Tropic Thunder – Heat Of Battle

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Tropic Thunder

Featuring the battles at Tarakan, Brunei Bay, Labuan, and Balikpapan in Borneo, between the Second Australian Imperial Force and the Japanese. May-August 1945.
Tropic Thunder is a set of 12 scenarios that are compatible with World War 2 Miniature systems or Hasbro�s ASL.
TT! is not an officially licensed or endorsed product. You should own all official products. At a minimum the British and Japanese modules are needed, along with boards: 9, 11, 15, 22, 23, 25,34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 50, b, and d, and HG! I and II.

Tropic Thunder also includes a 3 page historical outline and very close tight fights to challenge your tactical stills.


HEAT OF BATTLE and Derek Ward have put together a blood-curdling set of scenarios from the rarely-seen fighting in Borneo between the AUSTRALIAN 2nd IMPERIAL FORCE and the JAPANESE NAVAL BASE FORCES (May-July, 1945).

The war in Europe is over, but not in the Pacific!

TWELVE scenarios capture the full depth of the vengeful fighting that the Australians unleashed on the Japanese land forces.

– April 30th, 1945: Australian forces come up against a Japanese bunker
complex and bring with them two Matilda tanks that are beefed up with HE and Smoke ammunition…the Japanese are waiting, enthused
with their Tank-hunters from Hell!

– June 21st, 1945: In the thick jungle the Japanese try to suck the Australians into a kill zone made up of Heavy machineguns and Infantry
howitzers…but the Australians have scouted out the defenses and have brought up a surprise of their own: a Flamethrowing Matilda….

– Labuan Island, June 21st, 1945: The Japanese, stung by a series of recent losses, strike back desperately at the Allies. As the American and Australian Dock Operating Company rests for the night on the beach and under a half moon, the Japanese lunge from the jungle with DC and Molotov Cocktails…in minutes the Japanese have set fire to several buildings, blown up supply depots, and freed several POWs from a nearby pen…the carnage is just beginning!

– Tarakan Island, May 3rd, 1945: The vital airfield on Tarakan must be taken before further operations may continue. In a daring raid Australian Infantry and Engineers creep to the edge of the airfield, then open up with a volley of fire at the entrenched defenders. As the Australians dash across the airfield Japanese machineguns open up from hidden bunkers…now, the Australian must call up for reinforcements: Flamethrowers.

TROPIC THUNDER! comes with a FULL-COLOR cover page, 12 scenarios, a three page historical preface.

Most of these scenarios are short and hard-hitting so they will be great for your local tournaments and a Holiday Season that leaves you with little ASL time: that’s right, HOB has your gaming needs in mind!


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