#44 Starter Kit Page is Up. Hell’s Highway CG Video Update. Kampfgruppe Sherer is Back In Stock.

Hell’s Highway AAR:

Hayes and I are three turns into the first campaign scenario and there is a  lot of action to report.  Please check out our latest short video for the latest updates.  Hayes is working on video AAR’s as well that will be posted here in future updates. Also, please subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel so you can get the latest ASL videos as they get published.  I am hoping to one day break two digits in subscribers.



Starter Kit News:

Starter kit set of 4

-The Starter Kit section of RitterKrieg is now up and running with players, products, articles, and more.  Please take a moment t check it out and don’t forget to send your name and location to dritter3@triad.rr.com if you wish to be included in the player directory.

-Starter Kit moves to the Pacific?!?

SK PacificAccording to MMP, the next Starter Kit Action Pack will take place in the PTO and will include rules for concealment and Banzai charges.  The US Army, USMC, Chinese, Japanese, and British will all be represented.


April Spotlight and Special:












We have received a very limited supply of Kampfgruppe Scherer. Possibly the greatest release from LFT including summer and winter maps for the campaign games and scenarios depicting the battle of Cholm.  This module is on sale for $90 (10% off) shipping included.  Don’t forget to combine your order another product to be eligible for an additional 10% off (coupon code ‘10% off’) for all orders over $100.00.

Write up on the module 

The Battle of Kholm (Cholm)

Order Your Copy Here at a special price


Order of Arrival (approximate):


Lone Canuck Publishing – Ost Front 3 – Arrived

Dice Towers – Soon*

Ammo/Map crates – Soon*

Normandy and SS Battle Dice: Next week

Yanks – May/June

Sniper/ELR Cards – late Summer/early Fall

ASL Korea – ???


*Severe asthma during the NC pollen season is making it impossible for me to be around sawdust.  I will be back at it as soon as my lungs permit.  Sorry for the delay.



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