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3D ASL Mapboards

Because I needed even more hobbies to fill my hours of free time, I started making 3D ASL maps a few years ago.  The first map I made actually wasn’t an ASL map but was the TCS map from ‘Hunters from the Sky’.  I was having a terrible time cutting out the foam with an x-acto knife so I tried using craft foam (the stuff that pads our dice towers) and although this was easy to work with, it left a very warped map.  Then, thanks to Tim Brieaddy, I found out about hot wire cutters and so was back to regular Styrofoam sheets for my levels.

My completed maps include:

  • Panzer Blitz: Hill Of Death
  • ASL: Kakazu Ridge
  • ASL: Point of no return (given to Doug Sheppard)
  • ASL: Various scenarios

IMG_1354 Panzer Blitz Hill of Death




first attempt at 3D Kakazu Ridge. Since then, I have learned a lot about seams and finish.

A few day ago, Dan Dolan asked me to make 3D maps of the Dinant CG and Kakazu Ridge.  I will be posting photos and commentary here with the progress as I go.


As a first step, I divide the map file in into sizes that can fit onto 8 1/2 x11 sheets of printer paper.  I should have printed these in  black and white to save toner but I forgot.  Next I trim the edges very carefully so there will be a seamless fit once glued to the  1/2″ particle board.


Here we see the 12 divisions of mapsheet 1 laid out on the particle board.  Prior to gluing the paper to the board, it will be cut down to an exact 36.5″ x 22.5″.  The extra .5 will allow a .25″ overlap on each edge of the side boards for stability. Note that these prints will be covered up by foam and the final laminated higher quality prints of the top layers.


This is a photo of the top layer that will cover the final levels of the 3D map.  These are printed at Staples and then assembled and laminated for protection in case Dan Stanhagen ever plays with his orange Doritos stained fingers.



The east bank of the Meuse


The raised railroad on the West Bank of the Meuse