Oh Comrades, Come Rally – Ken Smith


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Oh Comrades,
Come Rally!


October 1941. As German General Hoeppner’s panzers advance toward the capitol of the Soviet Union in October of 1941, they clash with the battered Red Army on the outskirts of Moscow at the famous Napoleonic battlefield of Borodino, where in 1812 the Russian army had turned away another invader.

At Borodino the Red Army would again halt the advance of a foreign invader at the very gates of Moscow, and in two short months begin the Soviet offensive, that would eventually take the Red Army to (and through) the gates of Berlin.


Oh Comrades, Come Rally! depicts a veteran Soviet Sergeant leading his charge through the trenches outside Borodino (while being urged on unnecessarily by his political officer).



Image size is 14″ x 18″, overall print size is 18″ x 24″.

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Prints are reproduced from the original oil painting with archival inks on 120 lb. acid free stock. Each of the 500 prints in the edition are signed and numbered by the artist and are accompanied by a numbered registration/ historical summary certificate.


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