#51 Black Friday Sale – Into The Rubble 2 Pre-order – Free T-shirt

MMP isn’t having a Black Friday Sale?!? No problem because we are.  Use coupon code ‘Turkey’ to get an additional 10% off of your entire order (exc. Pocket Rulebook and Pre-orders).  This is in addition to our already discounted prices (usually 10-20%) off retail and as always, shipping is free (ConUS only).

7-versatile-choices-10-off-couponCoupon Code: ‘Turkey’




















Into The Rubble 2 from Bounding Fire Productions is now  on Pre-order for the ultra low price of $68.00* shipping included.  Click on the image above for more information.

*The original price I posted was $65.00 but I was reminded by BFP that this was against BFP policy and cannot reduce the price lower than theirs.  In accordance, I have raised the price to match their $68 pre-order price.  My apologies for any confusion or trouble that this may have caused.

We will be giving away a free t-shirt with any order over $150.  The t-shirts are courtesy of Tim Brieaddy at Redheaded T-shirts where you can choose from a large selection of ASL and WWII themed shirts.  Each shirt will be in limited quantities and a collector’s item, soon to be worth more than the Virgin Mary toast on e-bay.  This month’s shirt features a German  sniper in dot camo with a Gewehr 43, with his spotter in the background on a black shirt.

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