Kreta – Campaign Game Pack with Map Upgrade – Heat Of Battle

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Kreta – Operation Merkur

A Battle Study by Andrew Hershey, Shaun Carter, Derek Ward, Michael-Hastrup-Leth, and Magnus Hindsberger

This one has been in the works for years and one of its designers has walked the battlefield several times.

KRETA contains:

  • Huge Color 56″x40″ Historical Map featuring Crete battle area, drawn by Tom Repetti
  • 120 full color counters
  • Chapter OM, that includes rules for new units, terrain types and weapons notes
  • Historical Campaign Game
  • 7 Historical Map Scenarios
  • 10 Geomorphic Map Scenarios

Preview of the Map:
This is part of the Color 56″x40″ Historical Map (JPG, 121KB) featuring some of the hexes of the Crete area that the CG and some of the scenarios use.



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