New ASL tabletop just about finished, Raffle news, For King and Country in stock

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I am putting the finishing touches on the ASL tabletop that I am making for Andy Hershey.  This design is based off of the PzIIIJ, made of Walnut (which is the same wood used for M1  Garand stocks).   I made a second table with the same specs out of Brazilian Cherry pictured above .  Tung oil, the real stuff not the fake stuff sold at Lowes, was used to finish the natural wood.  I could not believe the color once the finish was applied.  The table top is modular with the side trays attached to the main board with strong magnets which allows it to be packed up into  a 28″ x 28″ square.  The lining is black micro-suede.  The Plexiglas (not shown in the photo) is  24″ x 24″ x 1/8″ Lexan and will fit 3 geo boards in any direction.  The table picture above will be posted for sale in the ASL store as soon as it is complete.



Chris Brackney was the winner of last months raffle and he was kind enough to share a photo of what brand coffee(?!?) he drinks12359841_1703194116584005_8793697716053591766_nThere is still 9 days to enter into the December raffle by subscribing to our newsletter.  And remember that you are automatically  entered into our raffle for a whole year with any purchase from our online store.


OOP For King and Country is back in stock


I have acquired a few copies of For King and Country so I am offering them to you through my web site instead of posting them on ebay.  In return I ask that resellers refrain from purchasing them and leave them for the players. There is a limit of one per customer.  Free shipping still applies as well as the 10% coupon should the order exceed $100 (code: 10%off). ORDER



5 thoughts on “New ASL tabletop just about finished, Raffle news, For King and Country in stock”

  1. Derek,

    I’m a woodworker and ASL hobbiest. What are the dimensions of your PzKtable VG? I’d love to make one myself 🙂

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