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Get the entire series at 20% off with free shipping! This package includes all 26 scenario packs and 6 campaign games that are available for sale by LCP.   That’s a total of over 200 scenarios and  campaign games covering the ETO.

Scenario Packs: Wacht Am Rhein (Updated), Anzio, Valour at Casa Berardi, Blitzkrieg in the West, Ost Front 1, Ost front 2, Ost Front 3, LSSAH 1, LSSAH 2, LSSAH 3, LSSAH 4, LSSAH 5, LSSAH 6, GD 1, GD 2, To Battle By Air 1, To Battle By Air 2, Canadians in Italy 1, Canadians in Italy 2, Canadians in Italy 3, Winpak 1, Winpak 2, Battle of the Hedgerows, 7SS Gebirgs Division Prinz Eugen, Canada at War 2,  Quick 6, Quick 6 II, Race for the Meuse

Campaign Games:

Purple Heart Draw, Hell’s Highway, The Drive for St. Lo, Ozerekya Breakout, Bloody Buron, Crossing the Moro, The Battle for Konigsberg


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