Le Franc Tireur -From The Cellar 6.

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From the Cellar pack 6


- Editor’s Foreword
- 10 scenarios


ID Name Nations Date
LFT160 Close Encounter of the Bad Kind German – French 1940-06-11
LFT161 French Civil War in Gabon French – Free French 1940-11-05
LFT162 Assault On District Rovno Russian – Partisan 1941-06-22
LFT163 Price of Persia Iranian – Indian 1941-08-25
LFT164 Guts are not Enough Burmese – British 1942-03-29
LFT165 Shopino Struggle German – Russian 1944-07-08
LFT166 Heroes at Leros German – British 1943-11-14
LFT167 Wasp Sting German – Canadian 1944-08-14
LFT168 By Dawn’s Early Light American – German 1944-12-25
LFT169 Daring Parafroggers Free French – German 1945-04-11


FT 169 :

The reference to SSR 3 should be ignored.


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