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We wish we could offer this item for less but unfortunately MMP gives us half the normal discount on this product.  This price reflects our break-even point while still offering it for a lower out the door cost than MMP.  Thank you for your understanding.

Pocket Charts booklet that collects all the ASL charts in a reduced-size, spiral-bound format. Following in the footsteps of the innovative Pocket Edition Rulebook, the Pocket Charts booklet has all the chapter dividers and charts from the full-size ASL Rulebook, including Chapter W.

Printed on quality paper thinner than the regular ASL Rulebook but thicker than the Pocket Edition Rulebook, the Pocket Chart booklet is about 1/4 inches thick and measures approximately 7.5 X 9.5 inches, with an IFT chart on the back cover. The Pocket Charts booklet is a comprehensive and handy table-side supplement to the core rules that no devoted ASL player should be without.

Don’t miss out on the new and improved Pocket Edition Rulebook and the new Pocket Chapter H, which are perfect complements to this Pocket Charts booklet.

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