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Berlin: Red Vengeance

The Symbol for the Russians that the end of the Evil Reich is near! At top map portion looking south and beneath the right half of the counter sheet.

In 1945 the Russian artillery had not improved the appearance of the Reichstag. The floors and walls were left covered with debris and masonry. During the final battle the combination of shattered lighting and bricked-up windows created a pitch black battleground lit only by the flashes of explosives and burning debris. The Russian soldiers became lost in the darkness and stumbled into the pointblank firepower of over 5,000 SS soldiers. Hand-to-hand combat was the only way to fight an enemy that couldn’t be seen. As the manpower might of the Russians was inexhaustible, some SS clambered into the cellars for their last bit of cover……

The fighting for Berlin is on….AGAIN!

Reprinted with Larger Hexes! B:RV is now available with larger hexes for the pudgy fingered ones! note scenario cards are B/W to be reprinted when I can find the damn file! I will send color at no charge when they are re-printed.

Here is what you get:

First, counter sheets containing the Party Leaders, Gestapo, Hitler and the Russian 203 mm Cannon and Sturmovick Fighter Bombers. Also included are counters for GSTK, and King of the Hill.

Next, the BRV HASL map is printed on a LARGER 26 x 33 inch map sheet! This is a 20 % increase in size from the original map sheet and will allow your Red Army soldiers to mass for their final Human Wave across the Spree River without having to spill out into the hexes next to them. That’s right, the hexes are the same size as those used in RB, on Tarawa, and in GSTK!

Included in the B:RV module:

      • 20″ X 27″ full color, printed map
        Attention: only limited b/w quantities avaiable. Map is in full color, other items are b/w-copies, and no counters included.

Original Content:


    • 10 scenarios on heavy card stock
    • 1 Campaign Game (9 scenarios)
    • 56 die-cut mounted counters – No longer available!
      Please download the Counter PDF
    • 1 Chapter divider including a reduced image of the map
    • 18 Pages of rules and reference notes including special rules for:
      • German party leaders and Gestapo
      • Barricades
      • Reichstag towers
      • The Spree river
    • The Campaign game including a reduced printout of the map, CG purchase record pages, and CG roster pages
    • Abbreviations, Charts, Tables, and Footnotes



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