Very Best of March Madness (Vol. 1) – Kansas City ASL


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15 of the best Scenarios from the Kansas City ASL group.


ID Name Location Date Length Sides
PP03 Ukrainian Mutiny near Aushwitz, Poland 4 July 1943 5 Turns Ukrainian Partisan vs German SS
PP04 Partisan Fight near Przebraze, eastern Galicia 6 July 1943 7.5 Turns Polish vs UPA
PP05 Hot Zemlyankas ! East of Angara, Crimea 2 January 1944 8.5 Turns Partisan vs Romanian
PP06 Sturmwind on the Sopot Osuchy, Poland 25 June 1944 9.5 Turns German vs Partisan
PP08 No Simple Victory Kurylowka, Poland 7 May 1945 7.5 Turns Polish vs Russian NKVD
MM03 The Jews Have Guns ! Warsaw Ghetto, Poland 19 April 1943 5.5 Turns Partisan vs German SS
MM04 Is Paris Burning Paris, France 23 August 1944 8 Turns Partisan vs German
MM09 Old Child Labor Oudeschild, Netherlands 6 April 1945 7 Turns German vs Georgian/Partisan
MM11 Kriegsmarine at de Koog Koog, Netherlands 8 April 1945 7.5 Turns Georgian vs German
MM12 Texel Airport Vlijt Airport, Netherlands 14 April 1945 10 Turns Georgian vs German
MM13 Texel Lighthouse De Cocksdorp, Netherlands 22 April 1945 8 Turns Georgian vs German
MM15 Crossroads at Suxy Suxy, Belgium 11 May 1940 6.5 Turns French vs German
MM16 Eve of Destruction Oktiabr’skii State Farm, west of Prokhorovka, Russia 11 July 1943 5 Turns Russian vs German SS
MM17 Busting the Bocage Vicinity of St. Martin de-Tallevende, France 6 August 1944 5.5 Turns German vs American
MM24 Fort IX Warsaw, Poland 26 September 1939 9.5 Turns Polish vs German


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