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From the Cellar Pack 9

17 new scenarios from Xavier, the gang at LFT, and Vae Victis. Also included is the Italian Nationality capabilities chart to go with your LFT14.  All enclosed in a 12 page booklet that includes an article, replay, and humor.  Remember that From the Cellar 8 is almost sold out forever so if you are also missing that one, you can get it here while quantities last.



Where the Iron Crosses Grow ASL Team Tournament 2019

Kakazu Ridge 3D map.

Jack Daniels and Montreal Pizza
On leave from the front. Where the soldiers relax and unwind.

This year we had our biggest attendance ever with 18 players from as far away as Arizona over the course of 4 days.  The players were divided into three teams of 4 and one team of 5 players and one floater (me).

The top bracket saw Ray Woloszyn, Andy Hershey, Dave Stephens, Mika Harviala, and Tom Kerney.  Tom and Andy played for the top spot in this division after both were unbeaten going into their fourth game.  Tom was able to get the win and tie Tim Brieaddy for MVP but unfortunately was not enough to raise his team to victory.

Mid Bracket saw undefeated Tim Brieaddy squeak by Gary Bartlett for MVP and lead his team to Victory.

In the beginner bracket, Dave Johansen cleaned house against bringing his team within inches of winning the overall team tournament.

Award Winners:

MVP: Tom Kearney (4-0)/Tim Brieaddy (4-0)

Team: +7 W/L Andy Hershey, Tim Brieaddy, Tim Dean, Jeff Jordan

Capt. Stransky Award: Ian Monroe (0/4)

Vasily Zaytsev Award: Tom Kearney

Michael Wittmann Award: Tim Brieaddy


Bitter Ender 2019, Raleigh, NC:

Grognard Winner: ?

Mini Winners: Tim Brieaddy,


Contacting me:

Last week I was in California for my son’s Nationals Ice Hockey Tournament and I had a terrible time trying to respond to e-mail.  For some reason, my i-phone will receive but not reply to e-mail.  If you ever need to contact me, please save my phone number and feel free to call me at 336-462-4035 or friend me on Facebook (Ritterkrieg) and message me.


Coming Soon:

Ritterkrieg – Sniper/ELR/OBA Cards


-BFP – Onslaught to Orsha

-Broken Ground – LFT14 Supplemental Counters

MMP – Starter Kit 1, Starter Kit 2, Starter Kit 4.

Recent Products that you may have missed:

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MMP – Red Factories



LCP – LSSAH (6) Normandie


Last Call:

The following items are in limited supply with no known plans of a reprint:

LFT – Rat Charts v2+




      LFT – From The Cellar 8

LFT – Kampfgruppe Scherer


LFT – Kampfgruppe Scherer Players Guide





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