Lone Canuck Bundle – 34 Scenario Packs and 7 Campaign Games

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This is the complete collection of everything made for retail that LCP has to offer at 20% retail price.

Included is:

Campaign Games:

-Operation Martlet

-Purple Heart Draw

-Ozerekya Breakout

-Bloody Buron

-Crossing the Moro

-Race to the Meuse

-The Battle of Konigsberg

Scenario Packs:

-LSSAH I-VI (6 packs)

-Winpak 1-2 (2 Packs)

-Grossdeutschland I-II (2 Packs)

-The Canadians in Italy 1-3 (3 Packs)

-Canada at War #2

-7 SS Gebirgs Division Prinz Eugen

-Ost Front 1-3 (3Packs)

-Battle of the Hedgerows

-To Battle By Air 1-2 (2 packs)

-Blitzkrieg in the West N & S (2 packs)

-Valour at Casa Berardi


-Wacht Am Rhein Vol. 1-2 (2 packs)

-Quick 6 I-IV (4 Packs)

-The Steelworks

-Battle For France



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