ASL Korea on pre-order and so much more

At first, I must admit that I was a little taken aback when I heard of the Korean War ASL module.  After all, ASL is and will always be a game about WWII, right?  Then I remembered that this was also my prejudice when I first heard they would be adding the Japanese to the system.  ASL was up until then a ETO game system.  But now I can’t imagine ASL without the PTO.  Will Korea be just as fun and add a new and wanted dimension to the greatest game in the world?  I think and hope so.



We are offering a 25% discount with free shipping on your pre-orders for Korea the Forgotten War. We have just figured out how to set up the pre-order add on so you will not be charged until the product is ready to ship.  As always, if you are already a customer of Scott or Alex, please check with them first for this and other great ASL products.



We have also added Yanks to the preorder list with a 25% discount and free shipping.


The ASL tabletop that was shown in the last post is sold.  No new ones on the horizon for a while.


Raffle: 3 days away and Everyone who has EVER purchased from our store is automatically entered into the monthly raffle for 12 months.  This month will be a coffee mug with the 70mm OBA info and artwork printed on it courtesy of


Upcoming Conventions:

Winter Offensive 2016 January 21st-24th, 2016. Bowie, MD.

Where the Iron Crosses Grow  April 1st-3rd, 2016. Kernersville, NC.

Bitter Ender – April 28th-May 1st, 2016. Raleigh, NC.



I am happy to announce that we have had almost 14,000 visits in the past 2 months but am sad that we have had only a few people leave comments.  Please leave a note to let me know what you would like to see on these pages and what products you would like to see in our store.  If you have an article, photos or an AAR, please share it and I will get it posted for our community to enjoy.  Happy New Year to all my friends,

Derek and Ulrich Ritter



5 thoughts on “ASL Korea on pre-order and so much more”

  1. So good to see what you are doing! Love the pic’s of what you are building in the “Workshop”. Keep up the good work!

  2. All the best success!

    Interested in the wooden map case.

    1. How many maps can it hold?
    2. Apologizes but do you have a cost yet?

    best wishes, Matt

    1. The standard size holds one set of SK style geoboards + all the BFP, LFT, etc (90+ boards). boards with room to spare. The two smaller compartments hold the folded maps and the Fortenberry style maps with room to spare. The crate can be made to any specs though.

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