3D Kakazu Ridge Map Complete, Beyond Valor in Stock, 20,000th visit

It has been one heck of a flying start to the new year.  Beyond Valor is back in print, Journal 11 has been put on pre-order, Poland in Flames is days away, Yanks is right behind, Korea is on pre-order.  Time to get a second job I guess.

Winter Offensive is only four days away.  I wasn’t planning on going this year but alas I have a map table and three 3D maps that need to be delivered so I am happy to have changed my mind.  Please find me and introduce yourself if you are going as I would love to put faces to the names and get some games in with some of my readers.   Unfortunately Ulrich will not be coming with me this year as Maria thinks that 9 days out of school for ASLOK was enough.



The final project on my list was finished last night.  The Kakazu Ridge 3D map for Dan Dolan turned out better that I had imagined.  I hope he likes it and will allow me to get a scenario in on it at WO before he hauls it home.  I have made a ‘how to make a 3D Map Page‘ for any of you that are interested in making your own 3D maps.  I tried to make a video but the audio did not come out (I forgot to remove the gopro from it’s waterproof protective case).  I may post the video anyway as you can turn the volume way up and hear a little bit.  Now it is time to play some ASL as I take a long overdue break from all my projects (except Tim’s Dice Tower).



Map Case

12523083_1662869457335397_1267521643174800889_n 12376183_1662869427335400_5766271544008418362_n

These are the photos of the finished Map case for Eric Ortega at the Southwest Outpost.  It too turned out better that I thought.  I aged it a bit as it was a little too pristine to have the right combat look.


beyond valor

We have Beyond Valor in stock with free shipping and 10% off your entire order coupon code ‘10%off’.  I have one copy of Beyond Valor that has a small crease in the box IMG_2870that I have marked down another 10%.  I am happy to hear from so many of you that are buying BV for the first time after playing Starter Kit.  Welcome to major league, just watch out the hordes of screaming women throwing themselves at you.  It takes a little getting used to.


We had our 20,000th visit today.  Considering we have only been up for 2 months, I am very happy with these numbers. Thanks to all of you for making this happen.




None- I can’t buy a game lately.  Where is everyone?!?




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