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ON: Operation Neptune

Operation Neptune gives insight into the British Army assault of the River Seine at Vernon, France in late August, 1944. This pack provides players the opportunity to see how they would fair in a forced river crossing and clearing operation in both scenario and CG form.

Operation Neptune includes the following:

  • 10 action packed scenarios in full-color print covering actions, plus a Campaign Game
  • One 25″x 25″ HASL map sheet representing the historical situation around Vernon, France in late August, 1944
  • 90 full color, die cut 1/2″ counters
  • 32 full color, die cut 5/8″ counters
  • Rules pages describing map terrain and campaign game rules
  • A divider card for quick reference of HBRs during scenario and CG play


This is not a complete game. Ownership of the following products are required to play all of the included scenarios:

  • BFP: Either of the following: Poland in Flames or Onslaught to Orsha 2 (2 counters needed)
  • MMP/Hasbro: Beyond Valor©, For King and Country©


3 of the scenarios need boards from other MMP products.

  • ON 1-7 use the HASL map
  • ON-8 uses boards 81 and 83 from Forgotten War©
  • ON-9 uses boards 1b and 4b from Action Pack 6© & Action Pack 8©
  • ON-10 uses board 7a from Action Pack 9©

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