Turning The Tide – MMP

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 Turning the TideTurning The Tide – ASL Scenario Bundle is a package featuring 20 Squad Leader – GI Anvil of Victory scenarios which have been updated to ASL standards.

Turning The Tide

  • 20 ASL scenarios


  • U14 Sacrifice of Polish Armor
  • U15 Battle for the Warta Line
  • U16 Under Cover of Darkness
  • U17 Resistance at Chabrehez
  • U18 Assault on a Queen
  • U19 Hasty Pudding
  • U20 Fighting at World’s Edge
  • U21 The French Perimeter
  • U22 Road to Kozani Pass
  • U23 Rehearsal for Crete
  • U24 Traverse Right..Fire!
  • U25 Breakout from Borisov
  • U26 Bald Hill
  • U27 A Winter Melee
  • U28 Sowchos 79
  • U29 Night Battle at Noromaryevka
  • U30 Swatting at Tigers
  • U31 The Front in Flames
  • U32 Disaster on the Dnieper Loop
  • U33 The Bukrin Bridgehead


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