#52 – Cibik’s Ridge Video Replay – Cyber Monday Sale – Ammo Crate on Pre-order

Tim Brieaddy and I have finished another awful video replay.  This time we take our  massive production team all the way to the Pacific for a taste of the PTO.  This scenario has the Japanese trying to take a hill against a totally HIP USMC OOB that includes 2 HMG’s, 2 MMG’s, and a 9-2 leader.  In case Tim and I didn’t forever sour you from the PTO by watching this horrible video,  Rising Sun can be purchased almost 25% off by using coupon code ‘Turkey’ ’till Monday.

Click this link for some interesting reading on the battle for Bougainville in the Solomon Islands.

7-versatile-choices-10-off-couponIn case you missed post #51, we are reminding you that everything (exc. pre-orders and pocket rulebook) are an additional 10% off until midnight on the 28th.  As always, shipping is free.





Back in stock:

Battle Dice: SS, Normandy, Panzerknackern, backgammon



LFT: KG Sherer, LFT13 The Crimean Campaign, Rat Charts

Countersmith Workshop: Turret Counters


Recently added to pre-orders:

Custom Ammo Crate (Map Case)

BFP’s Into The Rubble 2

New Post by Hong Kong Wargamer     

Episode 168 of The Two Half Squads   Welcome to T2HS

What are we doing at Ritterkrieg:

I am hoping to start a series of video scenario replays that can be watched in an hour.  The scenarios will have to be short and I will have to edit out the down time (Tim getting up to raid the liquor cabinet).  Tim and I have discussed playing some Speed ASL again, and even Drunk ASL (one drink per turn).  I just purchased a new Gopro so hopefully some of the issues with recording and sound quality will be addressed in the new series.

The Map Cases that were just put on pre-order are about 50% complete.  Hopefully they will be ready by Christmas.

Sniper ELR cards are in limbo because of a lack of photos of snipers from various nationalities including the USMC, Chinese, French, Minors, and Japanese.  There is the option to release the cards in two sets, with the first set including only the German, SS, Soviet, US Army, and Great Britain.  I would be willing to give store credit to anyone who could provide 6 sniper photos from the missing nationalities.

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