Kampfgruppe Scherer Player’s Guide – LFT

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What’s inside :

60 Pages

9 Scenarios

SASL Scenario

  • A big article which details the biggest KGS scenario (Carl Nogueira)
  • Some designers notes on several KGS scenarios (Hershey, Brackin)
  • Players aids within the mag (LFT crew)
  • An AAR of the Summer CG (Brackin, Fred and X)
  • An article about both campaign games (Brackin)


NB- This is not the Kampfgruppe Scherer module and the module is needed to play most or all of the scenarios included and to understand what the heck the people in the articles are writing about.  Although long out of print, we are getting one last batch of the KGS module that you can pre-order here: Kampfgruppe Scherer

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