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Armies of Oblivion

MMP has started shipping Armies of Oblivion to their pre-orders.  Luanne has told me that we retailers can expect our copies sometime next week.  If you missed the pre-order cutoff with MMP, don’t worry, you can still get it here at the pre-order price with free shipping.


October Sale:


Yanks – This is the perfect time to upgrade this core module.  Crisp new counter artwork, new SK style boards and dozens of new and updated scenarios.  On sale for $99 from the usual $128.

Le Franc Tireur:

Kampfgruppe Scherer with slightly creased box (contents are mint) for $99.00.  That’s $34 off the regular price.  We have very limited quantities so this item may not last the month.  Don’t forget to add in the Player’s Guide when ordering.

Deluxe Pack

Also, we are continuing the sale on the Deluxe pack until we sell the last five we had set aside for last month’s sale.

Bounding Fire Productions:

Poland In Flames with free Polish Precision Battle Dice

Heat Of Battle:


SS Pack IV – 33% off

Now is your chance to pick up these classic Waffen SS themed scenarios that were originally released in ‘Fuhrer’s Firemen’ and ‘No Quarter No Glory’ for only $20.


ASL News and Rumors:

-Beyond Valor will be back in stock within the month

-MMP is planning a re-release of Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell

-LFT 14 including the entire Italian OB and 30 scenarios will be out by Christmas

-BFP is planning a reprint of Onslaught to Orsha


Hatten in Flames CG Review:


Jack Daniels and I agreed to play CG1 from Hatten In Flames.  This is the bigger of the two campaign games that come in the box covering five possible CG dates.  The battles raged as follows:


January 9th

I purchased two infantry companies because I had a lot of ground to cover and hold, and the quality of the infantry was very good.  Lots of 5-4-8’s and great leadership.  I also purchased a platoon each of PzIV’s, StuG’s, and JGPZ IV’s and finallyu a module of 100mm OBA.  I chose not to purchase Panthers at this time as the armor on the JgPz’s were almost as good and I got three in the platoon instead of 2 panthers.  They would serve as my tank killers while the StuG’s and PzIV’s would support the infantry and provide Smoke.  Jack Left the cemetery vacant which gave me an easy VP location but defended heavily the line between the synagogue and Eglise St. Michel.   Early on, Jack destroyed a PzIV in CC when I sleazed his 6-6-6 in order to move a stack up. I lost a 9-2 to sniper fire.  Fortunately, his Hellcats failed on all APCR rolls which enabled my JgPz’s to make quick work of them.  By the end of the day, the German’s had secured three of the four objectives while destroying five of his AFV’s.

January 10th

I purchased another company infantry along with two platoons of Panthers and a module of 100mm OBA.   Jack purchased more tanks and more infantry.  The German assault continued taking the center wooden building area of the map and pushing deeper into Hatten proper.  For this scenario, the German’s only have to have a net gain of one victory location.  I managed to capture another 3.  Highlights were tragic American losses including 7 tanks and close to 20 squads.  The Germans lost 20 CVP including another 9-2 leader to a critical hit from a bazooka.  One of my Panthers was immobilizes and abandoned from 60mm mortar fire.

January 11th

I passed on this date as I already had enough victory locations to win the campaign.  Since Jack passed as well, this date was idle.

January 12th

US High Command recognizes the gravity of the situation and plays a dawn attack chit to wrestle the initiative and a VP location back from my Germans.  As there are many more victory location in the town of Hatten, this is where I fortify the most. Much to my surprise, his attack is in the direction of the cemetery.  I suppose he is trying to outflank the town and swing around, recapturing the cemetery and the synagogue.  Fortunately, a module of 120mm OBA, 2 JgPzIV’s, and a Panther contain the attack in a bottleneck with the RR tracks to one side and the arty one the other.  At this point I released my reserves deep behind the town of Hatten (about where the king of spades lies in the photo above) and the Jack conceded.

I would have liked to play the remaining CG date but it was already decided by this point so there was no point in continuing.

Final Thoughts

US player: insight into defending as the American.  Set-up the fortified buildings well behind the lines as there is no way to stop the German onslaught on the first day.  Fall back and conserve your forces.  The Americans with their 6 morale can’t stand up to the German 8 morale for long, especially when there a two 9-2 leaders all but nullifying the stone building protection.  Hunt the German weak armored tanks in packs and save your APCR shots for the beasts.  Go for deliberate Immobilization against the Panthers and JgPz’s if he will close to within 6 hexes.  Use your mortars against the tanks (Jack’s mortars took out two of my tanks including a Panther).    Don’t be discouraged as you will battle harden a ton of your squads every day into 6-6-7’s.  It does get better.

German Player: Insight into the attack. Break / surround / destroy.  I cannot count how many times his squads were eliminated for failure to rout in our playing.  At least 90% of his casualties came from this method.  Prep fire with 20’s, 24’s, 30’s and then wherever something breaks, skoot a vehicle (even a BU ht) behind him and a hs in front of him and voila, a break in his line and GI’s that will never rally.  If he gets bold enough to send in his armor, send in you tank killers.  Have your heavily armored vehicles hunting and your StuG’s and PzIV’s in an overwatch position.   Do not forget to shoot IFT at his Hellcats as they are CE.  If you Stun/STUN/SHOCK one of the M18’s during his turn, he won’t be CE and able to fire/CC until his next turn, allowing you to do all types of nasty things to him during your turn. CC by a single squad could be as high as an 11 because of open top, ATMM, immobile, ambush, etc.).  Be calculating and deliberate  focusing on the weak areas while always keeping your eye on the ball snatching up those VP locations.  The -2 DRM for winning a scenario helps a bunch during the refit phase.

Overall impressions:

I had a blast which was in no small part because I enjoyed playing against Jack.  He is a wonderfully skilled opponent who never forgets that playing is a social event.  Hatten In Flames is exactly what I like about CG’s without all the stuff that I dislike.

Positives: Small scope, beautiful map, fun toys, manageable order of battle, much of the bookkeeping done for you, no night scenarios (if you don’t like night), very few special rules, streamlined purchasing and refit phase, no depleted units, very affordable at $50 shipping included.

Negatives: Only five CG dates, no night scenarios (if you like night).

If you have never tried a CG game, I suggest that you start right here with this one.

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