Stack Guard – Black





Protecting your concealment stacks from accidental enemy recon has never been easier.  Each kit comes with 57 individual Stack Guards and a sorting case to organize them.

Available in Brown, Black, Green, Blue, and White.

Cost is $24 shipping included for the first set and $20 for each additional set purchased on the same order.  The $4 difference will be refunded after the order is placed.


the 5/8″ Guards are 20mm wide with 15mm walls

The 1/2″ Guards are 17mm wide with 15mm walls

You get:

Quantity         Stack Size (includes ‘?’)


12                        2

8                           3

6                           4

5                           5

4                           6

3                           7

3                           8

2                          9


12                        2

8                           3


This product is my son Lazarus’ first venture into business for himself.  Although very small in scope, I hope that he learns a lot from this experience.

Shipping times:

These kits take almost a day each and are being produced one set at a time so it may take a few days to get your order out.   We are grateful for your patience.






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