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8-Scenarios compatible with MMP’s ASL™ System.¬†

Boards used: 4,6,10z,17,17z,42,53,54,55,56,57,59,69,70,71,t

Includes 12 ‚Ö̬†Sherman Tank Counters

LSSAH 41 –¬†Mouen, France, 28 June 1944:¬†British spearheads of the 15th Scottish Division have advanced south, seizing bridges over the Orne River. The¬†1.SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte¬†is ordered to launch an immediately counterattack to cut-off the penetration before the British can get a foothold.

Germans:¬†6¬Ĺ Squads, 3 Leaders, 4 SW + 3 Panzer IVs with a Panzer Leader

British: 10 Squads, 3 Leaders, 5 SW + 3 Light Tanks

Map Boards: 2, Turns: 8


LSSAH 42 РHubert-Folie, France, 18 July 1944: The British launch Operation GOODWOOD in the hopes to break into open tank country, southeast of Caen. The 1.SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte is rushed into a blocking position unseen by Allied observers and waits in ambush, directly in the path of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment.

Germans:¬†7¬Ĺ Squads, 2 Crews, 2 Leaders, 6 SW, 2 Infantry Guns + 2 Assault Guns with a Panzer Leader

British:¬†6¬Ĺ Squads, 3 Leaders, 3 SW, 3 Carriers, 5 Halftracks + 10 Sherman Tanks & a Sherman OP Tank

Map Boards: 2, Overlays: 3, Turns: 7


LSSAH 43 РSolders, France, 18 July 1944: Despite heavy losses, Operation GOODWOOD continued to grind its way forward, the battlefield littered with burning hulls of the British 11th Armoured Division. Shortly after midday, the 2/Fife and Forfar Yeomanry is ordered to capture the Bourgébus Ridge; simultaneously, the 1.SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte is ordered to counterattack. 

Germans: 4 HS, Leader, 2 SW + 6 Panthers with 2 Panzer Leaders

British: 7 Squads, 2 Leaders, 3 SW, 7 Halftracks + 18 Sherman Tanks with Armour Leader

Map Boards:¬†3,¬†Overlays:¬†1,¬†Turns:¬†7¬Ĺ


LSSAH 44 РTilly-la-Campagne, France, 25 July 1944: The Americans had launched Operation COBRA, at the same the Canadians had launched Operation SPRING; its objective to capture Point 122. On route the Canadians had to first clear Tilly-la-Campagne, where hidden among the smoulder ruins were the Pioniers, Panzergrenadiers, and Panzers the 1.SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte.

Germans: 8 Squads, 3 Leaders, 8 SW + 2 Panzer IVs

Canadians: 16 Squads, 4 Leaders, 15 SW, + 5 Sherman Tanks + OBA

Map Boards: 2, Turns: 7


LSSAH 45 – Saint Barthelemy, France, 7 August 1944:¬†The Germans launched Operation L√úTTICH, its objective to recapture Avranches and cut-off Patton’s 3rd Army spilling into Brittiany. In the foggy morning hours,¬†1.SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte¬†drove into Saint Barthelemy fully expecting the village to be cleared earlier by¬†2.Panzerdivision;¬†but as the fog lifted, the lead elements found themselves fighting in close quarters with GIs of the 117th Infantry Regiment.

Germans: 8 Squads, 3 Leaders, SW, 6 Kubelwagens, 9 Halftracks, + 3 Panthers

Americans:¬†12¬Ĺ Squads, 3 Leaders, 13 SW, 5 A-T Guns, 5 Halftracks

Map Boards:¬†4,¬†Overlays:¬†1,¬†Turns:¬†7¬Ĺ


LSSAH 46 –¬†Saint Barthelemy, France, 9 August 1944:¬†The¬†1.SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte¬†attack ground to a halt. Overhead Allied Fighter-Bombers circled waiting to pounce. The US 117th Regiment, having received reinforcements that morning, launched a counterattack looking to retake ground earlier given up.¬†

Germans:¬†5¬Ĺ¬† Squads, 2 Crews,¬† 2 Leaders, 6 SW, 2 Medium Mortars, + 3 Panzer IVs with 9-1 Panzer Leader

Americans:¬†14¬Ĺ Squads, 3 Leaders, 11 SW, + 6 Sherman Tanks with Armour Leader

Map Boards:¬†4,¬†Turns:¬†7¬Ĺ


LSSAH 47 РJoue-du-Bois, France, 13 August 1944: Field Marshal Montgomery ordered the gap  between Falaise and Alençon shut, hoping to trap a large portion of the German 7th Army within it. The 1.SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte received orders to hold open the narrowing corridor to allow the what was left of the 7th Army to withdraw out of the collapsing pocket. 

Germans: 6 Squads, 4 Crews, 2 Leaders, 4 SW, 2 Medium Mortars, 2 A-T Guns

Americans:¬†15¬Ĺ Squads, 4 Leaders, 13 SW + 5 Sherman Tanks + OBA

Map Boards:¬†4,¬†Turns:¬†7¬Ĺ


LSSAH 48 – Saint-Lambert, France, 20 August 1944:¬†The Allies’ noose was tightening about the neck of the Falaise Pocket. The¬†1.SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte¬†reduced to little more than a pair¬†kampfgruppes¬†was tasked to lead the breakout out of the pocket.

Germans: 5 Squads, 2 Leaders, 3 SW, 7 Halftracks, + 4 Panzer IVs with a Panzer Leader

Canadians: 6 Squads, 2 Leaders, 4 SW + 8 Sherman Tanks with an Armour Leader

Map Boards:¬†2,¬†Turns:¬†6¬Ĺ

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