Naval OBA
    1. 100mm                                          7 (5/2)
    2. 120mm                                          7 (5/2)
    3. 150mm                                          7 (5/2)
    4. 200mm                                          7 (5/2)
    5. 250mm                                          7 (5/2)
    6. 300mm                                          7 (5/2)
    7. 350mm                                          7 (5/2)
    8. 400mm                                          7 (5/2)
    9. Total                                                  262

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ASL OBA Access Cards

ASL OBA Access Cards

Suggested card sleeves (per Nigel Ashcroft), not sold on this site: Mayday Games, card game premium sleeves, 63.5mm x 88mm the 125% thicker version the label is a British Army bronze green colour.



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