Le Franc Tireur -From The Cellar 7.

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From the Cellar pack 7


- Editor’s Foreword
- 10 scenarios
- Lionel’s interview


ID Name Nations Date
LFT170 The Road to Juniville French – German 1940-06-10
LFT171 Getting your bell rung German – British 1944-06-21
LFT172 Clearing the LZ German – American 1944-09-18
LFT173 A misstep in Lorraine American – German 1944-09-20
LFT174 Green berets German – Free French 1944-11-01
LFT175 Dover bunker German – British 1944-11-02
LFT176 Inter-Allied attack German – British 1944-11-03
LFT177 Bloodier than D-Day German – Free French & British 1944-11-07
LFT178 Niederburg farmhouse German – American 1944-12-18
LFT179 Landstorm over Arnhem British – German 1945-04-14



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