#45 New Battle Dice Have Arrived. 3 New Hell’s Highway Video AARs. Turrets Back In Stock. New T-Shirt. New Poll.

Battle Dice:

Two new series of ASL precision Battle Dice from Helen and Chris at Battleschool have arrived in limited quantities and they are better than I could have hoped for.

16mm Op Overlord Series Temp 120029th inf The Goodies and…

ss dice…The Baddies!


Operation Overlord Battle Dice Series:

US First Army D-Day Ivy 9thD-Day 1st 29th

D-Day German 7th Army  D-Day 709 91 D-Day 716 352

This ten dice set represents the American and German divisions that faced off on the beaches and boccage of Normandy.  All dice are available separately or discounted as a complete set.

Waffen SS Battle Dice Series:

1st SS 2nd 3rd SS 5th 12th SS 9th 10th SS

This set of eight dice represents the 7 Waffen SS panzer divisions plus a white dice with the SS runes. All dice are available in pairs  or discounted as a complete set.


Hell’s Highway Video #3 & #4:

#3 Hayes Wauford chronicles the Allied set-up and first three turns of action as he attempts to keep the highway at Mariaheide open.

#4 Derek (that’s me!) describes turn’s 4-6 in the first scenario of the Hell’s Highway Campaign Game.

#5 Hayes’ turn 4-6 recap

ASL Turrets:

We have received very limited quantities of both the German/Russian and the US/British turret countersheets.


German/Russian set containing all the turret counters for Beyond Valor OOB




American/British Set containing all of the turret counters for Yanks and For King and Country



Buy both sets and save $5


module b promo a    products photo-small



In an effort to help the whole world look as fashionably savvy as the ASL community (and get as much attention from the ladies), each week we will be featuring a new t-shirt design from the creative workshop of Redheaded t-shirts.  Tim Brieaddy has directed his entire staff (okay, that would be just Tim) to coming up with some fantastic new prints for the hobby.   The link will take you directly to his webpage where you can browse other great ASL and historical t-shirts, patches, bumper stickers and coffee mugs.  I am hoping that he generates enough sales from this program so he can one day buy his own M1 Carbine and give mine back to me.

T-Shirt of the Week:DM-Counter-510x528

Clicking on the t-shirt will take you to the order page on redheadedtshirts.com.  Use coupon code ‘ritterkrieg’ for an additional $3 off your order.  For other great ASL and historical t-shirts please check out Tim’s website for tons of cool stuff.



Weekly ASL Poll:

What is your Favorite LCP Campaign Game?

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April Spotlight and Special:












We have received a very limited supply of Kampfgruppe Scherer. Possibly the greatest release from LFT including summer and winter maps for the campaign games and scenarios depicting the battle of Cholm.  This module is on sale for $90 (10% off) shipping included.  Don’t forget to combine your order another product to be eligible for an additional 10% off (coupon code ‘10% off’) for all orders over $100.00.

Write up on the module 

The Battle of Kholm (Cholm)

Order Your Copy Here at a special price


Order of Arrival (approximate):

 Lone Canuck Publishing – Ost Front 3 – arrived

Normandy and SS Battle Dice – arrived

Turrets – arrived

Dice Towers – Soon*

Ammo/Map crates – Soon*

Yanks – May/June

Sniper/ELR Cards – late Summer/early Fall

ASL Korea – ???


*Severe asthma during the NC pollen season is making it impossible for me to be around sawdust.  I will be back at it as soon as my lungs permit.  Sorry for the delay.



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