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Orange Blossom Scenario Pack – The Royal Canadian Regiment’s Capture of the Cider Crossroads. This scenario pack is meticulously designed for participants of the 2024 Canadian ASL Open. It features four distinct scenarios depicting the pivotal actions of the Royal Canadian Regiment as they advance towards the Cider Crossroads in December 1943.  

Each scenario within the pack can be played independently or sequentially as part of a mini-campaign, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience of the battlefield dynamics during this critical phase of World War II.

OB1 – West of the Cider Crossroads, Italy, 18 December 1943: The Canadian 1st Brigade, led by the 48th Highlanders of Canada, launched Operation Morning Glory, a meticulously planned assault to penetrate the German defenses near Ortona. Employing the “Y” formation under a heavy artillery barrage, the Highlanders navigated through devastated orchards and vineyards, successfully capturing the strategic Villa Grande Road junction, marking a significant advance in the campaign to secure Ortona.

Game Length: 6½ Turns, Boards: 4, 11, 17, 61, Estimated Playing Time: 4 hours 29 minutes.

German Forces: 10x Squads, 6x Crews 2x Leaders, 3x MG, Psk, 75mm A-T Gun, 81mm Mortar, Minefields, Wire, Trenches, & Pillboxes.

Canadian Forces: 13x Squads, 6x Leaders, 2x MG, 2x 2″ Mortars, 2x PIAT, & 6x Sherman tanks.

OB2 – West of Cider Crossroads, Italy, 18 December 1943: During Operation Morning Glory, the Royal Canadian Regiment (R.C.R.) initiated the Orange Blossom phase, aiming to advance along the railway to the critical Villa Grande Road. Despite meticulous planning, the assault faltered disastrously due to poor artillery coordination and inaccurate maps, resulting in the R.C.R. facing severe casualties and a morale-shaking defeat under intense German paratrooper crossfire.

Game Length: 6½ Turns, Boards: 90, t, Estimated Playing Time: 6 hours 8 minutes

German Forces: 9x Squads, 7x Crews, 3x Leaders, 5x MG, Psk, 2x 75mm A-T Guns, 3x 81mm Mortars, Minefields, Wire, Trenches, & Pillboxes.

Canadian Forces: 24x Squads, 7x Leaders, 6x MG, 4x 2″ Mortar, 4x PIAT, & 4x Sherman tanks.

OB3 – Cider Crossroads, Italy, 19 December 1943: At the Cider Crossroads in Italy, the Royal Canadian Regiment (R.C.R.), drastically reduced to 19 officers and 159 ranks, launched a critical counter-assault under Brigadier Dan Spry’s command. This determined effort, supported by a heavy barrage and formed by every available man into three companies, successfully recaptured the long-contested crossroads with minimal resistance and casualties, marking a pivotal recovery and allowing further advances by allied forces..

Game Length: 6 Turns, Boards: 16, 90, Estimated Playing Time: 4 hours 57 minutes

German Forces: 9x Squads, 6x crews, 3x Leaders, 4x MG, Psk, 75mm A-T Gun, 3x 81mm Mortars, Minefields, Wire, Trenches, & Pillboxes.

Canadian Forces: 19x Squads, 5x Leaders, 5x MG, 3x 2″ Mortar, 3x PIAT, & 4 Sherman tanks.

OB4 – Cider Crossroads, Italy, 19 December 1943: The Royal Canadian Regiment (R.C.R.) faced a severe challenge defending their newly recaptured position against continuous German counterattacks. Despite the formidable enemy efforts to reclaim the critical junction, the R.C.R.’s determined and coordinated defense not only held the line but also exemplified their resilience and commitment to maintaining strategic gains, securing a significant tactical advantage in the ongoing battle..

Game Length: 5½ Turns, Board: 16, 57, Estimated Playing Time: 3 hours 21 minutes

Canadian Forces: 12x Squads, 2x Crews, 3x Leaders, 3x MG, 2x 2″ Mortars, 2x PIAT, 2x 76mm Mortars, Foxholes, & Wire.

Germans Forces: 10x Squads, 4x Leaders, 4x MG, FT, 2x DC, & 2x Assault Guns.

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